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SPN Filming 11x05: Picspam 3 of 7

** SPOILERS ** Don't open this post if you don't want to know.
Within are photos I took out on location the day after VanCon 2015 of the production filming 11x05, which will air on November 4th.


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Not a lot to tell for this set of photos...just more takes covering Jensen's side of the scene.

Keep in mind that while a lot of us fans were snapping pics of the actors and crew, the crew were also taking pics of us! It was cute...in between takes you'd see them pointing their phones at us, smiling, waving and taking pics of us taking pics of them. LOL

Then during a lull in the action, one of the crew walked over with a large tray full of candy and invited all of us to have some! How cool is that??? There were little bowls in the tray loaded up with all sorts of goodies from chocolate to fruit-flavored candy. Yes, there were Twizzlers. *g* But I grabbed a couple of gummy-type fruit candy. Mmmmm. :D We all thanked him so much and he said the crew were all very appreciative of us for being such great fans.

NOTE: I will provide a zipped folder download of all my photos in the last post.

// Click on the large thumbnails to see the larger original photos //

Jensen walks off into the front yard after a take.

This is the crew member with the tray of candy. :)

I think this was when Jensen was just talking to the actor in the backseat between takes.

Jensen after a take again.

Getting back in the car.

No idea what's going on here...but the car's pretty. :P

Jensen leaning out the car window to speak to an unknown crew member.

Probably during another take.

Time to kill between takes. Btw, there aren't any pics of Jared here probably because I couldn't see him anymore.

There were a lot of crew milling and standing around, so you never knew what you were going to be able to see.

The gal with the handcuffs is in charge of props. I've seen her before on set handling such things. She had the key and would unlock them and take them off the car and the actor in the backseat after each take.

Jensen talks with her while things are being taken care of between takes.



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