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SPN Filming 11x05: Picspam 5 of 7

** SPOILERS ** Don't open this post if you don't want to know.
Within are photos I took out on location the day after VanCon 2015 of the production filming 11x05, which will air on November 4th.


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The takes of Jensen's coverage finish up and then it's time to move things around the car to film Jared's part of the scene.

Jared waved to us! That was fun. :)

NOTE: I will provide a zipped folder download of all my photos in the last post.

// Click on the large thumbnails to see the larger original photos //

Another wide shot of the set...at least where most of the action was taking place.

Boys waiting in the car.

Time for more filming.

No crew in the way now!

Sorry this one's dark.

Some discussion going on...not sure this is part of the scene.

Sometimes they would stop mid-scene and start again at the beginning or at a certain part.

Jensen after a take.

Jared waving to us as he got back into Clif's truck in the driveway.

The boys (or at least Jared) were in the front vehicle while the crew moved the camera and other equipment to the other side of the Impala to shoot Jared's coverage of the scene.

The camera on the dolly. *geeks out*

Nice to get a good look at the camera. I'm fascinated by this stuff!

There was a dolly track on the right side of the car, but they didn't move it for filming on the other side. Just rolled the dolly onto the grass.

The crew are all back in place and I think even the boys were at the car here, though you can't see them yet. :P

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