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SPN Filming 11x05: Picspam 7 of 7

** SPOILERS ** Don't open this post if you don't want to know.
Within are photos I took out on location the day after VanCon 2015 of the production filming 11x05, which will air on November 4th.


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Sorry about the delay. Uploading zipped folders of the photos took me several days. Sheesh.

The production had finished filming outside at this point and Clif told us they'd now be filming inside the house. By this time the weather had finally eased up...figures. The rain had stopped and the wind wasn't gusting nearly as bad. So the crew moved a lot of the equipment into the house and away from the Impala and the boys briefly went inside the house, probably to rehearse & block the next scene, before taking off in the car to their trailers.

1st AD Kevin Parks came over to talk to us. I asked him who was directing the episode and he said Rashad (Ernesto Green) was. I'd noticed that Kevin was the one yelling "Action!" & "Cut" when they were filming and I asked him about that and Kevin said sometimes directors don't like saying Action so he does it. Heh. He also talked about filming in adverse weather and just having to push on and deal with it. It's something they can't control. It's always so nice to have the crew come and talk to us fans and Kevin is one who does it readily. :)

A few other crew members also came over to chat...one was the guy who does all the sigils and symbols on things. Cool!

Many fans slowly began leaving the location, but my friend and I and a few others stuck around.
Soon an older woman came by and started talking to us. She was the owner of the house they were filming in and she told my friend and I about the various changes they made, the furniture and props the crew added to the rooms. She even showed us pictures she'd taken inside with all the work they did. She was a delight, clearly happy to have a unique experience of having her house used for a TV show. She even said the crew opened up part of a room that was previously closed off and she was seriously thinking of keeping it that way. lol

Now, let's talk about one of my most embarrassing moments. Yikes.
I've worked on a few small film sets. I know the protocol and the rules. You NEVER want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...aka "caught on camera".

Yep, you guessed it.
Things were quiet outside. Most of the fans had left and practically all the crew were inside the house. After all, Cliff had said they would be filming "inside the house". The boys had returned and gone inside the building while the homeowner was talking to my friend and I. She was snapping pics of the boys just as I was! It was cute as she referred to Jared as Sam. She said she'd been marathon watching the show, but was only up to season 6 (I think).

Anyway, the homeowner went off to take some more photos of the house and yard with the equipment. She stood across the street from the front of the house and took some photos. My friend and I were thinking about leaving soon, so I decided I wanted to take a few more photos of the front of the house as well. So I walked over to where the homeowner lady had just stood only couple of minutes before. Before I knew it, out walks Jensen & Jared out the front door! I took a photo and then suddenly realized they were both motioning for me to move over. OMG! In horror I realized they were filming! I could see the camera and some of the crew just inside the open door. Gah!!! I put my hand over my mouth in horror, smiled sheepishly, waved to the guys (who were smiling and laughing), and quickly moved myself out of there! Geez.

My friend was laughing like crazy! She'd heard on the PA's radio that a "woman was in the shot"!
Yep, I was pretty embarrassed. In all fairness, hearing that they were going to be filming "inside the house", I thought they were going be INSIDE! Technicalities, I know. And also, it really wasn't my fault. The PA, who had been standing with us the entire time, should have stopped me from going over there! That's their job when fans are on the set.

But yeah...I can laugh and be amused by it all now, but I still feel bad for ruining their shot because I know better. I even apologized on Twitter that night. At least I've got a really good story to remember that day, beyond just watching them film. I wonder if I'll wind up on the blooper reel? :P

Of course, soon after this my friend and I left to do more location hunting before it got dark.
And then later I'd find out on Twitter that the couple of fans who stuck around got to meet Jensen & Jared and Jared showed them the Impala and they got to sit in the car!!! Gah!!! So jealous!

Up next...VIDEOS!!!

SPN Filming 11x05 - Photos by Raloria - #1.zip - 177 MB
SPN Filming 11x05 - Photos by Raloria - #2.zip - 216 MB

// Click on the large thumbnails to see the larger original photos //

They were finished filming outside at this point, so I grabbed a shot of the dolly without the camera. *iz geek*

Hardly a crew member in sight in a yard & driveway that was once full of people.

Hard to see the house since it was shrouded by trees.

They would be filming inside the house for the rest of the day/evening.

The striking red mailbox...and me capturing the house number for my spn_locations comm. ;)

Jensen & Jared getting into the car probably after doing blocking/rehearsal inside the house.

On their way back to their trailers while the crew sets up things inside.

Baby's job is done...sitting all alone.

Still lots of equipment outside the house. That's 1st AD Kevin Parks in the brown jacket.

After a while, the boys returned. Jensen stands talking to a crew member while Jared gets his stuff from the car.

Walking to the house.

No idea who the other person is.

Taking photos until I couldn't see them anymore. ;)

Now I could get a clear shot of the car.

Jensen & Jared breaking up laughing after they spotted me and were pointing for me to move out of the shot! Ooops! Sorry boys!!!!

A final shot of Baby as we left the location.

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