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SPN Filming 11x05: Videos 4-6

** SPOILERS ** Don't open this post if you don't want to know.
Within are videos I took out on location the day after VanCon 2015 of the production filming 11x05, which will air on November 4th.


This is what happens when you remember, "Oh, yeah...my camera takes videos, too." LOL

WARNING! THE AUDIO FOR THESE VIDEOS IS TERRIBLE! Lots of wind noise. I did turn on the camera's wind-noise filter, but it didn't appear to do any good.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on these 11x05 filming posts. I love sharing goodies with my fellow fans. I think I'll make a master post for all of these so they're easy to find.

Video #4: Yikes! The wind noise is really loud on this one. Someone messes up the take. lol
Also, Clif has some fun w/us. He would actually come over and talk to us later on.

Video #5: Nice long video here: I capture Jensen stretching (don't say I never do anything for you fandom *g*). Sorry about the shaky cam thanks to the wind gusts. And how awesome is Clif? Watch as he asks some of the crew members to move out of the way so we'd have a clear view of things. :) They film the scene again, this time shooting Jared's coverage (or the guy in the back seat - hard to tell) which explains why Jensen isn't using the handcuffs anymore. They yell Cut! and cameraman Brad Creasser turns the camera at us and waves. This crew is so awesome!

Video #6: Lots of crew standing in the way at first, but then I got a good view of Jensen doing the scene and if you turn the volume up (and ignore the wind noise) you might hear some of his lines. Then Clif told us they were going inside the house to film and the stills photographer took a photo of us!

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