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First Impressions Review: 11x03 "The Bad Seed"

Uh, yeah...way behind here, but trying to catch up before the next new episode tonight. *sigh*

It's always interesting to see how Jensen tackles the episodes he directs (this being his 5th episode), considering he always gets the 3rd episode of the season. He has to jump into already established storylines which are only on paper at this point and somehow have it mesh with the episodes 1 and 2 by they time we see it. From the beginning, he's always made it work exceptionally well...even while acting in the episodes himself.

Did I like the ep? Oh, hell yeah. :)
It pushed the big arc along, and had a lot of humor. Oh, and I loved all the beautiful close-ups Jensen used in this ep...definitely an actor's director. ;)

Rowena's back and trying to push her "MEGA" Coven idea onto other witches...which isn't turning out too well. They're not impressed and Rowena's not too happy about learning that Crowley's still alive.

It's cute seeing Crowley act so fatherly with Amara...nice seeing Mark tap into that great interaction he has with kids that many of us have seen at conventions. It obvious, that Crowley's bitten off more than he can handle with The Darkness, however...which is the same mistake he made with demon!Dean. Never try to control something that is more powerful than you and you know, that can EAT your own kind!

Poor Cas, still suffering and trying to fight off the Dog Spell while hanging out with the boys in the Bunker. Then he breaks loose and tries to kill a poor innocent gal. Scary!Cas! Thankfully, Dean shows up to stop him, but then gets beat up. Eeep! But Rowena finally removes the spell. Yay!

The boys manage to find and capture Rowena, only to lose Cas. Perfect.
Dean finds out about Sam's deal with Rowena to kill Crowley for removing the Mark. I get that Dean's mad, but Sam's also right...it really doesn't matter now. Let the lies go, boys, you've got bigger things to worry about.
Of course Rowena gets away. *sigh*
Aw, Dean...he won't let Cas heal his face because he "had it coming" after beating Cas up due to the Mark. I guess in Dean's eyes they're even now...both attacking the other due to forces beyond their control, but still, it's sad that Dean feels he needs to suffer. *kisses his boo-boos*

Best Moment(s)
* The purse toss in the interrogation room. Awesome!
* Seeing Dean in that black t-shirt & Hawaiian shirt...YUM! Thank you Jensen. :)

Funny Stuff
* Sam bad-mouthing Cas's pimp-mobile, calling it "crappy". lol
* Cafe' Elta...nice little shoutout by Jensen to his lovely wife, Danneel. :)
* In the "scenes you didn't think you'd ever see" category: A random angel and demon sharing a drink and shop-talk over the Darkness and how management doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.
* Witch: You can't do this. I have rights.
Dean: And I have a fake badge. *wink*
And fandom laughs & dies at the same time. LOL
* Cas coming across porn on Dean's laptop. Heehee! "What could Fortune Nookie be?"
* The boys saying "No!" to Rowena together. Twice! Eeee!!!!

Sam: God kicked this thing's ass once before, right?
Dean: Yeah, it'd be nice if he put down the Mai Tai and showed up for work.
Castiel: I wouldn't count on that.

Dean: Come on Crowley, pick up! I left you a dozen messages. Why isn't he answering the phone?
Sam: Because he's a dick, and that's not breaking news.

Dean: You know where you are? What's the date?
Castiel: Earth. Several billion years from the beginning.

The Darkness: Amara, you must stay fixed on our purpose, even we cannot undo what has already been done. But as you grow and become stronger, your true destiny will be clear to you. I am what you are becoming, and we are mightier than God.

Demon: You know our two operations will always butt heads, that's the set up. But this. We could be out of work.
Angel: Yeah. We get knocked out, it takes over.
Demon: Someone's gotta do something.
Angel: Someone?
Demon: Yeah. If management won't, it's up to the little guy.
Angel: Yeah, I hear ya.
Demon: Power to the people, my friend.
Angel: Well, not actually people.
Demon: You know what I mean.

Crowley: That's God for you, not really thought out. The whole Big Bang thing? More of a big bust. I mean boom, bang, stars, evolution, Taylor Swift. I'm guessing you'd have done things differently.

Amara: Every time I take in a soul, I feel how much emptiness there is.
Crowley: Yes.
Amara: God made a world where people have to suffer, and then die.
Crowley: Unfortunately.
Amara: But frankly, why would they want to live in such a world?

Amara: Good, evil, Heaven, Hell, people. It all seems so unimportant.

Rowena: Your eyes, so burdened. What happened precisely when I removed the Mark? The book wasn't specific. Yes, I read quite a bit of it. What new hell has Dean Winchester released upon the world?

Demon: She looks at me like she wants to eat me.
Crowley: She wants to eat everyone, don't take it personally.

Castiel: Dean, I can fix that.
Dean: No, no, no, no, it's fine, Cas. Besides, I had it coming.

Amara: I said I'm hungry!

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