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First Impressions Review: 11x04 "Baby"

Ok, let's do this!

Wow! Where does one begin talking about this episode??? O.o

All the unique shots, the epic close-ups, the music, the action, the big surprise, the bro-moments...EEEEEEE!!!! So wonderful and special and totally everything I wanted and more!!!!

Ok, so I finally got my "boys washing the car" scene...almost.
I say almost because we can't really see the boys that well...and I imagined this happening outside, the sun shining, the boys being in jeans & somewhat wet t-shirts...well, a girl can keep on dreaming it seems. :P

I like that Dean is still a little beat up from last week's ep. Nice bit of continuity there. :)
So sweet to see the boys not only getting along so well, but kidding and ribbing one another as brothers should. Dean being all proud of Sam finally losing his virginity again (from S9's "Rock And A Hard Place" where the boys became born-again virgins).

OMG Sam's dream/vision of John! "The Darkness is coming...only you boys can stop it. God helps those who help themselves." What does it all mean????
"Going with him, someday soon..." Hmmm....going with who??? Michael? John? Lucifer??? Can't believe that song doesn't have significant meaning here. Somehow I'm thinking this is Lucifer's doing. After all, in the season opener the demons said that there were noises coming from the cage so...something's happening thanks to the Darkness being unleashed.

I love that we learn another of Mary's favorite songs here, building on the past that the boys have.

Good on Sam for telling Dean all about him getting infected, praying to God, and then his dreams/visions, including the one he just had. Love it when the boys are honest with each other, unlike so many times in the past. Dean even shares his own dreams about their dad that he has every so often. Now if Dean would return the favor and tell Sam everything he remembers about his encounter with the Darkness...

Okay...when and more importantly where did the boys change into (and out of) their suits? I've always wondered about that. Missed opportunity, show!

Ooooh...those girls taking the car for some spins. NOT COOL!!!!
There's a pine air freshener inside the car. Never saw that before.

Did you see the Season 1 finale crashed Impala in the background as Dean drove off after the deputy attacked him? OMG Love you show!!!! And yes, I only knew that thanks to the internet, but still!

Uh, who carries pennies these days? I do. I mean, Sam had change in his pocket (you could hear it) so how could he not have any pennies?

Geez, what is this? Beat-up-Dean month? He's just recovering from Cas using him as a punching bag and now this. Ouch. :(
On the other hand...as always, Jensen looks friggin' amazing when he's beat up, hurt, and bleeding. Dean with his face pressed down into the Impala's backseat while handcuffed is whole new love. Me likey. :D

Sam? If Dean were conscious he'd be soooo pissed at you for shooting out the back window.
Damn. Good thing those were plastic-filled-with-water barriers and not the concrete ones. *shudders*

And we end with a beautiful shot of a broken, battered car and boys headed back on the road.

Best Moment(s)
* The army man in the ash tray, the legos in the vents, and the initials of the boys that we learned about back in "Swan Song". LOVE!
* Dean calling Sam, Samuel, and Sam telling him "It's Sam." Nice little call back to the early years when Sam would bristle over Dean calling him Sammy...or anyone else calling him that except for Dean. Awww.
* The boys eating in the car and Sam trying to grab the wheel and Dean batting his hand away like the big brother he is. Hee!
* The Winchester hotel...with room service. :)
* "Goodnight, Jerk." "'Night, Bitch." Yes! Finally!!!!! :D
* Seeing the boys bed down inside the car is so sweet. It's been alluded to a few times over the years and I think we saw Sam wake up in the back seat one time, but it's cool to know that they don't always end up staying in run down motels. After all, the Impala is their one steady home.
* Sam flirting with the girl at the gas station and being totally oblivious to Dean being attacked by Mrs. Markham inside the Impala.
* Holy cow! That big fight scene within the Impala...whoah. Expertly filmed and I'm so impressed with Jensen in this scene! And Dean chopping off the deputy's head with the car door! Fan-friggin'tastic!
* Dean: "Oh, Baby. I'm so sorry." After she's all destroyed after the fight.
* Dean pleading with the car to start and then kissing her dash when she does. *pure love*
* Dean helping wounded Sam get to the car.

Funny Stuff
* Too funny that Castiel/Misha literally phoned this episode in. Heehee!
* Dean tells Sam that he need to learn to have fun and then comes out of the bar in the morning to find Sam in the backseat with a girl! Challenge accepted, dude!
* Valet parking at a small town steak house? LOL
* Cas prattling on about the monster's lore while Dean's getting attacked by the deputy. LOL
* Dean: Turns out I did shoot the deputy. Hee! Great little call back to S3's "Jus In Bello". ;)
* The deputy's head on the windshield and Dean turning them on to dump it on the ground.
* Dean putting the growling head in the green cooler...and "Smile asshat" when taking a pic of it. LOL
* Dean proudly saying "Ghoul-pire" and not getting a reaction from Sam and then looking so dejected. Aw, poor Dean.


Dean: Where's the beer?
Sam: Under the smoothies.
Dean: Where's the rest of the beer?

Dean: Time heals all wounds, Sam. Especially good times.

Dean: Mistakes were made, mm-hmm.

Sam: Don't "Night Moves" me.
Dean: Shhhh. Just let it wash over you. Just take it in.

Dean: You even put a blanket down. Buddy. Classy and thoughtful as always.
Sam: I tried to give her my number. You know what she said?
Dean: "We got tonight, who needs tomorrow?"
Sam: Is everything a Bob Seger song to you?
Dean: Yes.

Dean: Piper? That's awesome. Heather. One-night wonders, man. Shoot, we're lucky we still get that at all.

Sam: Hey Dean, um. You said when you saw the Darkness you weren't sure if it was the real thing or a vision, right? I think I've been having visions too, lately. It's just images, I mean more of a feeling, really. But I just had one right now, and-and Dad was in it, but it wasn't Dad like the Dad I grew up with, it was Dad when he was our age, and I guess it wasn't really Dad just someone pretending to be Dad.
Dean: Okay, what makes you say that.
Sam: For starters, he told me everything I wanted to hear.

Dean: As far as Dad goes, I dream about Dad all the time.
Sam: You do?
Dean: 'Course I do. It's usually the same one too, we're all in the car I'm sitting in the driver's seat and Dad's sitting shotgun. But there aren't any shotguns, and there's no monsters, no hunting, there's none of that. It's just he's teaching me how to drive, and I'm not little like I was when actually taught me how to drive, I'm sixteen and he's helping me get my learner's permit. Of course you're in the back seat just begging to take a turn, we pull up to the house -- the family house. I park in the driveway, and he looks over and he says, 'perfect landing son.' I have that dream every couple of months, it's kinda comforting actually.
Sam: I always dream about Mom, usually the same kind of thing though.
Dean: Normal life?
Sam: Yeah. Normal life.

Dean: Hey Cas, tell me you got something that doesn't involve chicks in prison.
Sam: Bet you never thought you'd say that out loud.

Dean: Oh Baby, I'm so sorry.

Sam: So it was Deputy Dumbass, huh?
Dean: Yeah, Deputy Dumbass. You know he was trying to build an army?

Sam: Dean even the monsters are scared.
Dean: Let 'em be. You and me, we're stopping this now.

Dean: I'll get Cas to fix you up.
Sam: Only if he fixes you up, too.
Dean: Okay mom, let's go home.
[Sam taps on the dash]
Sam: You know what? We are home.

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