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First Impressions Review: 11x05 "Thin Lizzie"

Hey, look at me! Actually getting this review up in a timely manner. :D

Great to see the old EMF meter being used again. *g*
Cute seeing Sam geeking out over Lizzie Borden.
Total flashback to Mary tapping the flickering light in the Pilot with Dean doing the same thing here.
Oh, man. The whole place is rigged with sounds and gimmicks. Total tourist trap like Dean predicted.
I do love a good blood splatter. :P
Baby's all fixed! I keep wondering, as often as Dean's had to fix her over the years...where does he get all the parts? Bobby's scrapyard is gone and it's not like it's easy to get parts for a car that old and...repeatedly.
Oh, wow...Dean finds a sketch of the Mark of Cain in Len's place. What the???? So Len met up with Amara...and she ate his soul. Whoah...this is totally like Soulless!Sam in Season 6, except Len is totally aware that he's not acting right anymore and not feeling things.
That looks a lot like the same mobile home park they used last season. Gonna have to look that up. ;)
Seriously? Dean gets beat up in the last 2 eps and now knocked out. Poor guy!
So why did Amara put the whammy on Sydney and then take her soul? Is that part of making people loyal to her?
Sydney killed them all. o.O
Len to the rescue!!! "Holy crap! I just did that."
Sydney's last words...soooo creepy.
Wait a second. Why can't Len get his soul back? I mean, besides the fact that Amara ate it and wouldn't give it back freely? We've seen souls return to humans in the past. This does not compute.
Geez, I feel so sorry for Len. He's going to turn himself in for the murders so he's locked up and can't hurt anyone - though technically, he could possibly still turn into a killer in jail. What a terrible fate for this guy! :(
Nice little scene with the boys eating while leaning against the car.
And we have creepy Amara coming out of the bushes as the boys drive away, waving and saying she'll see Dean soon. Uh, oh...

Anyone else notice that the episode's audio didn't sound like it had a final mix or something? The audio would change with the different camera angel cuts in some scenes, which you shouldn't notice. It should all sound the same.

Ok, let's talk a little more about the bit I saw them film in August...

It's so cool to see what takes they used and to finally hear all the dialog. OMG the looks Dean gives to Sam when Len's going on and on about his condition. Priceless!!! I wonder when they filmed the shot of the 3 of them through the windshield because you can totally see behind them, across the street where we were standing. Must have been before we all got there. Did you notice they used a different take of the Dean shrug after Sam calls him out for being blunt? In the promo he raised both his arms. Interesting! It's also funny how little we see of the inside of the house, considering all the changes the homeowner mentioned they did in there. Pretty sure the whole basement was actually built at the studio, but don't quote me on that.

Oh! I noticed they didn't use that shot of the boys leaving the house that I accidentally ruined their first take of. Either they filmed another take and it got cut, or they gave up on the idea there on the set and moved on.

This was a pretty good ep and a very nice job by the show's new writer. I liked the creepy bits and the building on Amara's story arc. Just what is she up to anyway? What's her purpose, especially once she reaches adulthood?

Best Moment(s)
* Ghostfacers mention!
* The scene where the boys pull up to the house with Len in the backseat...'cause I saw them film this!!!! :D

Funny Stuff
* Dean: "Workin' with family can be tough." *pointed look from Sam*
* Dean looking at their very flowery room: "I don't know where to put my eyes. I think I'm gonna throw up."
* Dean: "What is that smell?"
Sam: "I think it's this." [picks up bottle] "It's like a...lavender toilet water."
Dean: "Bottled toilet water?" [Sam sprays it twice] "Why do you keep spraying it?"
Sam: "I just wanted to see if the squeezy thing worked."
* Sam: "Yeah but we still don't know how that couple got axed. I mean how did the killer get in and out."
Dean: "I don't know. Why don't we Sherlock that over a beer and lobster roll, I gotta get out of this doily coffin."

* Hee! Len's a SUPER fan. *I see what you did there, show* ;)
* Len: "I'm not Lizzie CNN!"
Dean: "Yeah, I don't know why anyone would think that."

* There's Lizzie conventions??? lol


Dean: Wait a minute I know what this is. This has something to do with your freaky fetish for serial killers.
Sam: It's not a fetish...

Dean: Alright, I'm gonna go check out the rest of the inn, 'cause now I got grandma all over me, so...

Sam: You don't think Len is our Lizzie Borden, do you?
Dean: No, I talked to his neighbors, except for me seeing him at the B&B he's been here all night. So, we can't kill him, because he hasn't done any thing yet.
Sam: Dean we don't want to kill him, we want to save people remember?
Dean: Right. Your new rules.

Sam: There's no sensitive way to tell someone their soul has been sucked out by a pissed off tween.

Sam: Yeah, so the murders started right around the time Len saw Amara, right. The wife of the last victim -- Dawn Pinski -- had this bizarre reaction to hearing her husband got minced. I mean like she couldn't care less. That's kinda the way I felt the whole time I was soulless.
Dean: Oh yeah, you were one chilly droid.

Len: You looked at Sam like you guys know what's wrong with me.
Dean: You don't have a soul, alright. Amara sucked it out.
Sam: Dean! You wanna be a little more blunt?

Sydney: How did-how did you do that? I feel like-I feel like ecstasy, orgasm, chocolate cake. You're an angel.
Amara: Do I look like a whiny winged suck up?

Sydney: The Darkness is coming, it's so peaceful. It's coming for all of us.

Sam: You know I get this like pit in my stomach anytime I think of her -- the Darkness. I think we only know the tip of what she is, what she does to people. You know Len was freaked out by her, but Sydney -- Sydney couldn't get enough. The bliss she was talking about, you know? What was it like for you? Did you feel like that with Amara?
Dean: No. Nah I mean it was quiet, you until she started hatching killers and rallying monsters to raise armies.
Sam: So that's how we have to find her, huh? Follow the bodies?
Dean: You got a better idea? We could follow the crazy you been seeing. With the rate Amara's growing, sucking souls and gettin' stronger, she may not be that hard to find.

Amara: Bye Dean. I'll see you soon.

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