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My last post?

I sure hope not.

In around 14 hours my Clear (now Sprint) internet will be no more. As I've been saying in my Just 'Cause posts, I don't have any replacement internet provider at this time. I'll be going to see about one today, but I'm not sure if I'll be going with it or not. I'm thinking I might use it anyway, if only temporarily (it's no contract), so I'll at least be back online in some capacity until I can find something better...if it exists.

Sure, I have internet on my phone, but have you ever tried to post to LJ on your phone? It's not easy.
I've done it, but not without a lot of swearing under my breath and fighting the urge to toss my phone out the nearest window. It's certainly next to impossible to post any sort of image/cap.

Whatever I end up using, things will not be as they were with Clear, which I'm afraid is really going to effect my postings in the future. Will I be able to upload my caps anymore? Get the SPN episodes? Upload my convention photos? I'm really not sure. I might have to seek out some public Wi-Fi to do some of these things, which will not be easy for me to do.

I'm really venturing into uncharted territory here and I am NOT your basic computer user.
Most plans only offer maybe up to 20 or 30 GB per month? Uh...I used twice that amount last month. :P
Yeah, I'm afraid my style is going to be severely cramped, gang.

So if I don't make any posts for a few days (hopefully not, but I have no idea at this point), it's because I have no internet for my laptop. I don't want to stop posting. I want things to stay the same, but time will tell if I can do that. Wish me luck, my friends! I'll keep you posted.

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