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They finally found me

Sprint finally pulled the plug. No more internet for my laptop. :(

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see about a new provider today. First there was a huge traffic jam and then we thought the car's battery was dead and had to wait for AAA. A guy came, checked the battery, the car started, and he said the battery was fine! Anyways. After all that it was getting too late soooo...Sunday or Monday? *sigh*

There are pluses to being w/out internet:
* I can finally organize files on my laptop
* Lots of time to cap & fix caps!
* Maybe I can finally get caught up on my FauxBonichi
* More time for art journaling

I do miss my internets though...and doing stuff online with my phone simply isn't the same. Hopefully I will be back up and running by next Wednesday's SPN. Don't wanna miss an episode!

In the meantime, I'll try to keep up the daily Just 'Cause posts. I installed the PhotoBucket app on my phone and it seems to work pretty well. Now if I could just get the SlickPic one to work.

Oh! And check this out. Kevin Parks replied to my Tweet to him! *iz geek*
 photo SC20151106-220006-1_zpscx0okvvi.jpg

So cool!
Ok, I'll chat with you later gang. :)

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