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First Impressions Review: 11x06 "Our Little World"

Darn it! Late again with this review, but thanks to a 7 hour power-outage I wasn't even sure I was going to get this done tonight. Phew!

Amara’s still going out an feeding on people, but now Crowley knows about it. Ooops. But hey, at least she’s not feeding on demon souls anymore. :P
Sam’s got a point about Cas…how long does he need to heal anyway? Seems more like he’s become a couch potato, watching TV in the Bunker all the time. And really? Jenny Jones??? Oh, how the mighty angel has fallen. lol
OMG Len is dead!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!! :(
So uncool! After he gets himself put in jail and took the fall for the murders that Amara actually caused! Grrrrr!
That so looks like part of Riverview where the boys walk away from the house & walk toward the car. Housing area for the staff, I believe.
Boys in suits!!!! And looking especially handsome in that jail scene. Yum!
One thing about Cas’s TV viewing habit…it led him to Metatron!
Crowley’s sending out demons to clean up (kill off) Amara’s handiwork…and one of them gets caught by the boys! Nice work with the devil’s trap on the ceiling there, guys. :)
Hee! That’s the wallpaper from “Changing Channels”! :D
Crowley, Crowley…never admit to a teenager that you don’t know what you’re doing.
That shirt is fitting really tight across Jared’s chest…. *tries not to stare*
Yeah, Metatron is as despicable as ever. Taking the dying guy’s money. Geez.
Creepy Riverview building at night. *shivers*
Yeah, Metatron, but at least Cas had an honest job not being a bottom-feeding paparazzi.
Ha! I love that Cas found the demon tablet so easily.
Blah, blah, blah…Metatron is monologuing way too long for my liking here. Hit him, Cas!!!!
Oh, boys…splitting up is never good. Have you learned nothing in 10 years?
Why does Dean think the demon-killing knife would kill Amara???? Don’t they need some kind of special weapon? A spell? Something more than your garden variety weapon? This is not a good plan!
Hee! Face it, Crowley….Dean’s your friend, your buddy.
I’m sorry, but Amara breaking Crowley’s wrist made me laugh. That didn’t look quite real. And clearly a stunt double for the throw against the wall. And then they used a flipped shot of Jensen for the reaction shot just before the break. Gah! I hate that.
Oooh….Sam’s flying hair during the fight with the demons.
Yeah, Sam you can’t use your “No kill” policy all the time.
Sam to the rescue!!!!! Or…not. Vision time! Those symbols look…ominous.
Metatron is so freaking pathetic…I just wanted Cas to kill him already. But of course he finally provides some info. about The Darkness.
I really like this actress playing Amara…showing infatuation with Dean, nothing sexual, but sheer attraction. And Jensen does such a great job as well. Dean seems to be totally under her spell, whatever spell she’s got on him. He wants to kill her, but…can’t. He makes a move after she knocks Sam out, but I wonder if Dean really would have killed her.
Oh, Dean….who let Amara get away??? “She over-powered me. End of story.” Yeah…not sure anyone believes that.
Vision time for Sam again: The BOX!!!!!! Those look like a child’s hands to me. I read somewhere that maybe that was Amara stuck in that box and not Lucifer as we might be led to believe. Maybe Sam is being shown how to defeat the Darkness???
I don’t know…the music cue at the end was kind of jarring to me. Meh.

Honestly, I didn’t really care for this ep as much as others seem to. It was okay, but not the strongest of the season, for sure. Maybe it was too much Metatron? I’m really over him and he had a lot of dialog. Btw, this is nothing against the actor. I’m simply done with the character’s manipulative ways and now…whining. Bleh. I wish Cas had just killed him. *sigh*

Do we really know if we can trust this info. from Metatron? Amara is God’s sister? Really???
After all, Metatron once said he knew how to cure Dean of the Mark and that turned out to be a lie. So sorry, if I don’t quite believe this story…yet.

Best Moment(s)

* Cas has a room at the Bunker!!! I don’t know why, but I really like that. He deserves to have a place of his own there.
* Really liked the scene between Dean and Amara. Great acting, great dialog, great tension.

Funny Stuff

* Amara: “I’m NOT hungry.” LOL Well there’s a new one. :P Ah, the petulant teenager.
* Castiel: What do you know about the Darkness?
Metatron: The band?


Sam: Where'd you ditch the body?
Dean: School playground.

Sam: Come on.
Dean: Hospital parking lot.

Sam: But what I don't get is, why would Crowley have Amara on Earth in the first place? Wouldn't it be smarter to keep her in Hell?
Dean: Yeah, but then he'd have to spend more time there and he hates that place.
Sam: “Oh right. I keep forgetting about you and Crowley’s summer of love."  

Crowley: You have tremendous power and soon you'll have even more. But I have something you lack... wisdom, experience. I helped put Lucifer back in his Cage. I rose through the ranks of Hell, defeated all comers to claim the throne. And a few minor set backs aside, I'm still here. I don't know how to impart what I've learned to you, how to teach you. At the rate that you're growing I'll probably never get the chance to figure it out. Perhaps you don't need my tutelage, but I believe deep down in my gut I have something to offer you, if you just give me a chance.

Metatron: Do you have any idea how much stuff I had to steal and then pawn to pay for that?

Demon: Turn to the graph at the bottom of twenty seven and you'll see a nearly 40% decrease in soul collections in the Pacific Northwest in the past three years. An unexpected consequence of legalized marijuana? Some analysts think so, others are not quite so sure.

Metatron: “What century are you in? Religion is dead. The novel? Deader. You think I’m ashamed for dealing in fleeting visual sensation, in GIF-length glimpses of horror, waste and degradation? No! I just caught up with the times.”

Crowley: Do you know how disturbing it was to realize that I couldn't bring myself to kill you? I've had tons of chances over the years, some you don't even know about, but... Still, I made peace with it. Embraced my softer side, learned to accept that there was just too much going on between you and I -- Bromance. But you know what? I think I am gonna kill you today. I feel different somehow, ready. What can I say? Fatherhood changes a man.

Amara: Tell me what is happening here, between us? You save me, I save you. Why? You were the first thing I saw when I was freed, and it had been so long. Maybe that's it. My first experience of His creation. You can't help but represent that for me, the sweet triumph and the even sweeter folly of what He's wrought. There's no fighting it. I'm fascinated.

Metatron: The truth would make the Bible thumpers' heads explode. I mean, they want their God to be a finger-snapping all-powerful creator. They want magic, Mary Poppins. But what he did... Creation. That took work, took sacrifice. In order to create the world, God had to give up the only thing He'd ever known. He had to betray and sacrifice His only kin. The Darkness -- His sister.

Amara: It's been great seeing you again, Dean, but it's time for me to go. There's a whole world out there for me to explore, and I can practically taste it. Soon, I'll be strong enough to do what I came here to do.
Dean: What's that?
Amara: Settle an old score. The oldest score.

Sam: Guys. Bigger fish to fry here. Amara's in the wind.
Dean: Yeah, God's frickin' sister.
Castiel: You said you were close. Dean, how'd she get away?
Dean: I'm sorry, what part of God's frickin' sister didn't you understand? She overpowered me, end of story. What's our plan here, fellas? You said you got everything you could out of Metatron, right? So where on Earth are we gonna find an answer on how to stop her? I don't suppose God's decided to share some wisdom on the matter?
Sam: I'll look into the lore.

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