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First Impressions Review: 11x07 "Plush"

Yay! All caught up. This one's kind of short.

I’ve gotta go with Dean here…if you want privacy, close your door, Sam!
Don’t know if Cottage Grove, Minnesota is real, but there IS a Cottage Grove, Oregon and I’ve been there. ;)
They really like using this building (for the Sheriff’s office). We’ve seen it a lot in the last couple of seasons.
Awkward silence……o.O
Hee! Dean pulling out all the bunny jokes. :P
Bunny in the cell….Creeeeepy!!!!!
“You know this rabbit?” — Things you only hear on Supernatural.
I think Doug kind of over-reacted. Couldn’t he have just shot the guy in the leg or arm first to see if that would’ve slowed him down. He was only armed with the baton. But on the other hand…the guy was super strong with the mask so…I guess precaution was the best choice.
The school mascot is the court jesters? Really???
Ghost possession…that’s a new one.
Dean with the shotgun…*guh*
Here we go again….Sam tasked with burning the object while Dean protects people and/or fights the baddy. Hurry up, Sam!!!! Phew!
There’s that darned difference in the audio again between the shots inside the Impala. So distracting!
Oh, yeah those darned visions from PBS are soooo annoying. :P
Such a sad ending! Sam tells Dean about his vision of the Cage and Dean just won’t let Sam go there - so positive that it’s got nothing to do with this and Sam won’t end up back there. Seeing Dean’s concern and Sam’s worried face…I just wanted to hug them! Boys!!!!!

Overall, a good, solid episode, but nothing overly special about it (except for the Impala shots - see below). Nice to have a good, old fashioned basic monster/spirit to deal with without all the angels and demons. As always, great to see Briana Buckmaster again! Love her! :)

Best Moment(s)

* I love the new shots of the Impala driving, the loving shots of her front & back end, and that shot from inside as the boys go up to the house. Hold-over ideas from the “Baby” ep, maybe? I approve!
* Donna hugging the boys! Don’t we all wish we could do that? :)
* Love Sam telling Dean to be careful as he approaches the cell bars and then saves Dean from being strangled by the guy. *brother feels* :)
* That friggin’ creepy clown killing the coach in the hospital!!!! OMG Clowns don’t scare me, but this one is so ugly and creeeeeepy!!!!! Gah!!!!! And then he gets into the elevator with Sam! Gotta be Sam’s worst nightmare right there.
* It’s cute how thrilled Donna is to be told she’s a hunter now by the boys. Hugs all around!!!

Funny Stuff

* Dean: “What do you mean, killer bunny?” Aaaannnndddd welcome to Supernatural! lol
* Donna trying to prove she can lift the bunny dude out of the wheelchair all by herself, failing, and then going “A little help here!” to Doug. Heehee!


Sam: So um, on the off chance You're actually listening. I gotta be real honest, the visions aren't making a whole lot of real sense to me. Truth is, I don't know what's what. Please, what are You trying to say?

Dean: I thought we talked about this.
Sam: Yeah, we did, Dean. But why's it so hard to believe God could be sending me visions about the Darkness?
Dean: You kidding me? He didn't feel the need to show up for the Apocalypse, why would He give a crap now?

Dean: I'm saying don't count on God, count on us.

Donna: For the most part been tater tots and lemon drops, except for this doozy. I mean, when you get a call about a killer Easter Bunny, you don't know what to think.

Donna: My guess? Copycat killer.
Dean: Damn social media.

Sam: Yeah, so, Ghosts 101: somebody's spirit can attach itself to an object or a bunch of objects left behind. In this case, masks.
Dean: Right. So, whoever possesses the object...
Sam: ...Gets possessed.

Sam: Everything has a weakness, even ghosts.
Dean: They hate iron and salt, so all we gotta do is spook the spook with a little salt and, uh, maybe we could pry it off.

Dean: Killer clown? You're serious?
Sam: No Dean, I'm joking. Because clowns are really funny to me.

Donna: I don't know how you two do this. Day in day out, figuring out who's possessed, who isn't. Your life's one big poop storm isn't it?
Dean: Spoken like a true hunter.

Sam: I keep praying to God because if it is God, and I know you think it isn't, but if it is, He's showing me something I don't know what to do with.
Dean: What?

Sam: The Cage.

Dean: Lucifer's Cage?

Sam: Yeah. What if He's telling me I have to go back, what if He's saying that's where the answer is to defeating the Darkness?
Dean: Sam, no. No, okay? I don't know if these visions are coming from God or PBS or what. But we’ve been down that road. Anything having to do with that cage is-it's suicide, you of all people know that. So no. Just... not gonna happen.

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