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Random Ramblings

♦♦♦ I'm a hot mess. There's no denying it. Staying up too late, not getting enough sleep, not eating all that healthy, procrastinating left & right (hello...Storify - see below). I really only have myself to blame. I'm a lazy oaf. But maybe...hopefully, now that I've admitted the problem I can fix it. Or at least truly try.

♦♦♦ Anyone else doing those Adult Coloring Books that are all the rage right now?
I've got 6 books so far and have only barely made a start in a couple of them. Not sure how "relaxing" & "therapeutic" they are for me when I have trouble trying to figure out what I want to color something. :P

♦♦♦ In "It's A Wonderful Life" why does Clarence say AS2 stands for "Angel 2nd Class"? Isn't the "S" (for second) & the "2" (for 2nd) a little redundant?

♦♦♦ I told you all that since my internet time has been toned down, that I've had more time to prepare new projects. Thought you might like to know what some of them are...

* Arrow caps
* Some icons (I'm actually quite nervous about posting these, since it's been so long since I made any icons.)
* SPN Goes B&W (I've got 28 pieces ready to post)
* More SPN Road So Far Caps
* SPN S11 1080p Hi-Res Caps for: 11x02, 11x03, 11x04.
* VanCon 2015 Filming Location Photos

♦♦♦ I don't know how I'm ever going to get caught up on Storify again. Because Storify will only show Favorites from Twitter going back to 300 I'm having to use the Storify browser add-on to add Tweets individually by hand. Got up to VanCon weekend at the end of August but...it's soooo slow. *sigh* However, I need to keep at it because I use the Tweets I save on Storify to help put my SPN Filming Locations list together.

♦♦♦ You know what's frustrating for a location hunter?
Seeing a location on Arrow that you've also seen on SPN...and you STILL can't figure out where the hell it is!!!! Grrrrrr!

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