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Friday Finds

Did you all listen to Misha's Podcast he posted to youtube earlier this week? Hilarious, as you would expect though I couldn't help but wish we could see all that cereal action with his kids. Nice to hear Maison in there so much now! "Get your foot off your sister." LOL

OMG Been reading this awesome hurt/comfort fanfic.

The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep by Zatnikatel Warnings for language, torture, & allusions of non-con.

It's old (2009) and pretty much picks up where "The Benders" leaves off, with many of the same characters. Basically, what happened if the boys walked off and then were hunted by the surviving Benders family members? It's not pretty, especially for Dean. The poor boy! He's really put through the ringer in this fic, but that's what makes it so very good! Tons of caring!Sam and brother cuddling, too! I'm 2 chapters from finishing (warning, it's LONG) and I can't wait to see how Dean makes his way back all this hurt.

Edit: Oh, my....just found there's a sequel! The Killing Moon by Zatnikatel

Guess I know what I'll be reading next. ;)

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