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Jensen Wins PCA!!!

Re-posted (except for all the fangirl gushing) from my comm...

Congratulations to Jensen on his PCA win last night for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor!
He posted this video (w/assistance from Misha) to his Facebook and luvjackson1 was nice to upload it to youtube so everyone could watch it. :)

So happy and proud that Jensen won!!! I voted as much as I could, but I wasn't sure it was enough. But it was!!! :D Upset that show didn't win (they lost to Beauty & The Beast...WTH? They were canceled!) but we'll take Jensen's win...yes, we will! In a perfect world, Jensen would also win an Emmy because he so deserves it for his acting skills. But...*sigh* It won't happen. I hope he knows how wonderfully talented he is!

Meanwhile...check out these dorks! LOL Btw, I'm loving Misha's new haircut!

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