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Help me find a fanfic!

I was getting caps from 4x09 & 4x10 overnight and watched that epic final scene where Dean confesses to Sam about his time in hell...all the tears and angst! Goodness, it's as great now as it was when I first saw it. Jensen deserved an Emmy for that scene alone!

Anyway, it reminded me immediately of a 2-part fanfic that was a continuation of that scene...and having Sam hug Dean (which we all wanted, you know). I was hoping I had the fic saved, but it's not on my laptop at all and not even with the fic I have saved on my phone. I know I have it saved on my PC somewhere, but I don't have access to those files currently. *pouts*

Does anyone know which fic this is? There's lots of Dean crying in Sam's arms and they end up sitting on the ground together, next to the Impala. I think one part is in Dean's POV and the other in Sam's.

Please help a fangirl out. I'm dying to read that fic again! It's one of my favorites. *cries*

Edit: Yay! Finally found it!!! I'll put up a new post with the fic & a few other recs soon. :)

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