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Ten Years & Things Haven't Changed

Been waiting for an opportunity to finally post this. *g*
People on my Friends List who received Christmas cards from me last month got this collage & now everyone gets to enjoy it.

It all began with me wanting to print out a cool photo from a recent convention I attended last year to include in my cards. I randomly selected 13 photos, 9 of them from VanCon 2015. Keep in mind I searched through 3 cons (SeaCon 2015 & VanCons 2014 & 2015) which probably totaled at least 2,000 photos of the boys. As I looked at the photos I'd pulled, this one looked familiar somehow. After a little thinking, I knew where I'd seen it before. Sure enough...it was a BTS episode still from Season 1's "Hook Man". The minute I put the photos side by side, I KNEW I had to include them in my cards. :D

Proof that over 10 years, the boys haven't changed much at all. ♥

Please don't remove my watermark, because the bottom pic is my own photo. Thanks!

// Click on the image to see it full-sized -- Warning! It's huge. //


Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, fanart, supernatural, vancon 2015 fanart
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