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Tough Mudder 2015: Video & Caps

If you haven't watched this video then...what are you waiting for???
So happy that Rob Benedict finally got this video done and uploaded for all of fandom to enjoy. And a big thanks to Osric for uploading it right away to youtube.

Some observations: The numbers for the guys are their ages (how cute is that???), had no idea Jason Manns was younger than Jensen, even in this setting Jensen & Jared seemed to be the leaders with one of them always tackling an obstacle first and then helping the others, loved all the fist-bumps, encouragement, and looking out for one another shown by all the guys, Osric's smiles throughout the entire video, "Underwear Gate" (What the??? LOL!), Rich saying Jensen "gets bitchy" around mile 6 (LOL!), Jensen & Jason fixing the parking sign, and the pics at the end with Gen & Danneel there w/muddy shirts from hugging their husbands after the race. :)

And my favorite part: That Jensen & Jared scaled the walls like they do that every day on the set of Supernatural and twice on Wednesdays.

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Choose from the selected caps below or...you can view the entire album of caps HERE on SlickPic.
Download all 790 caps: Tough Mudder 2015 Caps by Raloria.zip - 279 MB

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