raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
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A Capper's Life

Did a little pondering about all the screencapping I do and came up with this info.

When I'm capping SPN episodes, there are 3 types:
* Full Episode Caps
* Highlight Caps
* Hi-Res Caps (Seasons 8-11)

Then there's what I call the "special cappings" for various LJ comms & LJ post series:
* hurtwinchesters caps
* spn_locations caps
* SPN Beginnings & Endings
* SPN Revealed
* Episode Title Caps
* SPN Road So Far Caps
* SPN Timestamp Lottery Caps
* SPN Name That Cap Challenge

What's left is miscellaneous stuff (all SPN/J2 related, generally):
* Promos
* Con videos
* Movies
* DVD Extras
* Other videos (interviews, award shows, etc.)

I sometimes try to combine some of the "special capping" jobs, like lately I've been working on Season 4 and getting caps for hurtwinchesters AND my SPN Beginnings & Endings posts. Seems to be working okay, but I know some other combinations I've tried haven't gone as smoothly. I'll often get so wrapped up in watching the episode or even grabbing caps of other things (can't resist the PRETTY!) that I forget what I'm supposed to be capping. :P

I'm nowhere NEAR done capping anything on the above list (except for the Episode Title Caps, phew! at least those were easy!) and with the episode count numbering over 200 I'm going to be busy for a very long time!

Tags: adventures in screencapping, livejournal, supernatural
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