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First Impressions Review: 11x09 "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

Finally getting this review of the Mid-Season Finale done. Figured after a while, I'd just post it a day or so before the next episode so everyone gets a little review and catch-up first. ;)

Well, Amara’s flexing her powers quite nicely. I liked the water turning to blood on the fountain. A lot of the time when that’s done it just looks like colored water, but this time it actually thickened. Very realistic! Sister is trying to get bro’s attention…

Sam inside the cage with Lucifer!!! And then not. Nice burning bush! Great visual. Of course Dean doesn’t like this idea. Sam tells Dean when Lucifer touched him in the dream that he felt calm. I’m with Dean on this…why would GOD want this of Sam??? Does not compute.

Even Crowley doesn’t like this plan…that’s saying something right there, boys. And again, Dean can’t explain his connection with Amara….it’s getting suspicious, Dean. Of course, they need the Book Of the Damned again.

St. Andrews church again! *g*

Rowena’s back…in chains.
At least there are still some smart angels around….Cas’s influence somehow? It’s about time a faction of them finally decided to rise up and do SOMETHING.

I do NOT like Rowena’s reaction that it’s Lucifer’s cage that she’s going to be breaking into….she seems far too thrilled with the idea. Then once she sees Lucifer she’s even “drooling” as Crowley puts it. Everyone else is rightfully afraid of him, but not her. Something’s up with that.

Amara’s getting a bit desperate…and it’s still not working. I guess she doesn’t get that humans die all the time.

Dean’s hearing rumblings…that can’t be good. Answer the phone, Dean! Oh, crap. She’s baaaaaack. What’s the big rush? Not like they have to do the spell at a specific time and date sort of thing. Other than Amara going around killing people….and like another hour or so is going to really effect that? Couldn’t Crowley just go and find Dean? Gah! I know…plot points and I’m being picky.

Okay, from here on I’m covering the 2 story lines and locations of Sam in Limbo and Dean with Amara separately since they keep bouncing between the two places.

Dean & Amara

Damn, but Amara is seductive! Hello, new remote location. Oh, now Amara is showing remorse for killing those people??? She seemed pretty happy while she was doing it. The human souls are a part of her? Yeah, not buying it, sister. Don’t believe her, Dean!!! Hmmm….no rules? Not such a good idea…gotta have some. Talk about propaganda….she’s spewing her own. Oh, Dean you knew that knife wasn’t going to work, right? Nice effect of it shattering though.

Amara: “I know that you’re a warrior and your instinct is to resist but….I can’t be resisted.”
Well, that explains a lot right there. And she was going to eat Dean’s soul but stops…and kisses him instead! Again…and Dean kisses back this time! And I know she’s seducing him and controlling him and the kissing isn’t supposed to be sexual in nature at all, but I’m sorry….it’s Dean Winchester - that kiss is hot by default!

Again, technically Dean didn’t set the Darkness free. Becoming one??? What does that mean, exactly? Possession? Hmmmm…..
Uh, oh….angel squad shows up and Amara kills them all in different ways. Impressive.
I originally thought it was God who smites Amara, but the angel squad warned that it would be the angels that would smite her “in one unified blow”. I’m glad that became clearer on the 2nd viewing. But what happens to her now? And it looked like that blast did some destruction. At least she got Dean out of harm’s way first.

Sam & Lucifer

So the Limbo part of Hell is secure? Who’d of thought it.
Okay, problem….Lucifer is about to appear and Sam just walks off camera. WTH? What was that for??? So he could make a surprise appearance? I don’t get it and it looks weird and silly.
And we get Lucifer’s ultimatum…he wants to hitch a ride in Sam’s body again in order to defeat the Darkness. Sam says no way. Then things get really interesting….

Note how Rowena’s not at all upset over the warding on the cage disappearing. Gah!
Damn! Sam’s in the cage! Noooooooooo!!!!!!
And the truth comes out….It wasn’t God sending Sam messages…it was Lucifer thanks to the fissures in the cage caused by the Darkness being released. I KNEW IT! I knew it couldn’t be God.
Oh, poor Sam! It’s worst nightmare time…to be trapped with Lucifer again! Oh, Sam….are you really that calm? You look pretty terrified to me even before Lucifer told you the truth. That single tear….OMG.


I really liked this episode and it was a super cliff hanger as far as Mid-Season finales go. Super intense, great effects, and more returning characters. Jensen & Jared did superb acting jobs and Mark Pellegrino! Woot! During the initial viewing I thought his acting of Lucifer was a tiny bit off, but by the 2nd viewing it didn’t feel that way at all. It’s been how many years since he’s played the character? Six? But he hasn’t lost a step.

I won’t go into speculations about the next episode because some of it has already been answered by the new promo. Can’t wait to see what happens though! *bounces* :D

Best Moments
* The visuals of Lucifer and cage are so awesome! His red eyes glowing as he appears in the temporary cage in Limbo. Wow!
* Speaking of nice visuals…the boys standing together there in Crowley’s chamber….nice!
* Nice low camera angle on Dean as he’s standing outside of the church.
* Damn, but Jensen looks stunning in this ep….must be the suit. *guh*
* So great to see Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer again. He hasn’t lost a step in the character. :)

Funny Stuff
* Priest (telling Amara the way to reach God is through prayer): “Go ahead. Taker her out for a spin.” I love this guy’s adorable sense of humor.
* Rowena (to Crowley): Well, dear if you can't stand the heat, get out of Hell.


Sam: You had a shot at taking her out when she was with you, but apparently you thought sucking up was the way to go.
Dean: And that didn't work out so well.
Crowley: Because she chose you, and you couldn't control your girlfriend! What happened in that room? Why did she insist on sparing you? What is she to you?

Dean: You're the king of the joint, don't you have a key?
Crowley: It was sealed by God himself, of course I don't have a key. The mechanism is of divine manufacture. I believe its secrets, along with the spells for warding Sam, are recorded where many such mysteries are found -- the Book of the Damned.

Amara: Do You see what's happening? All Your favorites, all Your chosen, they are suffering. Show Yourself!

Rowena: You and your bloodthirsty brother say we're partners in this holy war against Amara, and yet... Trussed like a chicken.

Sam: You're sitting there with the Book of the Damned, and the means to read every word, and you think I'm gonna set you free. Do I look crazy?
Rowena: Well, you do have unresolved issues with your domineering older brother and the abandonment by your father.

Rowena: You may summon Fergus. And tell him to bring a handcart.
Sam: A handcart?

Rowena: We are going to Hell.

Sam: I promised Dean I'd call.
Rowena: I promised Lincoln a fun night at the theatre, things change. It's now or never.

Crowley: Makes your flesh crawl, doesn't it, Moose? I get it, I'm the king of this place, still not my cup of tea.
Sam: I don't know, Crowley, I'd say it suits you -- dark, empty.

Lucifer: Well, that leads me to my next question. Where's the big burrito himself? Where's God in all of this?
Sam: All current indications of his presence, are that there are no current indications of his presence.
Lucifer: What? Caught the fun bus out of town. Figures.

Amara: I see the weariness in your eyes, the mistrust. I don't blame you.
Dean: Don't you.
Amara: It's incredible, how it endures -- the propaganda. He was so threatened by me, fearful that I would make a more perfect creation than He. So He exiled me, virtually erased me, passed down stories that I was a threat.

Lucifer: Well, I did help Dad seal up the Darkness all those years ago. She's quite a force, determined to take over everything, even back then. Prone to tantrums, I can see why Pops is laying low.

Dean: What was that?
Amara: The future. The inevitable result of our first meeting, what you've been feeling since that moment. What we both felt, that we're bonded. You're the one who set me free.

Dean: No, that was an accident.

Amara: It was destiny. You bore the Mark, I am the original Mark. You and I will be together.

Dean: No, no that's not gonna happen.
Amara: It's so simple Dean, we will become one. Why wouldn't you want that?

Lucifer: Together again. Hey, Sam Winchester, miss me? I bet you did. I have to say, you're extraordinarily calm given the circumstances.
Sam: It's pretty much exactly how God told me it was going to be. Guess I just have to go with it and play my hand.

Lucifer: That would make so much sense, if it was God that was doing the talking. You see Sam, when the Darkness descended, the impact on Hell was massive. The Cage was damaged. Through the fissures I was able to reach out. It wasn't God inside your head, Sam. It was me. So you see, He's not with you. He's never been with you. It was always just me, so I guess I am your only hope.

Sam: It's never gonna happen.
Lucifer: Ah. Well, settle in there, buddy. Hey, roomie -- upper bunk, lower bunk, or you wanna share?

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