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First Impressions Review: 11x10 "The Devil In The Details"

Sorry for this being late (again).

Show is back for the 2nd half of the season! Nice choice of music for the “Then” re-cap.

OMG This opening is just trippy! LOL Rowena’s dream…with Crowley in a onsie and getting a Sam Funko figure! And then Lucifer showing up as Santa to kill him! Whoah! Bet this was a hoot to film. :P

So Rowena is working for Lucifer and helped set all this up. Explains her attraction to him in the Mid-Season Finale.

Colin Ford! Didn’t think we’d see him again. Kid’s growing like a bean pole. lol Meanwhile….where is this location??? It’s bugging me.
How does Jensen do it? He can even make puking almost sexy. Maybe it’s the extra deep gravely voice?
Smiting Sickness…I’m with Dean. “That’s a thing?” Hee!

Hearing all the audio from Stull Cemetery and the “Swan Song” flashback is crazy! Nice inclusion of the Family Theme music though.

Interesting how the show brings up Sam not looking for Dean when he was in Purgatory again. “Dean and I promised we wouldn’t look for each other.” What the hell, Sam? Are you kidding me? Then why was Dean so upset over you NOT looking for him back in Season 8??? Gah! Show, I do not agree with this! Stop giving me reasons not to like Sam! *holds onto own head-canon that Sam DID look for Dean but then ran out of avenues and was too emotionally lost to go on*

Is it just me, or is Ambriel kind of annoying? And why do the angels hate Cas so much? Is it going back to when he was trying to be God and slaughtered angels? Geez that was way back in Season 7. I thought he’d patched things up back in heaven when Hannah and others were following him? *sigh* And this is why the angel storyline is getting more and more annoying.

So Amara’s dress isn’t pitch black anymore and she seems weakened after she sends Cas off with her message. Maybe she’s not as powerful as we/she thinks??? Something is happening there…

Gabriel dead??? Noooo friggin’ way, Lucifer. Not buyin’ that one!

I don’t get Cas yelling out “Assbutt” again as he and Dean run to the cage. That sounded as added-in as it obviously was. We really didn’t need that IMO.

Yeah…that’s not Castiel anymore. Thanks promos for ruining that bit of info. *sigh*
So Crowley finally gets an answer why his mother hates him so much. And again I can’t help but feel sorry for the demon. Great performances here by Ruth and Mark.

Holy Cow! Ok, didn’t see Rowena’s death coming except in the final seconds. Yeah, Lucifer doesn’t play nice with others. I adore Ruth, but I must admit Rowena’s death doesn’t feel like a huge blow. Since she took care of the Mark it feels like the writers haven’t known what to do with her anymore.

Best Moments
* Lucifer threatening to inflict torture and pain on Sam. Awesome how Mark just throws the switch and Lucifer goes from joking & friendly to dark and menacing. Chilling!
* I gotta say, Jared & his hair is rather glorious in this episode. :)
* OMG The lighting in the cage is so beautiful! Love all the blue and the deep shadows on everyone’s faces.
* Dean finally meeting Reaper Billie. I hope we see her again….though not to collect the boys when they’re dead. Eeep.
* Dean’s obvious nervousness before he walks down the stairs into hell. It’s been 6 years, but it clearly still effects him.
* Amara eating Ambriel’s soul and then recovering her Darkness, into her dress and making night into day again. That was friggin’ awesome!
* So much LOVE for Sam standing up to Lucifer. Go, Sam! Go! ♥ :)
* That cage fight was AWESOME!

Funny Stuff
* LOL! Sam’s voicemail recorded by Dean, as only a big brother can do.
* And then there’s Crowley’s voicemail. Hee!
* Cas checking over Dean and then wanting to take his temperature. :P
* Dean yelling out “Sam!….Sammy!” in the Bunker and then his face when he finds out from Crowley that Sam is in the cage with Lucifer.
* Dean singing “Camptown Races” as the password to get to hell. LOL
* Lucifer ordering up a disco song for ambiance in the cage during the fight. :P

♥♥♥ Brotherly Love ♥♥♥
* Lucifer laughing at Sam counting on Dean to show up and Sam’s response of “I always have.”
* The number of times Dean has called Sam on the phone…five that we can see.
* Dean being willing to go down to Hell to get Sam without hesitation.
* Dean asking Crowley right away where Sam was, Crowley telling him not to worry, and Dean’s response of “Oh, I’m sorry. Have you met me?” Perfect.
* Dean rushing to the cage as soon has he hears Sam in pain. *loves*
* Dean rushing over to Sam inside the cage (twice!), hands on his face. Gah! :)
* The boys holding onto one another as Lucifer disappears in a bright light.
* Dean asking if Sam’s ok in the car and confirming what Sam told Lucifer in the cage…that him plus the Darkness is a horrible idea.

Final Thoughts:

So much love for this episode! If anything it was more intense than the Mid-Season Finale. Certainly a lot of info. to digest.

But I have some issues…

— How the hell did Dean even know where Amara was smited by the angels??? It’s not like it was somewhere recognizable. It could have been anywhere and she sent him back into the city before she got nuked. So how in the world was he able to just drive back there?

— I disagree with Lucifer that Sam’s gone soft. Sam’s always been willing to do whatever had to be done to save the world…that’s why he underwent the trials and even put his life on the line at the end of last season before Dean. However he’s spot on about the boys choosing one another over the fate of the world…but then that’s what makes the Supernatural world go around. *g*

— I wish they hadn’t spoiled the bit about Lucifer possessing Cas. And why oh, why would Cas think this was a good idea??? Of course, they didn’t have time to tell him about Rowena doing the spell in order to put Lucifer back in the cage. *sigh* So I wonder how long he’s going to hang around the boys without them knowing that it’s really Lucifer? I hope they catch on fast because I don’t like the boys looking stupid and surely they would be able to catch on that Cas isn’t himself? I must admit that I’m not sure I like how Misha is playing Lucifer. *ducks flying objects* It feels a little over the top. *cringes* I’ve also read others say this same thing and that there’s a lot of Misha in there, too and I can see that. But I’ll wait and see how he continues to play it…however long that may be.


Sam: You'll taunt me, and you'll torture me, and I'll say 'no.' And eventually, sooner than you think, my brother is gonna walk through that door and kick your ass.
Lucifer: Hahaha, Dean? You're betting on Dean?
Sam: I always have.

Crowley: How long have you been working for him?
Rowena: Not long, Lucifer came to me in a dream... not that kind of dream.
Crowley: So you're just gonna let the big strong man boss you around? Whatever happened to the super-duper awesome coven #girlpower?

Dean: (Sam's voicemail) Hey, Sam can't talk right now 'cause he's waxing, like everything. But leave a message and-
Sam: (Sam's voicemail) Dude, what are you doing with my phone? Dean. Come on.
Dean: Call me, now.

Crowley: Thank you for phoning Crowley, King of Hell. For demon deals, press one. To report a sighting of that ginger whore, Rowena, press two.

Dean: You son of a bitch.
Crowley: Miss you too, puddin'

Castiel: Hey, assbutt!
Lucifer: 'Assbutt,' I-I-I still don't get that.

Lucifer: Sam have I ever told you how much I appreciate you?
Sam: What?
Lucifer: Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't like you. I never liked you. You're-you're sort of prissy.

Castiel: I never wanted this, you know. To be hated by my own kind, I never-
Ambriel: Oh no, I don't hate you, Castiel.

Castiel: Thank you.

Ambriel: I mean, we have a lot in common. Our names rhyme, that's a big one. I look good in a trench coat too, and we're both expendable.

Castiel: Excuse me?
Ambriel: Well, that's why we're here, right? I'm a number cruncher and you-you like I said, I've heard the stories. You help. But Sam and Dean Winchester are the real heroes. So if the Darkness is still alive and she's pissed and she kills us, no big loss. So sure, maybe we're not super important, but we do the job. I think there's nobility in that.

Castiel: You think I'm afraid to die?
Amara: I know you are, you reek of fear and self loathing. Oh, scary. She's right you know, you are expendable and weak. And why God took a special interest in you, I'll never understand. My brother always did have horrible taste in men.

Lucifer: Okay, you don't like me. I get it, sometimes I don't like me either, but Gabriel and Raphael are dead, God went out for a pack of smokes and never came back and Michael... Well, let's just say prison life hasn't really agreed with Michael. These days he's usually sitting in a corner singing show tunes and touching himself.
Sam: So you're it.

Lucifer: Heh-heh, I'm it! And hey, I'm not the good guy, we both know I'm not, but the Darkness, she's the end of everything. But I can beat her, we can beat her. You and me, together. So come on, Sam. Make the right choice, the big sacrifice one more time, man. Sam, it's time to save the world, man.
Sam: No. No.

Sam: Wrong. Then you go about starting the Apocalypse again, because you're an old dog and that's your trick.
Lucifer: Okay, first off you don't know that. Second, even if I did, that's better than what she has planned.
Sam: Is it? Really? 'Cause this is what I think, I think that whoever wins -- you or the Darkness -- everyone else loses. So no. My answer is no. This isn't because of Dean, or the past, this is about me having faith in my friends, having faith in my family. We will find a way. I'm ready to die and I'm ready to watch people I love die, but I'm not ready to be your bitch.

Crowley: Mother, why do you hate me?
Rowena: I hate you, because when I look into your eyes I see the woman I used to be, before magic, before the coven. When I was nothing but Rowena, the tanner's daughter. A pale, scared little girl, who smelled of filth and death. I hate you, because when you were born, your father said he loved me, then he went back to his grand wife and his grand house, whilst I lay pathetic and half dead on a straw mat -- my thighs slick with blood. I hate you, because if I didn't, I'd love you. But love, love is weakness. And I'll never be weak again.

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