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First Impressions Review: 11x12 "Don't You Forget About Me"

Ok, I'm almost caught up. I'll definitely be posting my review for 11x13 tomorrow.

Oh, Claire….what are you doing?
The boys haven’t heard from Cas….no trail on Amara, either.
Dean and The Elvis…Sam’s not interested. LOL

Looks like Alex is fitting into normal life really well. And Jody spots the birth control pills…uh, oh.
Jody: Winchesters?
Alex: Why would they be here?

Jody: I didn't put up the Bat-Signal.

Rawr! Alex & Claire cat fighting. Sheesh.

It’s sweet seeing Dean be all domestic and drying dishes. Seems that Claire has fully immersed herself into a hunting life - not going to college and not having any friends.

Sam talks to Claire…she feels like she doesn’t really fit in with Jody and Alex and she’s thinking of heading out on her own to hunt.
Sam: “Claire, I absolutely understand the need to hunt, believe me, I do. But the monsters are always going to be there, on and on, forever. But a chance at a family, a home, school? That won’t be.”

Whoah…dead teacher strung up the flagpole.
Boys in long coats! :)
Dean tries to teach Claire that she needs to show Jody some respect. Then Alex & her boyfriend stop by to say they’ll go “hang out"….oh, yeah. Dean gives the boyfriend the evil eye. LOL

Yeah, the janitor isn’t suspicious at all! Sam calls him “squirrelly”. :P

Alex decides to open up to Henry about her past…vaguely.
Hee! Claire said “asshat”. Dean is definitely rubbing off on her. *g*
Oh, crap! Janitor dude is attacking Jody & Claire!!!! He’s a vampire!!!! Damn, there goes Jody’s leg again! At least Jody managed to call Dean on the phone. The boys find out the Janitor is from the same town as Alex’s vampire family. Dammit! I knew Henry couldn’t be for real! He’s a vampire, too!

I love how Dean just pulls up to the burger joint and parks any old where, totally against the parking lines. lol
He finds Alex’s phone….she’s been taken.

All the dead bodies….Claire was right about what was going on in town.
Beason (the janitor) was one of Alex’s victims….getting fed on by the nest. Once a vampire, he killed his own family…now it’s revenge time. He waited until she had a happy life, turned the most popular guy in school into a vampire, and take it all away from Alex.

Oh, man….Alex offers herself up to be a vampire lure again…even for Beason to feed on her when the the hunting goes dry. He bites Claire in the neck instead. Hurry, boys!!!!

C’mon Sam! Get these guys. Love Jody and Claire working together to take out Beason…and Dean chops his head off. Sweet! And Sam offers up Henry for Alex…she hits him and Claire beheads him….nice one, two punch, girls!

Awww….the girls tried to cook breakfast for Jody. :)
Looks like things are better between them all….even Alex & Claire.
Jody: “That’s what’s scary about family…gives you so much to lose.”

The boys drop by for goodbyes and Claire talks with Dean….”I solemnly swear not to hunt like a dumbass.” Jody’s going to teach her to investigate….yeah, hope that works out.

Hee! Sam with all the food leftovers and extra BBQ sauce. :P
Alex knows other vampires might show up….and she might be leaving soon….can’t be around the monsters.

Best Moments
* The entire dinner scene. OMG! Brilliant!!! The boys eating messily and thoroughly enjoying “real food”. Claire’s been trying to hunt, but keeps menacing the locals instead of actually catching any monsters. Then Claire fires back by bringing up Alex and her boyfriend having sex. Holy cow….the reactions from the boys are priceless.
* Nice shot of Dean through that plastic curtain-y stuff laden with symbols.

Funny Stuff
* Dean: You gonna be alright now that you're outnumbered again?
Jody: As long as everyone wears a condom, we'll be fine.
Dean: I want that bumper sticker.

Final Thoughts:

A really fun episode and it was great seeing Jody, Alex, and Claire again. Hello??? Spin-off material producers! Listen to the fandom...we know what we want.

I hope Claire will take the advice from the boys to heart and go to college and pull back on the hunting a bit. Sure, she was right that something supernatural was in town, but she should have a real life and not a hunting one. On the other hand, Jo tried to go to college and that didn't work..."I was a freak with a knife collection!". I think once that hunting bug bites, it's hard to go on with normal life...knowing what's out there. Good on Claire if she makes it work, but I can understand if she doesn't. Honestly, I think she'd make a great hunter with more knowledge and experience under her belt. On the other side of the coin, Alex is eager to get away from all the monsters and be a normal girl. I think her path will be far easier.


Dean: So I'm guessing there's nothing on the Amara-meter, either.
Sam: Uhh no, I'm starting to think that God's psycho sister has gone to ground.

Sam: Dude, I'm not gonna survive hundreds of monster attacks to be flatlined by-by some double donut monstrosity.

Dean: This bird is fantastic. The way you mix it up with the potatoes and the-the beans, you guys eat like this every day?
Jody: It's just chicken.
Sam: It's shaped like chicken, not a patty or-or a nugget.

Alex: Claire did catch a werewolf. Oh right, turned out to be a German Shepherd with rabies.
Jody: And before that was the vampire. Council woman into erotic cosplay. I didn't know what cospaly was before that, super embarrassing for the force.

Jody: 'Kay, well, um. I may have definitely seen birth control pills in your backpack.
Sam: Oh, we're going there.

Dean: Okay.

Alex: Oh my god.

Jody: Hey, if we can't talk about it, we shouldn't be doing it, right? Right?
Dean: What?

Jody: What I will tell you is that birth control pills are useless against STDs. Whoever you are with needs to suit up, every time, always. No pulling up the drawbridge early.
Alex: Ugh, I get it!

Jody: And don't expect the guy, as much as I love Henry, to show up packing. Right?
Dean: What?
Jody: Seriously?

Dean: Well, you know, I thought we would be helping you with monsters, not birth control.

Dean: You need to show Jody a little respect. She did you a huge solid by taking you in. She got you set up at school-
Claire: I don't want to go to school.

Dean: Nobody wants to go to school, Claire. It's school.

Claire: Exactly.

Dean: My point is, she's been busting her ass to give you a life. She's feeding you, hell, you got a nicer room than I do now, she kept you out of jail.

Claire: I never asked her to.
Dean: And that's what I'm talking about. You need to act like you give a crap. You need to appreciate what that woman's done-

Jody: It had to be the leg. I'm gonna need bionics.

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