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First Impressions Review: 11x13 "Love Hurts"

Yay! All caught up and ready for tonight's episode. I'll see what I can do about posting my review sooner this time.

Dude is banging the babysitter. Loser.
Nice delay on the kill there. She literally got her heart ripped out. Ouch.

Dean shuffles into the kitchen.
Sam: Morning.
Dean grunts.
Hee! I do love hungover/sleepy/groggy Dean. :)

Sam spots a hickey on Dean's neck.
Sam: Is that a hickey?
Dean: And? It was Valentines's Day. I can't help it if I'm a hopeless romantic.
Sam: You got half of that right.
Dean: Just doing my civic duty, helping all the single ladies.
You know the best thing about February 14th? You don't have to be 'Mr. Right,' just 'Mr. Right Now.'

Dean checking to see if he really does smell and then telling Sam, "You're not wrong." LOL

"Anyone who met her (Stacy) fell in love with her." *coughlikeyoududecough*
Even the boys notice the husband acting weird.

Ooooh, the medium length coats. Don't see those too often.
Dean gets the husband to confess and then he shows the nannycam footage. Hmmm....shapeshifter? Ha! Sam see's the "lazer eyes" on the video footage. I knew it!

So now we have shapeshifter!Stacy....payback's a bitch, dude.

So....it's not the wife (yet)....smart testing her with the silver pen.
Aw, Sam.....you're just no fun. "But you go be you." You know Dean will. ;)

Whoah....is the wife a witch???
And now hubby is back! Run, woman! Run!!!

The Too Tired Motel....heh.
So Dean didn't get lucky after all...."dad bod". LOL What???
So....witchcraft gone wrong...thanks to a nasty witch. The wife sealed the curse with a kiss to her husband who then passed it onto Stacy when he kissed her.
Dan's back! Well, bullets don't work. Dean, WTH??? Kissing the wife so the curse transfers to you??? Yeah, Sam's not happy about it either.
I do love that Sam points out that Dean's always playing the martyr and sacrificing himself. As usual Dean doesn't care, the wife is safe now and that's all that matters.

Melissa: "What kind of FBI agents are you?"
Dean: "The fake kind."

Sonja's salon: The Art Of Dyeing....heh. Dean: "Well, can't say she didn't warn you."
Hee! Daisy Duke is Dean's deepest darkest desire.
OMG Dean finally won at RockPaperScissors!!!! What is happening???? Love his smile. :D

Damn....Sonja the witch showed up just as Sam found the heart. Gah!
Well, helloooooo fake Amara. Ah, Dean's shame....knew it.
Noooooo!!!!!! What are you doing to Sam????
Phew! Good timing by the wife....and by Sam! Whoah! That was another close one!
Nice effect of the monster dying.

Look at the boys leaving money for the busted window. That's so nice of them!
Wow....so Sam already had it all figured out about Dean and Amara. o.O
How??? Maybe he finally put all the pieces together. Well, at least Dean really came clean about it all and Sam doesn't blame or judge him for any of it. Dean just feels so bad that he knows he won't be able to kill her. Hates putting it all onto Sam. :(
Aw, boys. I wanna hug them....again! Oh, and that music at the end was so beautiful and sad.

Final Thoughts

A real solid episode, with the monster's identity being a mystery for most of the episode. Nice.

LOVED the little brotherly moments sprinkled throughout the episode: the morning in the bunker, RockPaperScissors, and then that amazing final scene. I am so glad Dean finally confessed it all to Sam (even though Sam had clearly figured most of it out). And how awesome that Sam didn't do what he usually does...get angry and take off. So proud of him for realizing that Dean has no control around Amara and that it's not his fault, but also for not being mad at his brother for keeping it from him all this time. Look at our boys all grown up and finally talking about things, not keeping them secret from one another (for long, anyways), and not getting angry and taking off on one another. Progress! Let's hope this is the new trend. :)


Dean: Well, that blows. But if her name's not Amara, how is that us?
Sam: Because her heart was ripped out.
Dean: On Valentine's Day?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: Was it, like, an ironic werewolf?

Dean: I need a beer, regroup, maybe get lucky.
Sam: Didn't you just get lucky?
Dean: That was in Kansas. What do you say, you with me? Go scrape a few hearts off the barroom floor?
Sam: I think I'll pass. I'm gonna hit the lore, but you go be you.

Sam: So the curse is transmittable?
Dean: Like a magic STD. Okay, that works. Kinda makes you nostalgic for good old-fashioned herpes.

Dean: 'The Art of Dyeing.' Well, can't say she didn't warn you.

Dean: Listen to me. Sonja is not just anyone, she is a wicked witch who offed your husband and tried to kill you. So if she shows up here, you punch or you stab her or you drop a freaking house on her if you have to.

Sam: Witch-killing bullets.
Dean: We gotta come up with a better name than that.

Dean: Silver lining about being cursed. I'll finally get some face time with Daisy Duke. My deepest, darkest desire.
Sam: Seriously?
Dean: Ever since I was seven.
Sam: So, Bach not Simpson?
Dean: Pfft... Eh, I guess I wouldn't say 'no' to either.

Qareen / "Amara": I understand Dean.
Dean: Is that right?
Qareen / "Amara": The longing in your heart, I feel it too.

Qareen / "Amara": I can see inside your heart, feel the love you feel. Except, it's cloaked in shame. When it comes to this, you can't help yourself. So why fight it? Just give in.

Sam: So, you gonna keep me in suspense here or what?
Dean: About what?
Sam: Who was it, Bach or Simpson?
Dean: Neither.
Sam: Huh.
Dean: It was Amara.
Sam: Does that surprise you?
Dean: That doesn't surprise you?
Sam: Honestly?
Dean: Honestly? What you honestly think the sister of God is my deepest darkest desire.
Sam: She isn't?
Dean: No, she can't be.
Sam: Why not?
Dean: Why? Because if she was, then that means I'm-
Sam: Means you're what? Complicit? Weak? Evil?
Dean: For starters, yeah.
Sam: Dean, do you honestly think you ever had a choice in the matter? She's the sister of God. And for some reason she picked you, and that sucks, but if you think I'm gonna blame you or judge you, I'm not.
Dean: You know that I want her ass dead.
Sam: Yes. Of course, and I know you've also probably beaten yourself up a million times over it, but where has that gotten us? (Pause) Just how bad is it?
Dean: Standing here right now? Every bone in my body wants to run her through, send her back to that hole she crawled out of. But when I'm near her...I don't know -- something happens. I can't explain it. But to call it desire, love -- it's not that. I'm screwed, man. We want to kill the Darkness. We need to kill the Darkness. And I don't think I can. I'm sorry to do that to you, you know? But when it comes down to it...
Sam: I got it Dean.

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