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First Impressions Review: 11x14 "The Vessel"

Yay! Actually getting this posted the same night as the episode. That hasn't happened in a while.

Dammit, show…don’t be such a tease. What’s in the BOX???
Whoah….go girl. Yeah, MOL!!!!!

Hee! Sam drank all the coffee.
Dean: “It’s a little early for Nazi trivia, especially without caffeine!”
Sam’s found a weapon/artifact the Nazis had called the Hand Of God….thinks it could defeat Amara.
Thank you show for referring to Delphine as a “Woman of Letters”. :)

So Lucifer is just sitting on the throne of Hell and basically doing nothing. Oh, and he’s got Crowley chained up & in a cage (and wearing regular clothes!) like a dog. Even calls him "doggy". Ouch. I feel sorry for Crowley.

Heh…Dean drinking a beer because there’s no coffee left. “What am I supposed to drink, water?”
No friggin’ way did Sam type all that search text out that fast!
So the artifact was lost when a submarine was taken over by the Germans and then sunk.

Lucifer has his weapons retrieved and doesn’t seem impressed….Crowley equally so. Lucifer admits defeating Amara may take more of a group effort than he thought.

The boys call Cas to do some time travel to retrieve the artifact. I’m with Sam….this is hardly just a “milk run” as Dean describes it. There’s all sorts of complications. Sam likes it even less that Dean wants to go off on the mission alone. Casifer promises to stay w/Dean the entire time and not let him out of his sight. Yeah, right…. Dean figures they can’t risk both of them, especially when Sam needs to stick around to be able to kill the Darkness if Dean doesn’t come back. Dude….if you don’t return you’ll have more than that to worry about….you’ll ruin the entire timeline!!!!! Has Star Trek taught you nothing! But Sam relents, telling his brother to be careful. Dean: “When am I not?” Heh.

Whoah….instant submarine. Well, at least everyone’s asleep, but where’s Cas??? Crap.
Nice transition there between the real sub and the picture in the book Sam’s looking at.
Casifer shows up back in the bunker, dripping wet. He tells Sam they made the leap but he “couldn’t make it past the hull”.

Careful Lucy….you’re not hiding yourself very well there. Hello, Sam…..can't you tell Cas isn’t acting right???

At least Dean finally got some correct clothes. Sailor!Dean....yum. :D
Damn…Delphine is deadly and fast! Uh, oh….Dean’s been found out by the Captain. They find his cell phone and Dean tells them the truth, that a German destroyer will sink them. This should be interesting. Yep, they don’t believe him….but Delphine does, but the Captain’s not listening to her. So there WAS actual warding on the sub that kept Casifer out. Dean gets to explain how he needs to retrieve the weapon to Delphine and she believes/trusts him.

Sam’s found a way to get past the warding….but it needs an archangel to work the spell and he gives up on it….Casifer, not so much.

Dean gets to see the weapon….just a rock, but it’s part of the Ark of the Covenant. Delphine leaves the weapon w/Dean while she removes the warding from the hull. Meanwhile, he tells the guy guarding him that the war won’t be won for several more years….1945.

Wha??? Dean has to kill her??? Oooh, depth charges….they suck.

Oh, man…Sam wants Cas to use his soul so he’ll have enough power for the spell. Oh, Sammy! Willing to do anything to help/save Dean. Aaaannnnndddd Lucy finally comes clean….damn. Realizes he doesn’t need Sam anymore. Noooooo!!!!!!!! Saaaaaammmmm!!!!!!!! Not his soul!!!!!! :(

Oh, the German dude’s alive after all. Great….give up the girl and the artifact or die.
Dean wants to use the weapon to save them all but Delphine has a better idea….

Cas broke through!!!! Sam finds out that Cas wanted to be possessed, but now he has to keep on with the possession because only Lucifer can time travel & save Dean. But at the same time, it was all Cas could do to keep Lucifer from killing Sam. Gah!!!!

Ok, I have NO idea what Delphine did, but it looked cool. Was that to show Dean how to use the weapon??? At least he was able to grab it before Casifer showed up to zap him back. And first thing Sam tells him is that it’s not Castiel. Ta-da!!!!

Dean gets tossed! Good thing Lucifer did all that monologuing so Sam had time to sneakily cut his hand and do a sigil on the wall. Then Lucy touches the rock and….nothing happens. Delphine used all it’s power on the sub??? Well, crap. Sam zaps the devil just as he’s about to attack Dean. Phew!

Ok, I honestly don’t get the ending. Dean somehow doesn’t believe Cas willingly let Lucifer possess him??? Alright, I guess, but he did tell Sam so….denial much, Dean? And then why is he so upset and unwilling to talk to Sam about his time on the sub? Because he couldn’t save them and they willingly died so he could get away with the weapon? Ugh. I love an emotional Dean scene, but this one really doesn’t jive for me. Nice little shoulder pat from Sam though as he walks off to leave Dean alone with the new useless Hand Of God rock.

So in the end, this whole mission (and episode) was pretty pointless. The sub still went down, everyone died, except the boys have the Hand Of God and it’s not lying down at the bottom of the ocean. They can’t do anything with it though so…useless. *sigh* The only real good that came out of this episode is that the boys know the truth about Lucifer and Cas, which I am happy about. Now they know what is really happening….’course it also gives them another problem to solve in getting Cas back. Hmmmm.

But yeah….upon this initial watching I’m more frustrated and confused than pleased. It felt like a clunky episode IMO. I know Dean wants to save everyone, but he went back in time! You can’t take that sort of thing lightly….though I know SPN has messed with timelines all over the place now, but still! If Dean had somehow saved that sub, how would that have changed the course of the war? I mean, they had to die. The sub had to go down….I just don’t see why Delphine had to use the weapon to do it. Did she do that in the original history? We’ll never know.

Dammit, I really wanted to like this episode, too and I’m just kind of disappointed. *sigh* :|


Delphine: I have lived a high life, but these months, pretending to love a Nazi cochon like you has been the worst. But this moment, watching you die, it is the best. The Men of Letters send their regards.

Sam: Hey, did you know the Nazis had a special branch devoted to archaeology.
Dean: Little early for Nazi trivia, especially without caffeine.

Sam: It was World War II, kind of an all hands on deck situation.
Dean: Yeah, Rosie the Riveter. Cool.

Sam: Yeah, I'd say so. I mean tides took the wreckage, submersibles have been trying to locate it for years. I mean if James Cameron and his Avatar billions can't find it...
Dean: Yeah, but we have something James Cameron doesn't have.

Lucifer: How are your wounds doggy?
Crowley: They are no less than I deserve.
Lucifer: Aww, you're scared of your master. That's a good doggy. But it's an act. I broke you, but um, yup I can still smell it. You got that delectable little wiff of defiance, you're just playing huh? Waiting for your moment to retake the throne. Am I right?
Crowley: Yes sir.

Dean: You need to stay here.
Sam: Say here?
Dean: Just in case things go sideways, somebody needs to be left standing to take care of the Darkness. We can't risk us both! And at the moment, I'm the least valuable player, you both know that I can't kill Amara! So the least I can do is get the thing that we need so you can!

Dean: That sub is a tin can floating in the middle of the ocean, doomed to go down. You can't really mess with history at 20,0000 leagues. So we get in, get the weapon, get out. It's a milk run.
Sam: So you expect me to sit here and ride the pine, while you and Cas go play Jules Verne.
Dean: Yes! No. Who?

Dean: Captain James Deerborn, my name is Dean Winchester and I am on a mission from the future. The details of which I am not a liberty to discuss. But know this, within the hour, a German Destroyer will find and attack this submarine and you will go down.

Dean: From Men of Letters to Men of Letters I'm fighting a war in the future. It's not like your war, it's big, Biblical, end is nigh big. And I need your weapon to win, that is why I came.

Lucifer: It's just, I don't need you anymore. I mean, Dean's the one with the link to Amara. Why have I been trying to spare you? Maybe it's because you're like the girl who kept turning me down at the prom. I will touch your soul, just because you asked so nicely. And I'll use your spell to blast through the warding and retrieve Dean and the, um, Hand of God. And then when Dean comes back and he finds this place decorated with your guts, I will tell him the truth, Sam. I'll just say, Dean. Dean, he knew the risks, he wouldn't take no for an answer.
Sam: Lucifer.
Lucifer: In the flesh.

Dean: That's the Hand of God? Doesn't look like much.
Delphine: No, I suppose it doesn't. It must have been more impressive in its complete form -- the Ark of the Covenant.
Dean: Oh, so full on 'Raiders.' That's, okay...

Dean: Teach me how to use it. It's the power of God. Maybe I can us it to save you, save the sub.
Delphine: And your war?
Dean: I wanna help you now.
Delphine: You save this ship, get us to the surface and then what? The power of God will consume you, and you'll have merely brought the weapon closer to the Nazi's grasp. We're supposed to die, let us do it with purpose.

Sam: Cas, why?
Castiel: I wanted to be of service to the fight. And only Lucifer can beat her.

Lucifer: I feel a burden lifted. You know this whole deep cover thing, it just wasn't, it wasn't terribly thought out. Donning this-this Cas mask, this grim face of angelic constipation. Just Ugh. And then teaming up with you two, I mean I thought you boys were insufferable as mortal enemies. But, working with you, that's the soul crusher. Why the faces boys? You should be cheering, we have a common enemy, and with this she should be no problem. I mean, I will have killed you both by then, but still, come on.

Sam: So how'd you get through today? What did you do?
Dean: Nothing. Sam, they... I was just a witness.
Sam: You wanna talk about it?
Dean: No. No, story for another day. Hey, the German ship that sank the Bluefin what happened to it?
Sam: It went down, unlike the sub its wreckage was found. There was a giant hole ripped through the entire thing, something must have hit the fuel tanks, it exploded. But it burned, sank.

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