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First Impressions Review: 11x15 "Beyond The Mat"

Look at me all on-time. *g*

Dean does look exhausted & drained and obviously Sam isn't doing much better...poor guys! :(

Casifer is having the demons search for another Hand Of God weapon. I dig the music he's got going in hell. Crowley is still his obedient mutt. I do feel sorry for Crowley, but why isn't he fighting back at all? Surely he's got something up his sleeve, he always does.

Dean all fangirling at the wrestler's wake. "Dude, Gunnar freaking Lawless. Should I go say hi? I should go say hi. I'm gonna go say hi." :P
Hey, it's Clif! Almost didn't recognize him except for the new look he was sporting in a recent Tweeted pic. Hee! Dean all gushing over his idol wrestler Gunnar Lawless....so cute and awkward. lol Is Dean wearing a suit??? :P

And Sam is equally awkward meeting up with his first crush, Rio. Yeah, you totally had that poster of her, Sammy. Aw, boys....this is a whole rarely seen side of you!

Aw, Dean not getting Gunnar's glove. Sweet of Sam to console him though. *cute*
So great seeing the boys have some genuine FUN for once. :)

Uh, oh....dad w/the kid just got killed. Eeep.
So all of a sudden it's a case....Yeah, Dean 'cause you look like FBI. :P
OMG Dean rolling into the ring repeatedly and bouncing off the ropes, etc. Too priceless! I bet Jensen had fun with that. I wanna see outtakes!!!! And then his "smooth" exit from the ring. Excellent.

So Crowley does still have loyal subjects....that's good to see. He's pretty broken though. :(

Nice scene with Gunnar & Dean at the bar, sharing drinks and war wounds. They have a lot in common. Sam finds out there's been a trail of dead bodies on the wrestling tour, all with the same marks. Boys are thinking a demon.

Sneaky Dean with the holy water in the drink! Nope, not Gunnar. Well, that's good news....sorta.

Ha! I knew it....Crowley is back! All an act. *cheers him on*

Hee! Poor Dean. Totally out of it after drinking with all the wrestlers (except Harley), testing them all with the holy water. Finally someone who can out-drink Dean. :P They find Harley's room is trashed....and video footage shows him getting put in a van by Gunnar??? Hmmmm.

So Gunnar is working for a demon (drug dealer dude) and the demon offers the same deal to Harley - all he wants if he'll just kill for him once in a while. Harley: "I've never been much for God or whatever. I sort of just thought that when your curtain came down, that was it, night-night. But if you're a demon that means there's a Hell. And if there's a Hell, there is a Heaven. And I'm not giving up my shot at Paradise for a belt I can win on my own."
Harley's smart to refuse, but it backfires on him, of course. Ouch! That's gotta hurt. :(

So Crowley's got his own storage unit full of goodies...including a Hand Of God - the rod of Aaron. Aaaannnnnddddd cue Casifer! Damn, so it was all a set up for Crowley. Simmons wasn't loyal to him at all.
Casifer: "She hates you, BTW. Yeah, they all do, every demon in Hell. You can't really blame them, can you? Maybe once you were the evilest evil that ever eviled, present company excluded, but now you're nothing but Dean Winchester's #1 fan."

And the boys are caught! Oh, no....DEAN!!!!!! Gunnar's gonna kill him!!!!
Wow. Ok, now Crowley's got some serious power. That could be....disastrous. And Simmons steps in front of Casifer, saving him from that blast. Which is good 'cause...Cas! Don't want him to die! But just like in the last episode, the Hand Of God weapon only works once....so Casifer strikes back at Crowley. Eeep.

Gunnar made a deal with the demon 10 years ago, but his success was fleeting, only a week. And instead of hellhounds, the demon had him keep collecting souls for him. Dean, as always, urging that there's always another choice, there's always a way out. Ultimately, Gunnar works w/Dean & kills the demon! Yay! But then the hellhounds come and he decides it's his time. Man, he's so much like Dean it's kinda scary.

I do love Dean's resolve at the end to "keep on grinding" just like Gunnar said. It's so great to see the brothers working together this season and so determined to do what needs to be done - defeat the Darkness and Lucifer, and get Cas back.

Final Thoughts:

A fun episode and a nice departure from the season's story arc. A pretty simple case, really, with it just being a crossroads demon, but that's a nice breather as well. I can only assume things are going to get far more dire and intense with the rest of the episodes, so it's refreshing to get a simple case without a lot of tough decisions for the boys.

Side note: Is it just me, or was Jensen's Dean voice a lot deeper than normal in this ep? Not that I'm complaining, mind you *g*...just that it sounded different to me.

I liked how Gunnar was just another version of Dean, how similar their characters were and in the end, Gunnar was ready to take his punishment and die just like we've seen Dean do so many times. In the end, Gunnar's words seemed to reinvigorate Dean and in turn, Sam. "And that's how we're gonna win. And we're gonna win. We're gonna save Cas, we're gonna ice the Devil and we're gonna shank the Darkness. And anyone that gets in our way, well God help 'em." Go get'em boys! :)

Now we're on hiatus until March 23rd. Boo.
OTOH, good for me 'cause now I can catch up on things here on LJ. ;)


Dean: You remember Top Notch Wrestling?
Sam: Yeah. Those wrestling shows Dad took us to when we were kids.
Dean: Right. Came across an obituary last night. Larry "The Hangman" Lee died.
Sam: Oh no. Wasn't he-
Dean: He was Dad's favorite. Anytime that noose would come out, Dad would be on his feet. It was one of the few times I ever actually saw him happy.

Dean: You know, when I was-when I was ten I got my first B&E 'borrowing' some family's pay-per-view so I could watch the cage match with you and Tower of Power.

Dean: You know they're having a memorial show tonight. I know you're itching to get back-
Sam: We should go to it.
Dean: Really?
Sam: Why not? The world is still gonna be screwed tomorrow, right?

Sam: "They're only making 25 bucks tonight."
Dean: "That's it? That hardly seems worth it. Think about that, town after town putting your ass on the line for next to nothing? No money, no glory. Wow."
Sam: "You realize you just literally described our jobs."

Gunner: I've been beat up, spit on, stabbed, roughed up. But I will be damned, if I didn't always get back up. One thing I learned, you gotta keep on grinding no matter what's thrown your way.

Sam: What happened?
Dean: Mostly tequila. Cut with holy water. I bought drinks for all the wrestlers, and then they were all 'well you gotta drink too.' Man they could drink. Especially Rio. I think I heard my liver screaming at me.

Crowley: The Rod of Aaron. Created by God on the sixth day and given to Aaron brother of Moses. I knew it was powerful but had no idea it was a-
Simmons:' Hand of God. Can I touch it?
Crowley: With all due respect Simmons, I don't think you can handle my rod.
Lucifer: I bet I can. Is it just me or is it getting a little phallic in here?

Lucifer: You really thought you could double cross me? Me!? You know I invented the double, like literally.

Crowley: So this is what it feels like to be God. Not bad. Tingly.

Dean: Lawless was a good guy he didn't deserve to go out like that, you know?
Sam: Dean, you know he made a bad decision. We've been there.
Dean: Yeah. You, me, now Cas.
Sam: Dean we'll get him back, we will we just gotta-
Dean: Keep grinding. No matter how much it hurts, how hard it gets, you gotta keep grinding.
Sam: Right.
Dean: And that's how we're gonna win. And we're gonna win. We're gonna save Cas, we're gonna ice the Devil and we're gonna shank the Darkness. And anyone that gets in our way, well God help 'em.
Sam: Damn right.
Dean: Damn right.

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