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First Impressions Review: 11x16 "Safe House"

I watched the episode late, but I also took notes! Love it when I can get my reviews done fast and out of the way. ;)

Love reminiscing over Bobby & Rufus…I’d forgotten some of that stuff. :)
Ok, this actress does a great job of pretending she’s talking to someone on the phone without looking like she’s pretending. So often phone call scenes sound fake, but this one doesn’t. Bravo!
Whoah! I’m rarely creeped out by SPN’s teasers, but this one got me! Eeep!!!

Aw, I love Sam’s enthusiasm. Kind of a roll reversal for the boys here. It’s nice. Usually Dean’s all Mr.In-The-Meantime-We-Hunt, but this time it’s Sam.
Is this the Tomahawk restaurant again in North Van? Looks familiar.
Aw, Dean….Mr. Doom and Gloom. :(

Riverview!!!! That’s an easy location to spot. ;)
Yeah, don’t ever use one of those Hide-A-Key things. Bad idea.

I swear I should know this house location! Gah!!!!
Nice shot of Baby here…in profile. :P
Boys walking in synch!!!!! :D
“Elder statesmen”….Hee!
“A Handful of Years Ago”???? Really, show? You can’t pin it down for us at all????
Bobby!!!!! And Rufus!!!!!!

Talk about a nosy neighbor. LOL
Back to the boys….well the EMF meters are going crazy. Speaking of EMF meters…what happened to the one Dean made from a Walkman way back in S1? The ones the boys are using here both look the same.

Ok, pretty sure I know this motel location, too.
OMG the way Dean’s leaning against the Impala!!! *swoons*
Aw, Sammy getting them the same room Bobby & Rufus used for luck. :)
Hee! I’d really love to read Bobby’s journal.
Dean: “Hey, easy like Sunday morning works for me.” Nice line, Robbie.
Hee! I love hearing Rufus & Bobby bicker! “Roadkill casserole” LOL
So….apocalypse time….must be back in Season 5, right?
Bobby calling Sam & Dean “my boys” *hearts* :)

And Sam & Dean keep digging up graves of already burned bones. Peachy.
Dean telling Sam he was “right…for once”. :P So….not a ghost.

Oh, now that’s a cool shot of the Impala in front of Riverview! :)
So whatever Bobby & Rufus hunted is either still around or back for more. Sure would’ve been handy if Bobby had finished that journal entry on the case.

Ok, Baby’s getting all kinds of cool shots in this ep. Me likey! :D
And I definitely know where this location is! They’ve used it before….mobile home park in North Van right by the Lions Gate Bridge, which you can see in the background. ;)

Sam! Don’t touch the wallpaper!!!!!
Interesting symbol….
Nice montage!!!! LOVE the overhead shots of the boys & the old-timers (heh) doing research. Aw, yeah…..Willie Nelson!!!!

Hey, is that a new shirt for Sam? Doesn’t look familiar.
Soul Eater…..shades of Amara?
Well, at least Bobby DID finish the journal entry on the other case.
Sam: You know it's too bad Bobby and Rufus aren't around to see this stuff, they'd have been great Men of Letters.
Dean: Yeah. Grumpy old Men of Letters, but yeah.
Spot on, there Dean. ;)
Wait a sec! You’re telling me Sam digitized the MOL archive??? When did he have time for that????
Yeah! Rock Paper Scissors time again!!!! Hee! Dean lost again.

Ugh….Jensen looks sooooo pretty by flashlight. *drools*

Dean: “Come and get me you son of a bitch.”
Bobby: “Stay away from me you son of a bitch.”


Dean & Bobby get snatched!!!!

OMG Gorgeous Dean close-up!
Oh, man….Sam! That’s sad and scary. And Dean closing his eyes and then Sam being gone. :(
Great acting by Jensen there, btw.


Oh, wow….and Bobby sees Sam & Dean bloody and dead at the bottom of the stairs!

Sam dragging Dean’s body into the room with him….”Alright, I’ve got you. Stay with me. I’m getting too old for this.” Heh, nice little Lethal Weapon call out.

Great split shot of the boys painting the sigils on the walls!
Creepy people are CREEPY!
Whoah! SoulEater!possessed!Bobby!!!!!
Nice echo-y sound effects here, too.
Oh, no Dean!!!!!!
Oh, no Sam!!!!!!!

SoulEater!Dean: “You know your brother wants to go to the Darkness, he needs to go. But I can keep you safe, both of you, forever.” Nooooo!!!!!! Don’t listen, Sam!
Wow. Lots of epic editing here during the fight sequence between Possessed!Bobby & Rufus and then Possessed!Dean & Sam. Too. Much. Quick. Cutting!!!
Sam knocked Possessed!Dean out! Yay!!!!!
And got the sigil painted just in time. Woot! Oh, that was a cool effect as the Soul Eater got pushed out.
Aw, Dean & Bobby saw each other!
OMG Sam holding/hugging Dean on the floor!!!!! Brotherly love hurt!comfort! moment!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Bobby’s upset over seeing Sam & Dean dead in the nest. :(
Now I know where I’ve seen that house! Season 7’s “Out With The Old”.
Hee! A parting gift from Rufus. And according to SuperWiki, that's the same bottle Sam & Jody find in Season 7's "Time After Time"! Nice job show!!!
Ha! Now we know why Bobby never finished the journal entry. Damn, Dean! What’s with the attitude????
Oh, now that’s a cool shot….Bobby driving off and then the camera swings back and the Impala is parked there and the boys are leaving the house!
So now the boys are going to take care of the other Soul Eater case of Bobby’s??? Geez, wonder what Sam will see in the nest?
Yeah, Sam….Dean seeing you dead was NOT COMFORTING! Why would he think that???? *hugs Dean*
Nice! Pretty shot of the boys driving off in the Impala to a great Allman Brothers song.

Final Thoughts:

This was a great episode! Bravo Robbie Thompson! I do love his writing. :)
It was just a straight up old-fashioned episode without Amara or Lucifer or Crowley (though you know I love those story arc episodes, too) and brought back 2 dear old friends. Further proof that you never really die on SPN. ;)

It's always nice to see a new monster that the boys can tackle. Interesting how Amara eats souls and then we have this Soul Eater. Very different yet their eating habits are similar.

So wonderful to have the show back and the boys on my screen again! *happy dances*


Dean: You really think now's the time to take our eye off the prize?
Sam: We can't just sit around and-and wait for a lead. Plus it'll be nice to get a win, this case seems like a layup.
Dean: Yeah. When's the last time we had a layup?

Bobby: The Apocalypse is on the horizon and you wanna hunt a damn ghost?
Rufus: Well unless you found a way to stop the end of the world during your little siesta. We got jack all on any of that business. I knew you were in the area, heard about this possible little gig, I thought a win would be nice.
Bobby: Oh, wait. I'm supposed to be your frickin' backup?
Rufus: Yeah. Well, if by backup you mean you do all the heavy lifting while I watch... It's Shabbat.
Bobby: Are you serious?
Rufus: Deadly.
Bobby: You drove over here. Isn't that against the rules?
Rufus: Less talking. More hunting.

Rufus: It's officially none of your damn business, ma'am.
Bobby: Were you ever nice?
Rufus: 1985. Worst year of my life.

Dean: Well, Bobby and Rufus were definitely on a ghost hunt.
Sam: 'Grand Rapids, Michigan: Possible ghost hunt with jackass.' That's all he wrote?

Bobby: Been burning the midnight oil the last couple of weeks, up for days looking for ways to stop the Apocalypse. Looking for anything. Sam and Dean are right in the middle of this thing. I'm worried about my boys, Rufus.
Rufus: Your boys? Hey, hey, alright okay. Papa bear. But you know more than anyone Bobby, even if we find a way to keep the world spinnin', not everyone's gonna be on that bus ride home. Sacrifice, greater good, all that jazz.
Bobby: Yeah, I know.
Rufus: Oldest rule in hunting, Bobby. You can't save everyone.

Dean: Come and get me you son of a bitch.
Bobby: Stay away from me you son of a bitch.

Soul Eater Dean: You know your brother wants to go to the Darkness, he needs to go. But I can keep you safe, both of you, forever.

Rufus: You saw something in the nest, didn't you? What'd you see Bobby?
Bobby: My boys. Both of them. Both of them dead, and I saw... I don't know what the hell I saw.
Rufus: Forget the oldest rule, Bobby.
Bobby: You getting soft on me Rufus?
Rufus: Soft this. [hangs up phone]
Bobby: Idjit.

Dean: I don't know. Maybe it's like-like you said before, that Bobby and Rufus' trap sigil forced their souls out of the nest back then, and that the soul eater was just making me see things. However, if Bobby did go into the nest back then, and you said that the nest exists outside of space and time, then... theoretically couldn't he and I have been there at the same time, right?
Sam: My head hurts.
Dean: Let's get drunk and not think about this ever again.
Sam: Hey. You said the soul eater made you see things, plural. So, what else did you see?
Dean: I saw you, dead on the floor. What?
Sam: How messed up are our lives, that you seeing a vision of dead me is actually kind of comforting.

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