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Storify - A New Direction

Some of you might have noticed a lack of Storify posts around here.

The truth of the matter is this...I spent so much time constantly saving Tweets covering not only the SPN production, but Tweets by the actors, SPN con Tweets, and covering the actors/crew Tweets during the airing of new episodes. By the time it came to be VanCon last August, I knew I was going to fall behind while I was attending the con. When I came home I realized I was simply burned out and didn't want to go back to working with Storify. So I let it go...for months. Eventually I pushed myself to get back to gathering my favorited Tweets, but then I ran into complications with Storify. Frustrating!

After a while, I did get somewhat caught up, at least finishing up with the VanCon weekend.

But then I made a big decision...I couldn't keep going with Storify like I'd been doing. It's simply too much to handle. And there's others who cover things better anyway....SPN_sil takes care of all the cons and SuperWiki handles tweets for the episodes.

So I've decided to stick with what I do best: SPN filming locations!
My Storify posts will strictly consist of Tweets about the production's filming dates and locations, including when fans find them out on location. This way the posts will continue to help me update things over at spn_locations and not eat up all of my valuable time. I'll be able to breathe a bit easier! Phew! :)

My next post will be a big catch-up of my Storify entries since last August.

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