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First Impressions Review: 11x17 "Red Meat"

Hey, getting this done while it's still Wednesday night! That's gotta be a first. :)

Well we're right into the action with the boys - fighting werewolves in a small cabin. Boy, this scene is dark. A little hard to see what's going on watching it online. It'll be better once I get a dl. The boys are doing well though....until Sam gets shot. Eeep. :(

It's in the stomach, too. Those are bad. Love the slo-mo and the music.

48 Hours Earlier....ah, man! Now we've gotta wait to see what happens to Sam!

The boys are still researching at the bunker and finding nothing for Amara or Cas. But Sam's found a case and again Dean is not enthusiastic. Dean seems to have given up on ever getting Cas back.

Oooh, back to the action! Wow. Dean performing some fast emergency surgery on his brother like he's done it all the time. o.O He saves the bullet as a momento.

Dean helps the couple get down from where they're hanging by their arms and Sam has to finish patching himself up. Yikes. The werewolves were purebloods, which mean they can change anytime.

The couple is all ready to get out of there because there are others. Dean doesn't want to leave Sam behind but there's no cell signal out that far. Sam quickly gets himself up so he can come along.

Back before the cabin....boys in suits! at the local bar and trying to get info. on the missing hikers (the couple) and not coming up w/much....at first. Then the barkeeper remembers there are some cabins in the park where people might hole up for a while.

Ah, I guess the wife is injured, too but obviously not as bad as Sam. Dean's still not getting a signal and Sam says he told Dean that roadhouse chili was a bad idea.
They find another building.....a ranger station maybe? It's so darned dark. Hard to tell.
Sam's hurting, the wife is not doing well, and the husband says let's leave Sam and get out of here. Dean, of course, isn't having any of that - even when Sam agrees. They're gonna build a litter and carry Sam. Go Dean!

Gah! The barkeeper & the big bouncer dude are werewolves, too! They found the bodies of their buddies. Uh, oh....

Sam is trying to get the husband & wife to leave, but the guy says Dean won't leave w/out Sam and they can't survive without him so.....OMG What the f---- He's trying to kill Sam!!!!!! Meanwhile, Dean is outside and sees someone coming. Are they friend or foe? Sam, being smothered by the husband's hands, sees he's been bitten on his arm. Nooooooo!!!!!!! Saaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, you bastard! You killed Sammy!!!!!! :(

OMG....Dean comes back inside to find Sam dead and the couple is all "He just died". Lying losers!!!!!! Oh, my goodness.....Dean. *cries* The couple sees the car approaching and says the others are here and Dean's all "Let'em come", pulling out his knife. He's done, he's ready to just die and be with Sam. These boys are killing me!!!!! Show!!!!!!!!!! But that bastard is all, no, you gotta come with us and save us. Which of course, Dean can't resist because he's a hero and he has to do the right thing even though it's killing him to leave Sam behind. Love how he leans down and promises Sam that he'll be back. And that last look from Dean before he walks out the door with tears in his eyes. Oh, my goodness! :(

Back in time again....the boys head off to the cabin and Sam's all, we should take a break and go camping and Dean's all grumblegrumblegrumble-freezeournutsoff. Heh.

Ah, thank goodness it's daylight now.
The wife is asking what her husband did at the cabin. Yeah, he just killed a man who tried to save you two!!!! Gah!!!!! Once Dean finds out, you are soooo dead buddy. Grrrrrr!

They're finally out by a road & Dean flags down a sheriff's truck. He's eager to have him take the couple so he can get back to Sam, but the sheriff says no way. Dean punches the guy, but he gets right back up and tazers Dean!!!!! WTH???? This just keeps getting worse!!!

Dean wakes up in an Urgent Care facility and in a lot of pain from a concussion and a couple of busted ribs. :( Meanwhile the couple is also there, giving their account to the sheriff. "His brother just died." You lying loser! At least the wife recognizes that Dean & Sam saved them! Geez.

Hubby doesn't want to get checked out by the doctor, who insists and finds the wolf bite. Yeah, no way are you fine and your wife knows it. Meanwhile, the sheriff is trying to call the ranger who is dead in his truck.

The wife (Michelle) visits Dean and says she's sorry and Dean's tearing up again. *wants to hug him* Then she says her mom said that death was not the end and Dean's face brightens. Next thing we know they're in a supply room and Dean's trying to find something so he can die and talk to a "big scary death machine". LOL What????

OMG Sam is alive?????

Oh, God....Dean's gonna take a bunch of pills and tells Michelle to get the doc so she can save him if possible but if not "No hard feelings.". :(

Meanwhile, Sam's getting himself up, painfully. Oh, no it's the other werewolves and Sam's all alone!!!!!! OMG Dean collapses just as Sam falls down the stairs going to the basement. Boys!!!!!!!!! Who else is crying???? *hands out tissues*

Michelle got the doctor. OMG Dean's convulsing and foaming at the mouth!!!!! Gah!!!!!
I knew it! Hubby's gone werewolf and his wounds have all healed.
Sam, don't let them find you!!!!!
Meanwhile, Dean's watching as they try to save him, even giving directions. Heh.
Finally, Billie shows up. Dean pleads for Sam's life, says he's the only one who can stop the Darkness, but Billie is standing her ground and refusing to help. No more second chances for the Winchesters. Dean even offers up his life instead of Sam's. Then Billie says he's going to die, but Sam's alive! Gah!!!!!!

Billie: "The big Empty. It's waiting."

Nope, not this time! Dean lives!!!!! :D \0/

Bouncer dude found Sam's pool of blood in the basement. Uh, oh....
Ah, yeah Sam! Got him! :D
He killed the barkeeper, too! Damn, Sam. You're a rockstar! \0/

Dean's alive and tells Michelle that Sam is, too. He tells the sheriff he needs a car and gets handcuffed instead! Gah! Then he orders the doc to sedate Dean and she's all no-way. They talk outside and Dean just looks at Michelle and she's grabbing something to break him free.

Sam drove himself to the Impala, obviously hoping to find Dean. They finally get to talk on the phone and you can see how happy Dean is just to hear Sam's voice! Sam tries to tell Dean about Corbin (the husband) but the call breaks up and dies! Gah!!!! At least Sam knows where Dean is now. Go, Sam, go! Drive, drive, drive!!!!!

Aw, man....Corbin killed the doc....and the sheriff! And soon he's going after Michelle. Dean to the rescue!!!!! But then Corbin's strangling Dean. Noooooo!!!!!!
Holy cow, Sam shoots Corbin! You made great time, dude! And Dean has the gal to tell Sam that it took him long enough. HaHa.

So Sam was only "mostly dead" after Corbin strangled him. Heh. Princess Bride reference FTW! Poor Michelle...yeah, there's no going back to normal for her. You can see Dean understands, even though he tried to give her encouragement. :(

Wow, Sam's being let go that soon??? Geez. Yeah, couple days of bed rest and he'll be fine. o.O
They get in the car and Sam wants to know what Dean did when he thought Sam was dead and Dean jokes it off by saying he planned on converting his room and put in a jacuzzi. Then he outright lies and tells Sam he knew he wasn't dead. Wha????? Dean, why???? *sigh*

Final Thoughts:

Wow. Just when I think Supernatural can't get more intense we get this stunner of an episode. Bravo Show!

Damn, the things these brothers are willing to do for one another. Dean was right back in Season 1, it IS scary. They want to save the world, but they also want to desperately save one another, will do anything to stay together in life or in death. How beautiful and tragic is that? I suppose that's why Dean didn't tell Sam the truth at the end. He's afraid to tell Sam just how far he went to try and bring him back, offering up his own life to do it. Not that he hasn't done that in the past, but it's just so important to Dean that Sam live and defeat Amara, since he knows he can't.

How friggin' badass is Sam Winchester??? OMG He was AMAZING! Coming back to life, hiding from the werewolves and then killing them single-handedly, driving himself to safety, and then saving Dean's life. Whoah. On a slightly lower scale we have Dean's badassery: determined to save Sam's life, willing to die by his brother's side but then saving the civilians instead, and then killing himself just to bring Sam back. There was enough dying and sacrificing going on in this one hour for 4 episodes.

Yeah, I'm out, I'm done. Emotionally exhausted from this ep...and in a good way. :)


Dean: Okay. Here we go, here we go. Look at that, huh. Hey, You know what, we're gonna keep that. That one's gonna be a little memento, laugh about it some other time.

Dean: “We’re running out of things to interrogate unless you want to go outside and start talking to the trees.”

Sam: I told you that roadhouse chili was a bad idea.

Sam: “We always talk about taking a break, going camping. This could be like camping. It could be fun."
Dean: “Which part? Freezing out nuts off in the middle of the woods on a thin lead?"
Sam: “Yeah, that part."

Dean: I'm gonna come back for you, okay. I promise.

Michelle: I just wanted to see how you were doing... and to tell you. I'm sorry. You saved our lives and... well my Mom used to say, um, I didn't believe her then, but I think I do now. She used to say, 'death is not the end.'

Michelle: Dean, what are you doing?
Dean: I need to talk to a, I wouldn't call it a friend, more like a crazy scary death machine. Werewolves aren't the only monsters out there.
Michelle: How exactly do you talk to a crazy scary death machine?
Dean: I die.

Dean: Okay. After I do this, go get the doc and tell her to, um, tell her to bring me back if she can. If not. No hard feelings, okay.
Michelle: You don't have to do this.
Dean: Yeah, I do.

Dean: What's with the freeze frame?
Billie: Just savoring this. Though I have to say of all the ways I thought you'd go: heart attack, some fang, choking on a burger while watching Charles in Charge.
Dean: Well, that was peak Baio.
Billie: I never took you for the suicide type. It doesn’t fit your whole martyr thing.

Dean: You know the Darkness is out there, and the world is gonna burn. And once she gets started, that's the end of everything, including you. Sam's the only one that can stop it.
Billie: How's that?
Dean: ...
Billie: That's what I thought. It's cute though, you pretending to save Sam for the greater good, when we both know you're doing it for you. You can't lose him. But even if Sammy could win the title bout, the answer would still be no. The answer will always be no. Game's over Dean, no more second chances, no more extra lives. Time to say bye-bye to Luigi, Mario.

Michelle: How's your brother?
Dean: Doc says that, when Corbin choked him, uh, Sam's body went into shock. His breathing, his heartbeat slowed down to almost nothing. So he was, uh, mostly dead. But he'll be okay.
Michelle: Must be nice.

Michelle: He did it for me.
Dean: Michelle this gonna be very hard, but you will be okay. And eventually, eventually you'll get back to normal.
Michelle: No I won't... They said I could leave an hour ago, but where am I even supposed to go? After everything we survived together, I watched the man I love die. There's no normal after that.

Sam: Hey so, what did you do... when you thought I was dead. What did you do.
Dean: Thought about redecorating your room, you know. putting in a Jacuzzi, a nice disco ball, really class up the joint.
Sam: Right. Seriously?
Dean: What I, uh, I knew you weren't dead.
Sam: Right.
Dean: I knew.

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