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First Impressions Review: 11x18 "Hell's Angel"

Right on time again. :)

Oooh, Saudi Arabia. Cool CGI at work here.
Crowley has come for the Horn of Joshua. Another Hand Of God object? And of course he kills the dude who gave it to him and has all the guards shoot one another.

Crowley calls the boys with the news and Dean's not impressed. "I don't jig." Heh.
Ok, Crowley's running & hiding from demons.....what's up with that???
Hee! Dean yelling for Sam in the Bunker. :)

Wha???? o.O
Not only is Rowena back from the dead but she's helping/healing Amara!!! What. The. Hell???
So Rowena put something inside her body that helped revive her once she died. Ok, interesting. I guess you do pick up some tricks after hundreds of years.
Great, so Rowena's spouting all this You'reGoingToWinAmara crap....yeah, remember when you thought you'd hitched your star to Lucifer??? That didn't work out too well.
How did she even find Amara anyway??? This doesn't add up at all. Totally out of left field. *sigh*

Back to the boys meeting up with Crowley.
Sam getting tangled up in the cobwebs cracked me up. XD
Dean: "Nice digs. Is the crypt-keeper out of town."
Crypt = Kripke.....KripKeeper.....yeah, show I see what you did there. ;)
The boys saying "If?" at the same time to Crowley. Hee! They know he's up to something. *love my smart boys*
The deal is that the boys help exorcize Lucifer from Castiel and Crowley will hand over the Horn of Joshua to take down Amara. Yeah, sounds easy enough considering they need the Book of the Damned and they all think Rowena is dead.

Ok, what the hell again??? How did Casifer just get into Heaven??? I mean, I get it...he's an angel within an angel's vessel, but do they just let anyone into a joint???
Wow....ok, Casifer is getting all up close & personal with that one angel-dude.
Lots of dialog here between Casifer and the angels....mostly him denying any wrong-doing and claiming it's all God's handiwork. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... Sadly, the angels are kind of buying into his sob story.
Yeah, of course he's gonna stick around after the Darkness is gone!
Casifer: "Hey, if it makes you comfy....you could call me God." Yikes.
I will say, Misha has really settled into the character of Lucifer. Working a lot better now that he's toned it down a notch.

The boys are still conferring with Crowley over what order things need to happen....top priority is defeating the Darkness first, then saving Cas & caging up Lucifer. Dean even mentions putting Lucifer into another vessel, which is news to Sam. He argues that Cas is a strong vessel...

Sam: Cas wanted to do this.
Dean: Yeah, well there's times I wanna get slapped during sex by a girl wearing a Zorro mask. That don't make it a good idea.

LMAO! Good thing I wasn't eating or drinking anything during that line. :P
Dean's still arguing that Cas is family, but Sam wants to respect his wishes. Meanwhile, Crowley's had it with their bickering.

Back to Rowena and Amara but their whole conversation isn't all that impressive. Kind of a yawn IMO, really. Why does Rowena always want to align with something more powerful then her? I mean Amara could suck out her soul anytime, right?
Amara's thinking she's well enough to use her powers again....well, this can't be good.

Amara's little blast is felt and heard all over - from down on Earth to up in Heaven.
And she's back. Peachy.

Dammit! Rowena's listening into the conversation between the brothers and Crowley! She wisely doesn't tell Amara anything. Yeah, you scared now, Rowena??? Sheesh.

OMG Sassy Crowley is so funny! I've missed this guy!
Ooooh! Seems Rowena just let them all know she's alive and kicking.

And suddenly Rowena is there and they're preparing to trap Casifer.....okay.
Crowley brings the Horn as bait and Dean gets to read the Latin. I do love it when Jensen gets to read Latin! *swoons* :D
Right on cue, Casifer appears!

Oh, this is not your usual exorcism. Dean cuts his hand and activates some kind of sigil which lights up another on the floor under Casifer. Very cool!
Dean tries to talk to Castiel, but Lucifer takes over again - warning that all he has to do is wait for the warding to fail and he'll take the Horn.
Whoah! Crowley just smoked out and went into Casifer!!!! WTH????
Well, this is interesting....Cas seems very unconcerned about his current state. He's happy where he is and just waiting for the big battle to commence. Crowley tries to convince him to expel Lucifer, but it's falling on deaf ears....then Lucifer appears. Uh, oh....
Oh, wow.....the "Help Me" burning onto Crowley's forehead. He's really in trouble!
Do something guys!!!!
Sam's trying a good old-fashioned exorcism now....
Oh, they (Lucifer, Crowley, & Cas) can hear Sam....
Well, they got Crowley out, who reports that it's useless because Lucifer's got too big of a hold on Cas.
Oh, crap....the Holy fire goes out and Lucifer is free. :(
He grabs the Horn, Crowley blinks out, and Casifer then proceeds to start killing the boys! Noooooo!!!!!!!
Oh, then Amara shows up! She followed Rowena - who's still hiding in the shadows.
Casifer uses the Horn on Amara and.....nothing happens. Lots of light, but she's still standing, totally unharmed. She says she and Lucifer need to talk and they disappear. Well great! That didn't work at all!!!!!

The boys are back at the Bunker, cleaning up the place and Sam notes that Rowena & Crowley are very much alike - both taking off when things get hairy.
Edit: Okay, borrowing this text, in the [] from the review by hells_half_acre because I totally forgot this info. that Dean tells Sam.
[if the weapon has to be wielded by "God's chosen", Lucifer doesn't count because he was exiled.]
Which means who, exactly? An angel? An ordinary human, perhaps?

Sam brings up about honoring Castiel's wish to be possessed by Lucifer and Dean finally admits that's what the angel wanted. They've got a new policy to "swear off getting in the way when one person makes a choice the other didn't agree with". Yeah, that's probably gonna bite them in the ass by the end of the season.
Heh, then Dean says "Well, Let's go find that idiot and bring him home." Aaaaaannnnddddd so much for the new rule! :P

Back to Amara & Casifer in that lair where Rowena was healing her...
Lucifer thinks that because they've both got a beef with God that they should work together, but Amara's got another plan: kill God's favorite, his first born and that should bring him running.
Edit: I've been reminded by others that Gabriel said Michael was actually the first born and Lucifer was the youngest. Dammit, another mistake!
Uh, oh....what is that doing to poor Cas????? :(

Final Thoughts:

Well, understandably this episode couldn't be a great as last weeks...and it wasn't.
It was a good episode, but certainly not a great one. I hate to blame the writers, but these two do have a poor track record. *sigh*

It felt like they had too much to deal with than could be told in one episode. There was so much missing information.

How did Rowena & Amara hook up?
How did Casifer just seemingly waltz into Heaven?

And another thought...For having helped put the Darkness away once, Lucifer seems to have no idea how do it now.

In a way, this episode felt like a big waste of time. What was gained here?
Amara is back to full power, the boys are back to square one with not only Cas but for a weapon to defeat Amara, Crowley & Rowena are in the wind, and Lucifer is in Amara's clutches - possibly being killed. Where exactly do we go from here?

I don't mind having Rowena back because I did grow to enjoy the character, but her return seems so out of the blue. Hopefully they'll give her something more to do because I felt before that they had run out of ideas.

So...meh. Not very impressed with this episode. Maybe I'll like it a little better after a 2nd viewing, but like I said, there were a lot of things missing in this one. Now we have 3 weeks hiatus until the show's return on April 27th. *sigh*


Crowley: Are you not hearing me? I said I have in my possession the solution to out collective problems. You should be doing a jig.
Dean: I don't jig. And how do I know you even escaped Lucifer and he's not making you do all this?

Dean: Nice digs. Crypt Keeper out of town?

Crowley: And, I have the Horn of Joshua.
Sam: Joshua? As in the Joshua that won the Battle of Jericho?

Crowley: What? I just said I'd give you the thing.
Sam / Dean: If?
Crowley: Say thank you. You think these things grow on bloody trees!?

Jophiel: So perfect. Castiel -- Heaven's most wanted possessed by Heaven's most hated.

Casifer to the angels: “So, trying to smite the Darkness was a bust. You had all of the power of Heaven behind you, couldn’t even slow the bitch down.”

Angel: You exploded Jophiel.
Lucifer: Or did Jophiel explode himself?

Sam: Cas wanted to do this.
Dean: Yeah, well there's times I wanna get slapped during sex by girl wearing a Zorro mask. That don't make it a good idea.

Sam: Dean this is exactly how we screw ourselves, the way we make the heart choice instead of the smart choice.
Dean: Oh, okay. Thank you Dr. Phil.

Amara: What they call destruction, I call renovation. My blueprints, not God's.

Lucifer: Oh come on! It's not like He invented the Prius, which actually works. Do I have to tell you people what a mess mankind is? Salem witch trials, Third Reich, Twin Towers. And sure every once and a while he'll send down a plague to straighten them out, it's nothing permanent. Humanity brought us Hiroshima and got a redo. I simply questioned his priorities and got the boot.

Lucifer: You know what they say? He who hesitates, disintegrates.

Crowley: “First impressions can be deceiving, Moose. For instance, I once thought of you as dull and plodding. No, never mind, bad analogy.”

Lucifer: As much as I get a giggle out of you two, and I do. There comes a time when every relationship runs its course. So...

Sam: “Apparently archangel plus God power doesn’t trump God’s sister.”

Sam: So Rowena and Crowley. Like mother like son, huh? They both took exactly one split second to take off when things went south. By the way, what's Rowena doing with Amara?
Dean: My guess is shes playing the odds. When sucking up to Lucifer didn't work out, maybe she thought Amara was the best bet, then she heard Lucfier had a shot and switched horses again.

Sam: Listen. Um, I know I came down on the side of wanting Cas to deal with Amara, so-
Dean: Well, that's what he wanted though, right? Besides didn't we say we're gonna swear off getting in the way when one person makes a choice the other didn't agree with?
Sam: Yeah, um. Yeah, we did say that.
Dean: So.
Sam: Okay. So, that's our policy.
Dean: Which Sounds damn good. Well, Let's go find that idiot and bring him home.

Amara: As God's favorite, His first son. You may be the one thing in all of creation that He still cares about. The one thing that could finally make Him show Himself, so I can confront Him and He can acknowledge the wrongs He's done me. And then... He can witness the utter destruction of all His creation. Before He Himself is swept away.
Lucifer: You're expecting Him? Well, I wouldn't wait up. I'm pretty sure He caught the last train out.
Amara: Well, we'll see won't we?

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