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Fic Recs for SPN 11x17 "Red Meat" - Part 1

This episode was one of the best in SPN history as far as I'm concerned and I've been plundering FanFic.net for stories from the episode ever since. Happily, a lot of authors also thought the episode rocked and was ripe for fanfic!

I've found so many fics that I'm breaking them up into multiple posts. Enjoy! :)

Spat out by friendlydeathray
Summary: CODA to S11 EP 17 'RED MEAT' - After Dean's drug over dose he starts to experience some serious side effects that land him in urgent care. Sam has no idea what is wrong with his brother and when he finally finds out the truth about what Dean did, Dean's insecurities and mental health issues have to be spoken about.
Notes: I wrote this cause you don't just over dose, not get any real follow up medical attention and just go home all fine and dandy! Also cause i like to make dean cry lol. enjoy. Leave comments! xo
My Thoughts: I totally agree with the author that there's no way Dean would just walk out of the clinic after an overdose without any aftereffects. Not to mention Sam after the gunshot wound! OMG Dean crying!!! *loves* I hope this story continues because no way can it end right there!

Summary: 11X17 Red Meat. Season Eleven spoiler warnings. Some hurt. Some comfort. Some humor. Some worried Dean. Some Dean pov. Some loopy Sam. Some hero Sam. Some Sam pov. Some caring big brother Dean. Some coloring in-between the lines as well as some coloring outside of the lines. That about sums it up. LOL
Stats: Rated: T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, Words: 5k+
My Thoughts: I like the POVs of the brothers in this one. Nice fill-in for the scene where Sam first gets shot in the cabin.

What We Need by pineapplefan
Stats: Rated: T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Angst, Sam W., Dean W., Words: 2k+
My Thoughts: Lots of comforting, big brother Dean (with some guilt thrown in) and a sweet brother hug!

Scenes From A Recovery by Indigo2831
Stats: Rated: K, English, Hurt/Comfort & Drama, Sam W., Dean W., Words: 3k+
My Thoughts: I occasionally thought the voices of the boys were a little off in this one, but it's enjoyable just the same. This is a multi-chapter fic, but they're fairly short.

I Knew You Weren't Dead by Callisto-HK
Summary: A/N: This is for SamAlexisShep and a couple of other friends who have asked for a tag to episode 17; Red Meat. So, obviously, spoiler alert for 11x17! This goes a bit AU from when Sam shows up at the clinic to when Dean and Sam get to their car. Just an alternate way things could've gone. Underlined lines are the original lines from the show.
Stats: Rated: T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, Dean W., Words: 3k+
My Thoughts: Picks up from Sam killing Corbin in the hallway and shows him finding out about Dean's overdose from Michelle and the doctor.

The Weight of Nothing by Nova42
Summary: A/N: I know, I'm about a week late, but after watching the episode Red Meat, I felt the need to write a tag for it. I know, there are already like 14 tags to this episode but I felt the need to add my own bit to the pot. This tag will be at least a two parter, first part is below (obviously) and the second should be along (hopefully) soon.
Stats: Rated: K+, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, Sam W., Dean W., Words: 4k+
My Thoughts: Lots of Sam worrying about Dean and Dean feeling guilty. Warning - this fic currently ends in a clifhanger!

The World Was Built For Two by TiTivillus
Summary: Dean wasn't afraid of death. He wasn't even afraid of 'the empty'. The only thing he had ever really been afraid of was losing his brother. Tag to episode 11x17 "Red Meat". Hurt/Comfort. Brotherly Feels.
Warnings: Rated T for use of bad language, injuries, blood loss and mentions of suicidal tendencies/suicide attempts. Spoilers for episodes up to 11x17.
Stats: Rated: T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, Sam W., Dean W., Words: 4k+
My Thoughts: Guilt-ridden and sick Dean and worried, caring Sam. They make it back to the bunker in this fic (which is rare in these 11x17 fics) and Dean confesses about his overdose to Sam. Hug!

Tags: fic recs, supernatural
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