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First Impressions Review: 11x19 "The Chitters"

Didn't get to watch the episode until very late, so the review is a bit later than normal, too.

Oh, look another version of Sam & Dean from 1989. Looks like they're trying to get away from their parent(s)? Hey, at least they're going to school. Ooop! Older brother gets taken by...something.

So it's been a week (Oh, no it hasn't!!! LOL) since Amara took off with Casifer and Dean's losing hope because he knows she won't care about Cas at all. Sam says let's get back to work until we can do something about Cas. Of course, he's found a job while Dean's been researching away night and day.

Oh, green-eyed mutant. And the guys are thinking demon??? Uh....okay. o.O

Geez, 6 people missing in the last 48 hrs. This officer gal looks so familiar....like the gal from Dark Angel that Joshua fell in love with - the blind girl.

So the missing people epidemic happens in this town every 25 years. Interesting.
Dean interviews the gal whose friend, Libby, was taken. The mutant was naked, hairless, and junkless. Dean said penis. *iz 12* :P Only 2nd time for that. And then Libby returned but was just standing there shaking and buzzing and had the neon green eyes. Creepy!

So Sammy tried some weed in college! Love Dean teasing him about it. LOL

Heh...."diddling". *iz still 12* Ok, Sam's white sage observation came out of the blue. Love Dean's reaction.
Ah, so her grandma came up with The Chitters because of the buzzing sound when people disappeared into the woods to have orgies and their eyes turned green. Burning the white sage for protection. Ah, okay. Then Etta starts getting the hots for Sam! Well that was sudden!

Hey, it's the skate place location Jensen used in his ep a few years ago!
Yikes! More mutants going wild!

Oh, man....boys are splitting up. You know this ends badly, guys!!!
Dean drives into the woods. Did you see the little pat he gave to Baby as he walked off?? ♥ :)
There's the Libby girl again just standing there. Gah! Dean's being attacked by the mutants!!! Dude shows up out of nowhere and slices off the head of the one beating on Dean. Phew! Then another guy steps in makes sure it's really dead by stabbing it in the heart, repeatedly. Heh. "You wouldn't believe us." That's code for - we're hunters!!!

Hey! I know this location, too! Was there last August. It's right by the big mining museum north of Vancouver. :)
Expositional bar scene! These hunters are Jesse & Cesar, who mostly work down in Mexico, but sometimes into Texas (heh). Sam shows up and they spill the beans over what they're hunting: a Bisaan, a sort of a cicada spirit. They appear every 27 years to breed and then disappear until the next cycle.

So Jesse IS the guy whose brother was taken in the teaser from 1989. Now he's back in town and asks the Winchesters to step back from this hunt. Turns out he and Cesar are a couple. Cool.

So Dean and Cesar go off together back to the woods to try and find the burrow/lair before the things disappear again. They have to find it tonight.
They talk about hunters finding their revenge and how it doesn't help, but they need to find it anyway.

We then see Sam & Jesse driving. Nobody in town believed what Jesse said happened to his brother, even their mom. Jesse says Matty was a good brother. Cue pointed look from Sam. Awwww.

Back to Cesar & Dean. Oh, crap! Something just crawled out of the ground!
Phew! Dean showed up in time but the mutant got away.

Dean returns and says he found the lair, but it's a bit of a hike. They head off.

Sam & Jesse talk to the former sheriff and he finally opens up that he found one of the creatures and his daughter who had also been turned. He found their lair where all the missing were dying. He never reported his daughter as one of the missing, just covered it up like the rest of the townspeople. At least they find out where the lair is....in an old mine.

Dean & Cesar enter the mine and soon split up. Dean finds a dead woman, but she's pregnant (well actually inpregnanted) with one of the creatures inside her belly! Dean turns around and eep! Look out Dean!

Cesar gets attacked too and kills his creature and Dean takes his out with a shovel. Does the job. They find the "maternity ward" as Dean calls it and they return to the Impala to grab some gasoline to torch all the dead "pregnant" women. Then Jesse & Sam arrive. Jesse finds the body of his brother inside, along with all the others that went missing over the many years. He even finds the wallet with the Buffalo nickel Matty was going to sell. Dean assures Jesse that they'll all get a proper burial with gasoline.

Jesse & Cesar build a funeral pyre for Matty while Sam & Dean watch and talk. Sam admits when he was a kid and Dean & John would be gone for a long time that he'd worry that they'd be killed and wouldn't come back. He never knew what he would do he'd just "be lost". Oh, Sam! :( But Dean points out that they always did come back. Then they decide that they could use Jesse & Cesar to help them with Amara and Cas - fresh eyes and all that.

Btw, is it just me or was it a little weird that Jesse was all crying over his dead brother's bones in the mine but then almost peaceful and dare I say it...happy during the funeral pyre scene? Of course, they explained all that in the next scene, but it still felt a little weird and jarring from the previous scene where he was all sad and emotional.

But they get back to the cars and Jesse & Cesar say they agreed that when they finished this job they'd quit hunting and settle down in New Mexico to raise horses. So Dean lets them go without mentioning teaming up.

Final Thoughts:

This was a good episode. Not a great one, but like I've said before they can't all be OMG-SUPER-INTENSE episodes every week.

I do wish they wouldn't keep doing the same thing for every episode here lately where Dean is all "Ho, hum...I'm so depressed that we can't save Cas or kill Amara." and Sam's all "We'll take care of all that eventually, but LOOK! I found a case!". *sigh* It's getting far too repetitive for my liking.

It was nice to have another monster that the boys didn't know about or had encountered before. Fresh blood on the monster scene of the show is always a good thing in my book. :)

I know the boys are eager for some help, but I for one was glad when they didn't include Cesar & Jesse in on things. I totally respect Dean's choice to let them go off and finally have a real life, but I just felt pairing up with other hunters that they don't really know would backfire on the boys. Sometimes in the past other hunters haven't been so understanding: Remember Gordon who was all Sam's-evil! and Isaac who blamed the boys for letting loose the demons. The boys tend to get blamed for a lot of the bad things that have happened that weren't really their fault. Ok, so unleashing the Darkness IS their fault, but would every hunter be as understanding as to WHY it was done? Maybe not. Personally, I think the boys are going to have to deal with Amara on their own.

Two little criticisms:
1) A lot of people have brought up online about Sam mentioning vampires & rugarus for when he was a kid when he didn't even know about those until once he got back to hunting with Dean. But to me this isn't a big deal because you know how it is when you're talking to someone and thinking back on the past, you don't always reference specific things in the past. It's not like Sam mentioned a specific hunt that Dean & John went on. He was just throwing out vampires & rugarus as examples. They were probably just the first things that popped into his head at that moment. I don't think he'd be thinking, "Oh, wait...I didn't even know about vampires until we met up with dad again." So I'm pretty much letting this one slide.

2) However, the bit about Sam smoking weed during college at 18. How would Dean know about this??? In the Pilot he says to Sam that he hasn't called him or talked to him for 2 years! Which yeah, was supposed to be 4 yrs. But my point is - supposedly Dean never contacted Sam at all while he was at college! Did Sam just happen to mention the one time he smoked pot to Dean over some beers one night? Otherwise, there's no way Dean would know this. Cute bit of dialog and I loved Dean's facial expressions and teasing Sam about it, but...does not compute!

So a good episode, but I am SUPER EXCITED for next week! Bring it!!! :D


Sam: Dude, you even move since last night?
Dean: Sleeping is the new smoking.
Sam: What? No it's not. It's sitting. Sitting is the new smoking.
Dean: That can't be right.

Dean: I've been with Amara. Her beef is with the big guys -- with God, with Lucifer. The small fries, even an angel like Cas, doesn't even register. And if it meant hurting Lucifer, killing Cas would mean nothing to her.

Sam: So we get back out there. We get back to work. We keep moving. We keep working. We'll catch a break on Cas. We have to. It's -- it's karma.
Dean: You know, karma's been kicking us in the teeth lately.

Cori: “It didn’t have a…"
Dean: “A penis?"
Cori: “It didn’t have anything."
Dean: “Wait, are you saying it was junkless?"

Dean: Green eyes, buzzing. Weed alone doesn't conjure up that kind of scenario. Isn't that right, Sam?
Sam: Dude, I was 18.
Dean: Sinner.
Sam: It was college. It was probably oregano anyways.
Dean: Rebel.
Sam: You're an idiot.

Dean: So we think Junkless turned Libby?
Sam: Hold up. We're not actually gonna go with 'Junkless' on this, are we?
Dean: Eh.
Sam: Dude, that's a new low, even for us.

Etta: Well... when Pete went missing, and we found out about the women, my grandma said that he 'got the chitters.' According to her, once a generation around the spring equinox, people in town start going nuts, having orgies, copulating in the woods. And then they disappear, never to be heard from again. Well, that's certainly one explanation for Pete. I never really, um, believed what she said, but... now people are disappearing again. She always said burn sage to protect yourself.

Jesse: Bisaan can't reproduce on their own, so they take over a human body to do the deed. They enter through the mouth, like a hermit crab climbing into a shell.
Cesar: Only they don't care that the shell's not empty.
Dean: Well, that explains Junkless.

Dean: Ah, you guys fight just like brothers. Almost as bad as us.
Cesar: Well... it's more like an old married couple.
Dean: That's... Oh. So... Yeah. Okay. That's... What's it like settling down with a hunter?
Cesar: Smelly, dirty. Twice the worrying about getting ganked.

Cesar: “How many Hunters have you seen over the years get their revenge?"
Dean: “A few."
Cesar: “Yeah, me too. And they are never fixed, are they?"
Dean:" No, I guess not. But you gotta help them get that revenge anyway."

Sam: You know... whenever you and Dad used to leave me to go hunting and I -- and I wouldn't hear from y'all for a while, I, um, I was always sure that some vamp or rugaru or take your pick... I always figured one of them finally got ya. I tried to think of what to do, you know, the next step to take. I was just lost.
Dean: We came back, though, every time.
Dean: And look at Jesse. I mean, he turned out all right.
Sam: They're a good team.
Dean: They are. I was thinking, maybe they could give us a hand with Amara, you know, with Cas.
Sam: Fresh eyes. Could use the extra muscle, too.

Sam: Couldn't do it, huh?
Dean: No, didn't feel right.
Sam: Yeah. I know what you mean. Two hunters who make it to the finish line?
Dean: Yeah, you leave that alone.

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