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Help: What kinds of caps would you like for Just 'Cause?

The Just 'Cause posts are in their 8th year and honestly, I feel like I'm sort of stuck in a rut. It seems like I'm always posting the same kind of caps over and over again. But if I change things up and post something unique I get...crickets. Hardly any comments, if at all.

I realize there's some eps that have been sorely absent over the years, simply because I've never capped the episodes: "Mystery Spot" and "Hollywood Babylon" just to name a couple. While other episodes I feel I'm posting from all the time. Why do I have so many caps from "Repo Man"??? How many caps from "First Born" are too many?

Should I incorporate caps of other characters like Castiel, Crowley, Charlie, Jody, Bobby, etc.? Again, I'm unsure because I feel the Just 'Cause posts should be "All Boys All The Time!". I stick a Cas cap in every once in a while, but that's about it. Meanwhile, I've got all these caps of the other characters staring me in the face every time I go to choose a cap for the day.

Generally, every week I stick with caps of Dean, except for Sammy Tuesdays (& sometimes Fridays), and of course Impala Sunday. While we're having new episodes, I always have a cap of both brothers on Wednesdays.

I also wonder about the type of cap - do you all like the pretty close-up shots all the time or would more variety be better? Like some full-figured shots of the guys? Do you want more action/fight scene caps (even though they might be a bit blurry)? How about caps of the guys even if you can't see their face, like when they're painting a sigil or something?

So tell me:

What types of caps would you like to see in upcoming Just 'Cause posts?
What of the things listed above would you be interested in?
Do you have some other cap suggestions that I didn't mention that you'd like to see?

I'd really appreciate everyone's opinion, even if you just wanna tell me to not change a thing and keep doing what I've been doing. I would really like to know if you're all getting bored or are happy with the daily caps.

Thanks! :)

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