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*uses perfect icon for this post*

You think you're going to have a productive evening, finally get some items marked off the growing To-Do List and guess what?

Nasty headache time! :(

Took me hours to get rid of it, even after taking some meds. Sheesh. Still feeling hints of it every now and then, but it is better thank goodness. It was bordering on a migraine. OUCH! Napping a bit while listening to youtube videos seemed to do the trick. Thank goodness they don't eat away at my internet data anymore.

Watched more of The 100 before the headache really took off. I am so hooked on that show now!
Still working my way through Season 2, but I'm getting there. Up to episode 9!

Oh, and I'm going to watch last night's Chicago Fire as soon as this youtube video is done. Anyone else watch that show (or The 100)???

Also been totally devouring Felicia Day's book and I'm halfway through. Read some of it every day. :)

Ok, I'll leave you back to your day/evening now. *hugs*

Tags: randomness, real life, tv: chicago fire, tv: the 100
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