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JibCon7 - The gift that keeps on giving

It's almost embarrassing to tell you how many JibCon videos I downloaded overnight. Ate up some of my internet data, too. Ooops! :P

I just can't stay away from the videos of this con! There's something special about JibCon, even for those of us who've never been there in person. Maybe it's how relaxed the guests are, or the gift of having the boys there for 2 whole days instead of one like we get at Creation cons. Having double Jensen panels, and double Jared ones, plus each of them paired with Misha for a panel? Pure Gold!

Anyway, if you thought I was going to stop at the Jailbreak videos. No way!

I've been trying to find the best of the full panel videos, which isn't so easy a task. Plus, it seems the Saturday panels are very rare, but I did find a few. Some of the videos are good quality and offer nice, zoomed-in shots of the boys. I was thinking once I viewed all the contenders that I'd whittle it down to one video per panel. NO! I can't because they're taken from different angles. So I've decided a few will be done in B&W....just offer a different look.

Btw, the only panels I'm capping are the ones with Jensen & Jared...which still means quite a few over the course of 2 days. So you will get a little Misha in there, but no solo panels of him. Sorry. Gotta draw the line somewhere 'cause get this...

I've got 20 JibCon videos to cap. Hee!
Note that I've already capped 6 besides that which I'm prepping for posting.

Tags: adventures in screencapping, conventions, ramblings
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