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SPN Name That Cap Challenge - News & Test

Yesterday I had an epiphany about my SPN Name That Cap Challenge. I've been struggling to keep the thing going lately, partly because it's a lot of work to get the caps, fix them, add them to all the past challenge caps, rename them all, make a guide for myself of which episodes the caps are from, etc. In the meantime, we're still working from caps for Seasons 1-7 and not getting the later seasons added in. *sigh*

So I came up with a new approach to the challenge, one that I feel will not only make it easier for all of you, but easier for me as well. Gone will be the quotes and possibly the hint of two seasons per cap. I'll also be putting up wider shots instead of sticking to just close-ups of the brothers. Hopefully that will make the caps easier to guess. We'll see how this test goes. ;)

Below are 7 caps (just for this test - the challenge will remain one cap at a time). I'm not offering any hints or clues except that they can be from any of the 11 seasons of SPN so far. Leave me your guesses of the episode titles in the comments and remember, you can still use 3 guesses per cap. We'll see how this new approach goes, okay? :)

1. NTC5Test_01

2. NTC5Test_02

3. NTC5Test_03

4. NTC5Test_04

5. NTC5Test_05

6. NTC5Test_06

7. NTC5Test_07

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