raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Late Birthday Thanks

My apologies for taking so long (nearly a month - geez) to finish replying back to all your LJ messages. I think I got back to all of you (if not, let me know). You were all so sweet to remember me on my birthday last month and I wanted to make sure I said thanks to all of you! Mwah! *kisses* :D

Thank you for your LJ messages: stir_of_echoes, milly_gal, enablelove, alwaysateen, kalliel, supernutjapan, & emmatheslayer.

Thank you for the wonderful LJ posts: sillie82, supernutjapan, herminekurotowa, dizzojay (w/fanart!), jennygeee (w/fanart!), tracys_dream (w/fanart!), casey28, alleysweeper, jj1564, julchen11, & metallidean_grl.

Thanks also to somer for the virtual gift (I love daisies!) and to sillie82 for the wonderful Sam & Dean birthday card! It arrived a few days after my birthday and was a total surprise. :D

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