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SPN Name That Cap Challenge 4 (Part 2) - Day 100 FINAL CHALLENGE!!!!

 photo NTC4BannerPtII_zpst3omxea2.png Rules &
Info. about the Challenge

Day 99 Cap:
The image of Sam was from S2s "Roadkill".

Part 2 - Day 99 photo NTC4_300_zps84df2e8d.jpg

3 people guessed correctly: vyperdd, jennygeee, & sandy79.

Most of you got it right.
Okay, cue the drumroll! It's time for the Final Challenge!!!!

Important Info.
* Your task this time is to guess the episode titles for the 20 caps shown below.
* Remember, only the episode title (or as near as you can get) will be accepted. If you use just the episode number it will NOT count.
* The caps are from seasons 1-7 only.
* Please use the numbers for each cap (1-20) and provide your 3 guesses for each cap.
* Whoever has the most correct answers is the winner.

You have until I post the answers & declare our winner on Friday, August 12th (yes, you get a whole week!) to comment with your guesses.

Good Luck!!! :D

1)  photo NTC4_022_zpsc7daaba1.jpg

2) Day 114 photo NTC4_029_zpsf5dbba8e.jpg

3)  photo NTC4_038_zps2207c87d.jpg

4)  photo NTC4_048_zps6a5be795.jpg

5)  photo NTC4_051_zpsd3fde440.jpg

6)  photo NTC4_054_zpsb530825a.jpg

7)  photo NTC4_079_zpsf4dab099.jpg

8)  photo NTC4_087_zpsda25263f.jpg

9)  photo NTC4_118_zps85618049.jpg

10)  photo NTC4_130_zpse773f9cb.jpg

11)  photo NTC4_180_zps6880d872.jpg

12)  photo NTC4_197_zpsb7958b03.jpg

13)  photo NTC4_199_zpsc207db57.jpg

14)  photo NTC4_208_zpsd7a7c817.jpg

15)  photo NTC4_210_zpsae1a91c5.jpg

16)  photo NTC4_235_zps8ab1b829.jpg

17)  photo NTC4_249_zpsd882ab4d.jpg

18)  photo NTC4_254_zpsbd5eca5e.jpg

19)  photo NTC4_260_zps73c4286b.jpg

20)  photo NTC4_314_zpsc511d4ba.jpg

Tags: fun stuff, name that cap 4, supernatural
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