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Recommended Beauty Gurus

And now for something totally non-SPN.
Hey, it happens around here.

In preparation for VanCon, I've been trying to up my make-up game. I've never been into make-up much, but felt recently that I needed to add more so that maybe I'll look a little better in photo-ops. Yeah, I know...tall order. So there's certain gals on youtube that I've been following and learning from and thought I'd share them with you. :)

RachhLoves - Rachel is a Canadian beauty guru and well, she's adorable and funny. Ok, I really think all Canadians are sweet and adorable and nice. It's a thing. I could be wrong, but I haven't met a bad one yet. Anyway, Rachel's videos are entertaining and very informative. Oh, and watch out for references to "Editing Rachel" - hilarious! She covers some other lifestyle things besides makeup, so check her out.

Here's a good example of Rachel's videos. Some great beauty tips and hacks. I really need to try that hack with the coffee filters. "Over-prepared all the time!" Hee! Me, too, Rach. ;)

Tati - Another big favorite with a very soothing voice and excellent make-up advice. She tests new products, shows you not only expensive products but the more affordable drugstore ones, too. I love her boyfriend, James, as well, who sometimes gets in on the action. They're so cute together!

Here's a great video example from Tati: Best drugstore makeup under $10. Right up my alley!

Kathleen Lights - She's a bit younger than the other gals I watch, but Kathleen has some great beauty product advice.

Here's one of her latest videos: July Favorites. I just love watching "Favorites" videos.

Honorable Mentions: Jaclyn Hill, Zabrena, Jessica Braun, Thrift Thick, and new finds: BeautyWithEmilyFox and Sarah Therese.

If you have any beauty gurus that you watch on youtube that I didn't mention, I'd love to hear about them. Just let me know who they are in the comments. :)

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