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Dammit LJ!

Ran into a complication while working on the Season 11 Locations List over at spn_locations last night.

LJ's dreaded post-length limitations. sSig_aaarggh

So I had to split the list into 3 posts instead of my original 2. Yeah, that's the easy part...sorta. At one point I had myself totally confused over which episodes I had copied and pasted into which post. Gah!

Now, of course, my banners for the posts are incorrect. Goody.
Have to make new ones. *sigh*

On the plus side, I'm almost done filling in the locations. Only 5 episodes left to do.
Which is good because the next step is to add all the Season 11 locations into Google Maps.
And I have a separate rant for Google Maps, because they've ruined so much of the site that it's almost un-usable for my list. Grrrr!
Hey, only a week until my deadline of August 19th. It's doable, right? sSc_scarednervous

Tags: livejournal, my lj comm, rant
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