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VanCon 2016: Day 1 - Friday

I should be going to bed, but I had to make a quick report of day one of VanCon. :)

We started Friday with Julian Richings, who is funny and adorable (and sporting a missing tooth!). Followed by the heavenly voice of Jason Manns during his "Quoncert" (Questions with a concert) and I got on video him singing "Perfect Spot" *swoons* :) and another song.

He was quickly followed by Osric Chau and a lot of his panel covered his current obsession with Pokemon Go and of course the full story behind him wearing that dress to the recent Leo Awards.

Then we had a very long, but fun panel of our 2 hosts of the weekend: Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes! They answered questions and introduced the Wayward Games, which was very funny and totally keeping with the Porncouver theme of the weekend. They also brought out a couple of surprise guests: Tyler Johnston (Samandriel) and Katherine Ramdeen (Alex) and they played the game as well.

After that it was photo-ops (which I decided to defer mine to tomorrow) and autographs.

Kim was first and I mentioned again her episode of Star Trek: Voyager because it was the first thing I saw of her. She said someone on the plane recognized her from that episode. I've always remembered how good she was in that ep. :)

Getting Osric's autograph, I asked him if he still played the guitar, and he said he did a little. And I brought up about him playing the guitar at VanCon a couple of years ago and the gal next to me remembered it too. Osric was pretty happy that we were there and remembered that night. He said, "That's right! It was the first Saturday Night Special." Apparently he wasn't even going to go on stage that night, but probably with the other guests urging, he did. He said that was another time when he was glad he just made the decision to do something and see what happened - something that he talked about in his panel.

Julian's autograph was next and I mentioned to him that I was surprised that when Death was killed that it didn't stop people from dying in Season 11 like I had expected. He agreed it was unexpected and said that he could come back (which again he brought up during his panel).

Last was getting Briana's auto and I just told her I was happy Creation invited her this year so she didn't have to crash the party like last year. :)

After a couple of hours break to eat some supper it was back for Karaoke! Over 2 hours of standing, singing, screaming, and rocking!!! Fun times! Again, we had a couple of surprise guests: The guy was was Donna's "New Doug" from "Plush" (that guy can RAP!) and Erica Carroll! I've got lots of videos, so look for them over the coming weeks.

Btw, Creation needs to quit changing things at the last minute. Since when is Friday Night Karaoke not open and free for everyone to attend? They were stopping people at the door that didn't have a wristband, which I've never seen happen before. It was crazy! Thankfully, some did get in if they were recognized by a volunteer as a SPN fan and former VanCon attendee, but this was a bad move on Creation's part. Karaoke's been a free-for-all for a long time now and to suddenly change that, 2 hours before the event? Not cool!

Anyway, my feet are killing me and I've gotta get some sleep for Saturday's events.

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