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VanCon 2016: Day 2 - Saturday

Ok, the con is over but I have some catching up to do, since Saturday was very long and I couldn't post about it last night. I want to get this all typed up before I forget!

Saturday began with the sexy wildman of the SPN cast: Sebastian Roche. He didn't disappoint (if you've seen his panels in the past you know how raunchy they can get). However, IMO he wasn't as bad as years past. He actually engaged the audience with a lot of singing and dancing over sexual material. Oh, and slamming Donald Trump. It was fun.

Next up was a 2nd panel by Osric and this one really wasn't as good as his Friday one. Not because of him, but because people were asking such weird questions, like on relationship advice and how to get over a break-up. What???? This is what you ask a SPN actor??? Sheesh! Anyway, he did his best with the awkward situation of it all.

After that I had my photo-ops with Briana and then another with Briana & Kim and they went quite well. They're such great gals!

There was some down time after that so I just hung out with friends. This would happen again after the next panel. It's weird not having a bunch of photo-ops to get to where you're just busy, busy, busy all the time. It's nice, but....different and in some ways I wish I didn't have all that spare time because I'd love to be seeing someone's panel instead. But I digress....

Mark Sheppard's panel was wonderful as always. I never tire of Mark talking about the fandom and how much the actors all feed off of us and our creative works and desire to help others as much as we feed off of their work. He really does understand and truly appreciates what fandom does and has the power to do. Then his wife and baby daughter came into the room and you never heard so many "awws" as when he picked her up and walked around the room. They were ADORABLE! I've got some great photos of them. :)

After some more down time Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict had their panel. It was fun watching them without Rich's influence. Even they noted how much more affectionate they were with one another, which I guess Richard doesn't tolerate. LOL They were funny and very sweet!

Immediately following them was Misha Collins. As always, hilarity ensued, but there were also some really insightful moments as well. At least that's what I think I remember. Right now I've got Sunday's Misha panel on my mind and that one was very different!

Got autographs from Mark Sheppard, who was going very fast...I guess because he had to set up his drums for the Saturday Night Special. I had him sign the black metal Impala that Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Jim Beaver have already signed. All Mark said was that he should be in the trunk...which at first I didn't get and told him that he was in the trunk in the one episode...9x01 wasn't it? Anyway, afterwards I realized he was saying his signature should have been on the trunk. I had him sign one of the back doors and Jim had signed the trunk. Sorry, Mark! Just didn't work out that way.

Next there was the whole debacle over getting Matt and Misha's autos. Originally we were told to go from Mark's line to Matt's, but then a few of us were later directed over into Misha's line. Problem was that he was taking a long time and his line soon grew to go all along the side and back of the room and over onto the other side. Matt's line wasn't much shorter - at first. And then we found out Misha hadn't even arrived yet! So there we were, standing for 15-20 min. and he wasn't even in the room! Eventually, he arrived and the line began to move, but meanwhile Matt was making progress with his line and right near getting close to having Misha sign I had to jump over to Matt's line instead. In fact, I was the last person in his line. Sadly, I couldn't think of much to say to him. I just thanked him for being there again...*facepalms*

I kinda failed on Misha's auto as well. By the time I got up there he just asked how I was doing and I returned the question and that was about it. *sigh* Sometimes you just can't make the moment more meaningful than that. *shrugs*

After having some supper, I returned to the con for the big event - The Saturday Night Special!
I won't go into all the songs, but there were a lot of them and it was another amazing night of music from Louden Swain and the gang! Matt, Kim, Osric, Briana, Sebastian, and Jensen all sang songs with Mark joining in on drums, and Chris playing bass on a song. We were treated to Jensen singing 2 songs this year! He sang "Fare Thee Well" with Rob - the best version I've heard yet, as I've watched the Jailbreak videos of them from Italy and felt they were a little off. This time they had great harmony. It was beautiful! Then Jensen was joined by Jason Manns as they did a much more acoustic version of "Simple Man" that is going to be on Jason's upcoming album. It was almost a little bit better than the version he sang last year, but they were so different, I'm not sure comparing them is even fair. They were both fine performances. :D

Rob sang "She Waits", which is always beautiful and emotional. You could feel all the love from the audience and Rob returning it back to us. They closed out the show with everyone on stage singing "Purple Rain". It was just an epic night of music, family, and friendship. When I got back to my room, my hearing was fuzzy, but I was a happy fangirl.

I have video of nearly all the songs from Saturday night and I will be posting them over the next few weeks. :D

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