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VanCon 2016: Day 3 - Sunday

Ah, Sunday! The day of days! J2 Day!
And sadly, the last day of an amazing weekend. *le sigh*

But let's talk about the good stuff, shall we? :)

The day began with the J2 Gold Panel. This is the main reason I keep going Gold every year. This panel is always fun and special (like when Jensen joined Twitter!) and just that added time with the guys that you can't get any other way. I don't remember all the questions, but there were some good ones asked and some funny stories from Jensen & Jared. See, this is why I always rely on youtube videos of panels. :P

Next was photo-ops with J2. People used to ask me what the guys smell like during photo-ops. Honestly, I usually can't remember and this year really isn't any different. They just smell clean. Nice. There's obviously some cologne or aftershave there, but I don't know what it is. You're standing there next to them or being hugged by them so briefly that it's tough to take it all in, especially when you're remembering to smile, breathe, and in my case, have your head angled right so there's no glare off your glasses.

One thing I do remember from my photo-op with Jensen is that "Flowers On The Wall" by the Statler Brothers was playing at the time. One of my favorite songs and one of those surprise songs that Chris sticks on his playlist. I think Jensen might have remembered me after all these years of attending VanCon. When I walked up he smiled at me warmly and said, "Hi! How are you doing?" Just like he was greeting an old friend. At least that's the feeling I got. :) I said I was doing great and we hugged for the photo. I looked up into his face, smiled and thanked him as I always do. I'm very happy with the photo, which I can't say some years. Full smile, a hug...what more can a fangirl ask for? :)

Part of the fun of photo-ops is watching the people before you in line getting theirs. While in line for the J2 photo out in the hall, I got to watch them have a little refreshment break and Jensen was trying to corral the straw with his tongue and then they both bopped and drank to the beat of the music. Silly boys! Then just before I had my photo taken with them, this young girl had Jared hug her while Jensen was supposed to be drawing them in a sketchbook. Thing was after the photo, Jensen stood there and kept on drawing. Pretty soon Jared motioned over to us standing in line like, "What is he doing? We've got people waiting???" LOL But Jensen kept on going a little more and then handed the girl his finished drawing. Would love to see what he drew!

I got the usual sandwich shot with the guys, hugging Jensen with Jared behind me. They were standing on opposite sides from how they normally do, so the photo is a little different. And boy did they squeeze me!!! Felt like my bones were getting crushed! LOL But it was all good. I know to expect that now. ;) I thanked them, making sure to look at Jared as I walked away. They're both so sweet! :D

Jared's photo is always so easy. I just walk up and get a hug and we're done. Usually, he winks at me after the photo, but this time I got it before! Ooooooh! Aw, Jared! You charmer, you! :D I totally felt his face against the top part of my head....*guh* And he still gives the sweetest hugs!

After all that loving, hugging, touching, and swooning it was time for the panels to begin.

Things were running a little late, namely Misha....so Kim & Briana, & Rob proceeded to kill time by having an impromptu interview with a cardboard cutout of Castiel, with Rob providing Misha's voice as the girls asked him questions. Well, soon it picked up on the Porncouver theme of the con and they were making out with the cardboard Misha/Castiel. It was hilarious. Raunchy, yes. Inappropriate...err, yes, but still funny. Briana totally made out with the cutout on the floor. :P Anyway, Misha eventually appeared, not knowing what had happened or how frenzied the antics of the others had made the audience. Poor Misha...some of the questions were referencing what Briana, Kim, and Rob had done and he was totally clueless. It was funny, but then the last question crossed the line and was totally inappropriate. Luckily, the rest of them came out and pretty much ended the panel right there. Misha finally figured out what debauchery had happened to his cardboard cutout and then it all made sense to him. Misha handled it all pretty well, though. What a trouper!

And then....the boys!!!! What a fun panel they had! Good questions from the audience and some wickedly funny stuff from the guys. They were seated so close to each other for most of the panel, too. Great for photo-taking! I was snapping off so many photos at such a rapid pace that I filled up my memory card right near the end and had to quickly put in another to catch the final moments of the panel. I shudder to think of how many photos I took...which is a good problem to have. :P

More down time as photo-ops were taking place and then an hour later we had our last panel with Rob. Somehow he got asked a question which led to him telling how he lost his virginity (in 40 seconds!). He was so embarrassed by the end, wondering why he told us all of that! Sure enough, by the end of the panel, Kim & Briana came out on stage and Briana said she'd already seen a video on Twitter of Rob telling the story. He thought she was kidding at first, but then she mentioned the 40 seconds!!! Rob just stood there and looked at the audience and said he should be really angry at us, but he was actually kind of proud. LOL Ah, the internet and fandom is a powerful and fast combination!

After that there was the autograph session with Jensen & Jared, re-upping for next year, and saying goodbye to friends. It's always sad when Sunday is over. You don't want it to end. The weekend that seemed to go by slowly at first is all of a sudden over and your left with only wonderful memories. *sigh*

I've got an epic story about my Jensen & Jared autographs, so I'm putting that in a separate post.

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