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VanCon 2016: My Jared & Jensen Autographs *

* Or how I managed to stop all the autographs from happening for a little over a minute.

Those of you from Livejournal, will recall my posts HERE & HERE about the pic from "Hookman" coupled with my photo taken of Jensen & Jared during VanCon 2015.


Anyway, someone suggested having the guys sign it, and I thought it was a great idea. So I printed it up and took it with me to VanCon this year.

Oh, boy! Did not expect THIS to happen!

We were instructed to line up for autos from Jared first and then get in Jensen's line. So Jared went to sign the print and I explained how they were 10 years apart and he thought the top pic was taken during S1's "Dead In The Water". I told him, no, it was from "Hookman". He insisted it couldn't be. And I can't recall now what all he said, be he was sure it was "Dead In The Water". I held my ground, because I know not only that the pic came from a series of others on the set from the "Hookman" episode, but I've been to the church location in Hookman that he and Jensen were sitting at in the photo! I even told him that.

Before I knew it Jared asked me, "Has Jensen seen this yet?" I said no, and Jared said, "Come here." and motioned for me to come around the table as he stood up. Oh, my goodness...he was not letting this go! He put his right hand on the back of my neck and proceeded to quickly walk me through the backstage area, over to where Jensen was signing autos. Now Jared has long legs and while I'm tall, I'm not THAT tall and we were hustling pretty fast! But the whole time Jared had his hand on the back of my neck and was massaging it. I even put my arm around him briefly before I caught myself and thought, "No, no! I shouldn't do that? Should I???" and pulled it away. (I know, crazy, right? But I was trying to respect boundaries and all that.) I was so taken by surprise by what was happening, that I didn't know what to think! Meanwhile, he kept asking me where the picture was from and I explained it was an episode still. Note: This is not exactly true, of course. It's a Behind The Scenes photo, but again, I was stunned by what was happening and trying to explain and defend the truth of the photo. Just like that we were at the back of Jensen's table and Jared yelled out, "Ackles! ACKLES!!!!" before Jensen finally turned around. Jared held up the printed photos and asked him what episode the top one was from. Jensen looked and thought....and thought. And thought some more.

Meanwhile, I'm not only trying to send mental vibes out to Jensen that the photo was from "Hookman", I was also thinking in the back of my mind: OMG All autographs have stopped in this room! Everyone in here is waiting around and nothing is happening!!! LOL Jared finally said, "It's from 'Dead In The Water', right?" and Jensen said "No. It's not from that." right away, but he was still thinking a little. Then he said it was from "Hookman" and I went "YES!!!" and fist-pumped a little (I couldn't help it, I was caught up in this extraordinary moment!) and I think Jared said to me, "What are you yessing for?" LOL What? Jensen agreed with me! Two votes to one! Jared still insisted it was from "Dead In The Water"...."The one with Amy Acker." Which is true, she was in that episode, but the photo is NOT from THAT episode! Anyway, at this point, Jared gave up and his handler turned him around to go back to signing autos. Jensen kept confirming with me that it was from "Hookman". I told him it was the wall of the pastor's church they were sitting behind. He seemed to agree with me and held up his right hand for me to high-five! Which I did. :D Then he wanted to know where the bottom photo came from and I explained that I took it at last year's VanCon. Jensen pointed to his younger self in the "Hookman" photo and said, "I look older here than I do there (pointing to the VanCon 2015 photo)." One of the handlers told Jensen to just sign the photo and then I'd be done, so he did, adding "Ah...Hookman!" to the top photo. :D I thanked him, but he'd already returned to the people waiting for their own autographs and I was led out by Clif from behind the curtain.

I walked back out into the ballroom a bit overwhelmed by it all. I was shaking, and just so emotionally overcome. Not only had I gotten some serious extra time with Jared and Jensen, but holy cow! Who knew a photo could cause so much controversy??? :P

It is funny, because Jared's pretty well known for remembering the episodes, even way back in Season 1 he could remember things that Jensen couldn't. Just check out their commentary on "Phantom Traveler". But this time, Jared was incorrect. I don't know how Jensen remembered it was from "Hookman", but he did. I do kind of love that Jared was so sure he was right that he had to halt the autograph session for the entire convention just to see if Jensen would agree with him. He certainly made quite a memory for this fangirl, in the process! :D

So that's my experience with the J2 autographs this VanCon. It'll be hard to top this one!

Btw, I was tempted to Tweet or comment to Jared on FB with a link to the other BTS pics from "Hookman" so he could see that photo does indeed come from that episode, but no site has all those photos up anymore! Does anyone know if they're still around. I mean, I just took the photo from my collection gathered from andreas_ri who used to be here on Livejournal, but none of his stuff is online anymore.

Here's the Tweet I made right after the autographs:

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