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First Impressions Review: 12x03 "The Foundry"

Alright, getting this posted later than I wanted, but done is done and that's a good thing.

Just a question about the recap….where’s the bit about Lucifer and Vince saving his sister coming from??? Wasn’t that his girlfriend? I don’t remember any mention of his sister in the last ep. *iz confused*

Abandoned house, girl goes inside ‘cause she hears a crying baby….yep, she’s gonna die.
Yeah, that’s not a baby. Creepy doll alert!!!! GAH!!!!! Oooooh, this one’s off to a super creepy start! :D

Mary’s up late and reading through John’s journal and looking troubled. Cas, of course, doesn’t sleep so he’s up and about to find her. I really feel these two have formed a connection and I like all of their scenes together. Mary doesn’t feel like she belongs here yet. Oh….cutting her hair.

Is it just me, or does that look like a healthier and bigger breakfast than one imagines the boys usually having? Sam found one letter from the British Chapter of the MOL….but most of it is blacked out. Peachy.

Cas is off to Cleveland to check out a lead on Lucifer. The boys want to tag along, but he tells them he’ll call if he needs them and that they’re needed here (i.e.. Mary). Sam knows this right away, but Dean just thinks she needs a little R&R and family time and she’ll be fine.
Heehee! Mary loving the cold bacon. Dean: “Wow! We are SO related.” :D
And she’s found a case for them, thanks to the newspapers Dean delivered. The two dead from the opener in Minnesota…Dean’s all this-is-great! Let’s hunt! But Sam’s a little hesitant.
Dean: “If mom wants to hunt, I say let’s hunt.”
I love Dean’s enthusiasm. He’s got most of his family back and we know Dean’s all about family. :)

So Mary’s into the junk food like Dean, too! And the classic rock! Turning up the tunes in the car! Heehee! Love it. Poor Sammy relegated to the back seat. :P

Cas working the FBI suit! Nice. Vince’s bandmate is talking about how his friend has changed…and not just ‘cause he tossed him through that hotel room door. LOL Agent Beyonce. Good one, Cas!
Crowley! Always with the tropical cocktail. Hee!

Partridge Family aliases for the Winchesters. Awesome!
So the victims died of hypothermia…frostbite burn on the arm and their hearts were frozen.

Did Crowley just call him Cassie? LOL
Crowley’s all…we haven’t tried to kill each other in a while…let’s be partners! Cas is not amused until…
Crowley’s got postcards from Vince’s room….ones from his sister Wendy.

Winchesters checking out the abandoned house! Flashlights and EMF meters out and Mary’s got one, too. Dean keeps checking to see if she knows how to use it.
“Dean, it’s analog. I’m good.”
Mary splits off from the boys. NOT A GOOD IDEA, MARY!!!!!
She finds the room with the creepy doll. Don’t touch it, Mary! And now she’s trapped in the room! Gah!
Before the boys can break open the door a little boy appears and grabs Mary’s arm, burning her. Dean gets rid of the ghost with a wave of the crowbar. Yeah, time to get out of there…

Heh, Mary’s all ready to canvas the neighborhood and the boys are already finding leads online. Poor Mary, feeling left behind on the technology front again. Sam says not to worry, they’ll teach her. Anyway, lots of young kids have died at that house.

Cas adjusting his tie and checking his hair in the truck’s mirror….still the truck from the season premiere, btw. What happened to his pimp-mobile car?
Agent Beyonce and Z doesn’t sit to well with this gal….she slams the door in their faces. Ha!
Castiel: “Do you think this happens to Sam & Dean?”
Crowley: “Oh, all the time.”

But Crowley gets in the house anyway and lets Cas inside. Cas senses that Wendy’s been healed recently…Lucifer got her out of her wheelchair. But she said he was cold, barely said a word and then was gone with his “groupie friend”. Who just happened to be a redhead. Ahhhh…Rowena!
Cas, get it now….this is about Crowley wanting to save his mother. I love the pouty voice he uses here. So awesome! Crowley denies it and outlines the many ways the outcome of Rowena being in Lucifer’s possession could turn out bad.

At a remote, but nicely decorated cabin of Vince’s, Lucifer is looking a little ragged. He’s tired of meat suit hopping, but Vince is wearing out already. He wants Rowena to do a spell to make it more permanent. If she doesn’t….well, he’ll snap her neck again.

Sam’s figured out it’s vengeful children ghosts. Mary says the boy who grabbed her didn’t want to hurt her, it was scared. Sam says it seemed like that but the victims were all lured to their deaths….they just got to her in time. Dean says the safe bet is to salt and burn all the kids bodies.
Whoah….Mary’s having flashbacks to that fateful night….and then ghost boy calls for help.
Oh, Mary….don’t hide that stuff from the boys. But somehow they sense that something’s wrong and tell her to stay there and give her the phone to call them if needed.
Yeah, guys….does she even know how to use a cell phone? Not so much…she uses the regular phone in the room…and calls the deeds office to get contact info. for the last owner of the house. Then she’s talking to the dead boy’s mother…yep, ghost boy to a T.

The boys are salting and burning bodies of the kids and Sam’s worried about Mary. She’s struggling. Dean denies it and says she’s adjusting and he’s just happy to have her back. But Sam points out she’s using hunting to cover it all up….just like they have. “Like mother like sons.” Dean can’t really deny that one.

They return to an empty motel room…and the weapons bag is missing. Uh, oh…

Yep, Mary’s at the house and she meets up with the ghost boy…Lucas.
She tells him she spoke to his mother and that she misses him. He points to a boarded up door and then disappears. Mary breaks through and does downstairs to the basement. She finds Lucas down there and he tries to speak to her. Meanwhile the boys call and tell her to get out of there, that they burned the bones - obviously it didn’t work in Lucas’s case - then the call breaks up and they’re off.

Rowena’s doing the spell on Lucifer…and he’s still thinking of killing her after it’s done.
But she did a spell to speed up the decaying process!!! Awesome VFX work! Wow!
And then she sends him away…to the bottom of the ocean.
Awesome! Go Rowena!!!! \0/

Uh, oh….Mary and ghost!Lucas are not alone. Love her slide to grab the shotgun. Shades of Dean there. ;)
Ooooh, scary dude ghost….it’s the father of the first little girl who died…he killed them all.
Nooooo!!!! Mary!!!!! Don’t you hurt her!
The boys arrive just in time, but then she hits Dean.
Oh, no! She’s possessed!!!!

Gah! She’s attacking the boys! Choking Dean and burning him.
Flashbacks to “Devil’s Trap” with Dean begging John to not let the demon kill him!
He tells Mary to fight this. And she does!!!! :D
She manages to tell Sam to go down to the basement, but Dean’s still there for the ghost to beat up.
Nice fling of the shotgun! Hurry Sam!!!! Oh, there’s one more body in the wall, ghost dude's. Burn it Sam!!!!
Dean traps Mary with the chain.
Whoah….nice fiery death with the kid ghosts all circled around the guy. Then they each spirit away, with Lucas last.

Crowley and Cas show up at the cabin, to find it empty…and Rowena drinking tea outside.
“If you’re looking for Lucifer, you just missed him.”
Rowena won’t actively help them hunt Lucifer down, but if they trap him and need her help, she’ll be there.

Mary learned all about the ghost dude…why he killed all those kids and how he holed himself up in the wall and died there. She also realizes that she misses John and her boys…her baby, her little boy. So she’s decided to leave. She just needs a little time away from them.
OMG This is so sad!!! The whole Family Theme playing….dammit show! Dean actually moves away from her as she goes to hug him goodbye. Oh, Dean….this is so hard on him. But she hugs Sam and tells them both that she loves them. Sam lets her go and I love the flinch Jared gives as the Bunker door slams. Nice touch. And Dean…poor Dean. Sam sees it…here’s another parent leaving Dean. Abandoning him yet again. *hugs the boys* :(

Thinky Thoughts:

Really good episode with a good, old-fashioned ghost hunt for the Winchesters. Nice balance between them and then Crowley & Cas and Lucifer & Rowena.

So is Lucifer gone for a while? His first mistake was taking the chains and cuffs off of her. But I'm so glad Rowena was smart and outfoxed the devil. Good for her!

It's amusing to see Crowley & Cas partner up to track Lucifer down. This is a much better partnership than they had in Season 6...or was it 7? One of those. Of course, Cas is much smarter about things now, which helps.

Really enjoyed seeing Mary work on a case with the boys. Of course she put herself in danger and they had to go save her, but as Dean said, she was right about the case and figured it out before they really did.

Naturally, the episode building up Dean's connections to Mary...food, music, and they already have the love of the car. Then at the end they take it all away! So heartbreaking! And I know Sam is sad to see Mary leave, but he understands what she was going through and knew something wasn't right with her so he could let her go a little easier than Dean. Dean was so happy during the episode - to have his mom back, to be working a case with her. It's everything he's wanted for so long - his family intact. Now it's been ripped apart again. Dean just cannot accept this...another parent leaving him. I just wanted to hug him at the end.

I imagine, Mary will continue to hunt on her own and keep learning all about this new world around her. Hopefully, show will give us some glimpses of her until she reunites with her sons.

So a very good, solid episode. :)


Mary: Castiel. After you left Heaven, when did it start to feel like you fit? Like you... belonged here.
Castiel: Well, I'm not sure I do. Mary... You do belong here.

Dean: All right. So what have you found on her majesty's secret suck-bags?

Sam: “Did you cut your hair?"
Mary: “I’m gonna keep it short if I’m gonna go out on a hunt. Why give the bad guys the advantage of long, pullable hair, right?"
Dean: “Wow, I’ve been trying to tell Sam that for years."

Dean: “A lot of things have gone to seed since you were here, but the variety in snack food flavors is not one of them.”

Crowley: Bumping into each other. Working the same leads. What are the odds Cassie? Fate brought us together.
Castiel: Not interested.
Crowley: Why not? We made a somewhat effective team against Amara. It's been months-I mean months since we last tried to kill each other. We both got very, very good reasons to want Lucifer dead. Besides. While you were gabbing with Vince's second fiddle, I was ransacking his room. Found these, postcards from his beloved sister Wendy. Oh looky here, an address and everything. Worth a look?

Castiel: I should have known there was something you weren't telling me. Rowena.
Crowley: So, Mother and I had an unfortunate, if not embarrassing run-in with Lucifer. You're just mad you're only my second choice for a Lucifer hunt team-up.
Castiel: No, actually I think it's sweet. I thought your motivation was ambition and revenge. Now I know you just want to save your mother.
Crowley: It's not about saving her. Lucifer has made off with a colossally powerful witch, who by the way is the only person alive who can slam him back in the Cage. He will either kill her or control her. Or she will offer her services to the biggest bad in town, in order to save her neck, like she always does. Do any of those sound like particularly good outcomes to you?

Lucifer: You got any witch spells locked up in that witchy brain of yours? I thought this one would last longer before going all Keith Richards on me. This vessel hopping's getting old. Just as I get used to limitations in one meat sack, I gotta cut bait and jump to the next flawed lump.

Dean: “She’s back. Yeah, she’s still working out the kinks, we’re all working out the kinks. But can we for once just not turn everything into a problem? Can we for once just have one good thing?”
Sam: Look I'm happy too Dean, I am. I'm overjoyed. But, there's something about her, I mean something going on with with her.
Dean: Yeah. She's adjusting.
Sam: No, she's struggling. I mean she's trying to bury herself in hunting to avoid dealing.
Dean: And how do you know that?
Sam: Years of personal experience. I don't know, man. Like mother like sons.

Rowena: A druidic glyph. I'm using a hybrid spell of my own device -- Book of the Damned and Celtic magic. It should give your vessel the resiliency and strength of the mightiest tree.
Lucifer: Well. There's a woody joke in there somewhere

Lucifer: Red, what did you do!?
Rowena: Sped up the decaying process my Lord. You thought Keith Richards was bad. Try Iggy Pop.

Lucifer: Decapitation is far too merciful for you, ginger bitch!

Rowena: Until you forced me to get back in the game, I tried to forget about Lucifer. I loathe him, and I loathe that I had any part in letting him out of the pit that holds him.
Castiel: So you'll help us then?
Rowena: Good God no. That whole FBI pantsuit look, not my hexbag. But if you get Lucifer cornered and find yourself in need. I'm there.

Dean: And, um, listen apologies if me and Sam hijacked or sidelined you in any way. I mean, this was your case, and you kicked ass, again.
Mary: I kicked ass? You saved me, I-
Dean: Yeah, but you were right. Those kids were innocent. We didn't even know what Moriarty's deal was.

Dean: Mom it's okay, alright. You're home now.
Mary: No. I'm not. I miss John. I miss my boys.
Sam: We're right here Mom.
Mary: I know. In my head, but I'm still mourning them as I knew them. My baby Sam. My little boy Dean. Just feels like yesterday we were together in Heaven, and now I'm here, and John is gone and they're gone. And every moment I spend with you reminds me every moment I lost with them. And I thought hunting and working would clear my head...
Sam: Mom what are you trying to say?
Mary: I have to go. Sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I just need a little time.

Mary: I love you. I love you both.

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