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First Impressions Review: 12x04 "American Nightmare"

Watched the episode late and I've now got a headache, so this review might be a little shorter than normal.

Recap - We’re back to the psychic kids? Okay. Mary leaves. Devastated boys.

Oh, which church is this?
Oh, wow…gal walks in with the stigmata, getting whipped, bleeding from her ears and more!
What language is that???

Nice shot of their feet walking into the church.
Fathers Penn & DeNiro. LOL
Gah! Dean as a priest!!!! That just seems oh so wrong because I’m thinking of how hot he looks. LOL

Father: “What kind of priests are you?”
Dean: “The old-fashioned kind.”

So the boys are thinking demons at work, until the father says no sulfur. Lucifer? Rogue angel?
Dean gets distracted by a young boy lighting candles with his mother.

Oh! Outside of the church….that’ll make it easier to find. Sorry, just predicting my location hunting. ;)
Baby gleaming in the sunshine. :)

Oh! Dean’s texting Mary! Asking if he should call her mom or Mary. Yeah, just that you’re asking that is weird, Dean. “I’m a 13 year old girl.” Heh. Aw, the disappointment on his face when she doesn’t reply right away. :(

Hmmm…the word from Cas is that Heaven is in lock-down and angel radio is off, so no rogue angel.
They also found out Crowley and Cas are working together to track down Lucifer….and that Lucifer has possessed Vince Vincente. Dean doesn’t seem impressed at all, but Sam sorta is. OMG….
Sam’s a fan! Weird. :P

Sam: “It was the 80s.”
Dean: “What are you defending him?”
Sam: “No, I’m not. I mean his 3rd album was kinda…not horrible.”
Dean: “I hate you so much right now.”


Dean quickly ushers the coroner’s assistant out of the room.
And Sam mentions how cranky Dean’s been since mom left. Dean denies it and then quickly gets back to the case. Typical Dean.
Yep, stigmata….and the boys don’t have a clue what can cause it.

Olivia’s office has already been taken over by her friend? Who’s a wiccan….cool! Even Dean says so. Except we know Dean doesn't like witches from seasons back so that was all an act AND....
Dean thinks she’s the one responsible for Olivia’s death, but Sam disagrees ‘cause there’s no proof. Dean’s all ready to go and shoot her. Sheesh.

Oh, no….now it’s happening to a guy working at Joe’s Market. That was fast.

Stigmata with a side of scrambled brains, just like Olivia.
Oh, Sam got a match between the two….The Peterson’s….who are weird according to Beth.

OMG Boys in sweaters!!!! *swoons*
Dean climbing over the gate and Sam just slips by on the side. LOL!
Sam brings up Mary again…he thinks she just needs some time to adjust. Dean makes it sound like she might not come back and isn't interested in keeping the family together.

The Petersons liked Olivia, but not Beth because she didn’t believe in God.

Oooooh….there’s that motor bike Dean saw in the last ep! This time with a rider! Who stops by the Impala to check out the plate. Uh, oh….

So Dean helps put a wheel back on a buggy. Mr. Peterson used to be a computer programer. He certainly doesn’t think much of today’s society. Meanwhile Mrs. Peterson is painting a sad picture of their past life - alcoholic work-obsessed husband, kids on behavior enhancing meds, and she was doped up on drugs….then God showed them the way thanks to a car accident. She heard God’s voice and went to live a life of simplicity and peace.

Sam mentions the dead grocery boy and their dead daughter…..but it was God’s plan. Oh Sam….going for the jugular and blaming her for her daughter’s death.
“God doesn’t care what kind of life you live, trust me. And God didn’t kill your daughter, you did.”
Yep, time to leave.

Love these shots from within the car’s trunk! :)
Boys are totally at odds over who to go after here. Sam thinks it’s the daughter’s dead spirit out for revenge and Dean still thinks it’s Beth. They decide to tackle it their separate ways….NOT A GOOD IDEA GUYS! Dean’s sure he’ll be right. Ha!

Oh, wow….inside the house….is that the dead daughter singing? She’s got the stigmata and whip marks, too but she’s also in chains. What is going on???

The mother goes down to her…blames her for the deaths and then makes her whip her own back as punishment? WTH??? This woman is delusional. And I am so lost.

After dark and Sam’s sneaking around the barn with the EMF. This isn’t going to end well for you, Sam.
Sam heard the conversation between the boy and the dad and now he wants to call Dean, but….no signal. Is that MOL wallpaper on his phone? lol

Dean’s totally looking/acting like a creeper at Beth’s office.
She’s not happy with the new job….”being the boss sucks.” So much for your theory, Dean.

Sam sees the mother reciting from a book and the daughter flailing herself….ooops! Phone call! Duck, Sam!
Dean calls and admits Sam was right about the whole thing. Then Sam says the daughter, Magda is alive! Uh, oh! The boy’s got a shotgun aimed at him. Sam so doesn’t wanna get shot again. But then dad knocks him out with a shovel! Dean, get over there!!!!

Sam’s in the room with Magda….says he’s there to help her, that she doesn’t have the devil in her like she believes. Oh, she can move things with her mind. One of the YED’s psychic kids???

Yeah, Sam….you can’t do that stuff anymore.
So Magda is responsible for Olivia and the delivery guy’s deaths….but she wasn’t trying to kill them, she was just trying to call out for help.

Well this is an awkward family dinner with Sam tied to a chair.
He tries to convince them that Magda isn’t evil.
Lady, you’ve lost it. Sam you’re not going to get through to her.
Oh, geez…..what’s in the food!!!! OMG She put rat poison in the food!!!!! They’ll enter heaven as a family. Go Magda!!!! Damn, there goes the boy and now Magda is trying to get the mother to kill herself!

Magda: “I’m not the devil, you are.”

Sam trying to get Magda to stop, she can control it. Phew! She stopped.
What the hell is taking Dean so long???

Next day and the authorities are there. The mom is still yelling that her daughter is the devil, etc. Sheesh. Poor girl. Dean’s sorry he missed all the psycho. Heh.

At least Magda’s got an aunt to go to.
Dean: “Sometimes in order to figure things out a person needs space.”
So Dean gets it now.

Love Sam’s moment with Magda, telling her she’ll be alright.
Sam: “Just remember. That power, it doesn’t control you. You control it.”

Oh! Beth gave Dean her number…Hee!
Dean hates that Mary left, but he gets it now. He’ll try to be less of a dick about it.
Dean gets a text from Mary….awww, she’ll always be mom and she loves her boys. ♥
That put a smile on Dean’s face again. :)

Oh, crap! Motorcycle dude is following Magda and kills her inside a restroom!!! No!!!!!
He’s cleaning up the Winchester’s mess. It’s Mr. Ketch! Gah!!!!! We still don’t get to see his full face. Grrrrr.

Thinky Thoughts

I really liked this ep. Another good, solid story that's just another basic case for the boys. Boy it seems so odd to have all of these stand-alone eps, after seasons full of mythology eps. And for the first time in a long time this episode featured just the boys....no angels, no demons, no Cas, Crowley, Lucifer, or Rowena. Just Sam & Dean. It was a nice change.

I'm glad we got to examine how Dean is dealing (or not) with Mary leaving and how at the end he came around to a place of understanding. It also helped that Mary responded to his text message, of course. I'm a little puzzled why he's keeping it from Sam, but maybe he just wanted to keep their correspondence to himself for now.

Poor Sam gets captured again, and almost shot. Yikes. I like how he's accepted that his former powers were just part of who he was. It's a shame he couldn't get through to the Peterson family. And now they're all dead except for the crazy mom. *sigh*

It's interesting that for once Dean was totally wrong about the case. It's gotta be a first, right? But then he was kind of distracted over his feelings about his mom leaving, but goodness knows he's been under stress before and it never effected his work on a case. So if I'm going to complain about anything with this episode, it would be that Dean being wrong was pretty out of character. Hopefully, now that he's accepted things, he'll be back to normal next week.

How about all those awesome shots of the car in this ep? Wowza. She sure looked pretty! :)
And Mr. Ketch is tracking the boys. This can't be a good thing. What is his plan, outside of killing off people they let go? I'm dreading and looking forward to them meeting each other.

I'm sure I'll think of more stuff later, but I've got a headache so thinking's a bit hard right now.


Sam: So what's the word? Cas have anything?
Dean: Yeah. Good news, there's nothing on angel radio and Heaven's still on lock down. So rogue angel is out.
Sam: Bad news?
Dean: Cas is chumming it up with Crowley. They're hunting Lucifer together. That's right. One's an angel, one's a demon and apparently they solve crimes.

Dean: “Lucifer, the Lord of Evil, the Angel of Light, is now the master of butt rock. He jumped into Vince Vincente, the doucehbag. The guy used to roll with purple hair down to his butt and a spiked codpiece.”

Sam: The victim's skull was filled with a goopey mush.
Dean: That Carl paints quite the picture. What can do that?
Sam: I got nothing.
Dean: Me neither. Well, maybe we should focus on the case and less of the Dr. Phil crap.

Dean: Well, that was easy.
Sam: What?
Dean: What? The Wicked Witch of the West in there. Miss 'positive energy,' wanted a bigger office, did a little hoodoo. Boom. I say we put a witch-killing cap in her ass and call it a day.

Dean: So, weird creepy off-the-grid Children of the Corn people. I'm in.

Dean: She hates the way we were raised. She hates the fact that we are hunters. Maybe she starts walking and doesn't stop, you know? She obviously has zero interest in keeping this family together.
Sam: Well, you know sometimes families do better with a little time apart.
Dean: Yeah, who? The Mansons?

Gail: Do you know God gentleman?
Dean: Oh yeah. Yeah, we're besties.

Sam: So what happened to your daughter, was that God's plan?
Gail: Yes.
Sam: She didn't have to die. She was sick, if you had taken her to a doctor.
Gail: God does not-
Sam: God doesn't care what kind of life you live. Trust me. And God didn't kill your daughter. You did.

Sam: Magda. Magda Peterson?
Magda: That's not my name. I'm not Magda. I'm the Devil.
Sam: No. No you're not. Your're really not.

Sam: Magda. You're not the Devil, you're just psychic. There are others out there like you, like-like me. I had powers too. I get visions sometimes and I can move things with my mind.
Magda: You can do that?
Sam: Well, no. Not anymore, I don't think. But it didn't make me the Devil, it just made me who I am.

Sam: Magda that wasn't your fault. You are not the Devil, you're not evil. And it's scary. I know it's scary. But you can learn to control it, you don't have to hurt anyone ever again.

Dean: Sorry I missed all the psycho.
Sam: Yeah, and you thought our family was crazy.

Magda: I've called my aunt in California. I'm gonna be staying with her.
Beth: She has a ranch. Lots of wide open country.
Dean: Well, that's great. You know sometimes in order to figure things out a person needs space.

Sam: Magda. I know it doesn't feel like it now. But, you're gonna be all right. You can do this. You will do this. Just remember. That power, it doesn't control you. You control it. If you ever need anything. Anything. Call, me okay? I'll be there.

Dean: Think you made the right call back there letting her go?
Sam: I hope so. I mean Magda didn't know what she was doing, she had no idea. I think she deserves a second chance. What did Beth want?
Dean: She gave me her number. Her personal number.
Sam: You were gonna shoot her.
Dean: Yeah. Kinda weird, kinda hot.
Sam: Hey, did you mean what you said back there?
Dean: Yeah. You were right. This whole Mom thing. It's-I mean we get her back and then she leaves, I hate it. But I get it. I do. I guess I'm just working through some of that crap. I'll just try to be less of a dick about it.

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