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First Impressions Review: 12x05 "The One You've Been Waiting For"

Watched the ep super late & online (which means the video was super dark *sigh*) so, here goes...

Woman wants to buy an old solid-gold pocket watch with a swastika on it and the guy raises the price on her. Pretty soon he goes up in flames from handling the watch and then she grabs it and also spontaneously combusts. Yikes. Meanwhile a man watches from the shadows...

Sam brings food into the kitchen and Dean's not interested....NOT EVEN HUNGRY FOR PIE! o.O Something's wrong and Sam knows it. Dean says he's fine with Mary leaving, that he knows she just needed some time. Instead he's found a case - the 2 people burned from the teaser. At least he looks at the pie.

Boys break into the antique shop and look around, finding no EMF or sulphur smell. Hilarious moment as Dean goes upstairs and completely knocks down a ship model that simply won't be put back. LOL!
Dean finds a secret room behind a bookcase....oooh! And it's dedicated to the Nazis.
And Sam finds an email about the gold pocket watch. Sounds like they're dealing with the Thule again.

Yeah, Eleanor....you're really nervous. Ooop, there goes her date up in flames thanks to 2 Thule goons.

And now the Thule goons are after Ellie. Run!!!! But she cuts her leg on the window sil. So it's a father and son team, but they've now got her blood to track her.

Aaron!!!! :D He's in Germany....been hunting down resurrected Thule members there.
On phone w/the boys he mentions that the Thule high command are going to be gathering all together in one place. Hmmm. But then Sam gets a notice about another dead body, so they have to hang up.

At the crime scene, nothing was found besides the guy's charred remains, but one victim got away. Ellie's sitting in the police car and then the son Thule is kidnapping her! Btw, this is the scene a lot of lucky fans got to watch them film after VanCon. *g*

Dean: Follow that car. I always wanted to say that.

He takes her to a parking garage....then can't get into the getaway vehicle thanks to dear old dad. Ha! Meanwhile the boys show up to save Ellie. :)

Poor Ellie....it is a lot to take in - necromancer Nazis and all that.
They get the guy to talk - pointing a gun at him will do that *g* - and he spills that the watch belongs to his dad, a high commander in the Thule. His dad was there near the end of the war when Hitler killed himself in the bunker....'cept his dad told Adolph there was another way. They saved his soul in the pocket watch, which was then lost and bounced around the world before showing up in that antique store. The Thule are all consumed with resurrecting Hitler in the body of one of his decendents - and Ellie is one of them. The Thule have been following her this whole time and know everything about her - even that she's adopted which she didn't know. Eep.

Ellie takes off and Sam follows her....Yeah, trying to empathize with her isn't really working, Sam. She totally doesn't believe he was a vessel for Lucifer. Heh.
Dean comes into the room and says they've gotta split....they need to use Ellie to take out the Thule High Command.
Uh, oh....there's daddy to rescue his son. Hide boys!
Awesome, brutal fight scene! Wowza. And of course nobody's guarding Ellie and by the time the Thule goons break off and leave, the boys find she escaped through the window. And the goons grab her on the street.

Daddy Thule isn't happy with his son after he finds out he told the boys all about the Hitler plan. But sonny boy isn't on board with the plan anyway.

Heh....they totally re-used that shot of the diner from way back in an early season....just made it look like night outside. :P
The boys are planning on hacking into traffic cams to track Ellie. Yeah, but it's not like every street has a camera. This is a pretty iffy plan, guys.

Whoah....so Thule daddy has another goon haul his son off to kill him??? o.O
But the son gets the gun away from him and kills the guy instead. I wonder if he'll help to save Ellie? Seems like he's not too keen on the whole plan and he's got a big reason to not like his dad now.

And junior shows up at the diner to tell the boys he wants to help them save Ellie. I knew it! They're hesitant to believe him, until he mentions his dad trying to have a guy kill him.
They're preparing to transfer Hitler's soul to Ellie!!!!

Now why would you handcuff junior in the front seat of the car, Sam? He could honk the horn, or take off in the car! Why not leave him in the back seat???
Dean wants to use the grenade launcher and Sam totally shoots him down. Awww. LOL Sam says they need stealth....there'll be another time. Promises, promises, Sammy. :P

Oh....so they didn't want Ellie's body....only her blood so Thule daddy could host Hitler.
Whoah....the pocket watch actually went INTO his body. That was....cool. But, really??? How does that work exactly? Is the watch in there? Or did it dissolve into his body 'cause I'm thinking that despite that old surgeon joke about leaving a watch inside a patient, having a hunk of gold inside your body isn't really a good thing.
Really? This hysterical dude hugging guys is Hitler resurrected??? Even they look a little puzzled.
He wants them to feed Ellie to the dogs!!!! :(

Yep, should have brought the grenade launcher, boys. They get captured.
Yeah, Hitler is kind of off his rocker. Scary. He's already found cell phones and the internet. Sheesh. That was fast.
Ellie to the rescue!!!! Go girl! \0/
Who can get to the guns first? Of course the boys do.
Ok, Hitler runs like a little girl. *snorts*
Dean shoots Hitler! "Heil this." Heh.

Sam: "Dude. You killed Hitler."
Dean: "Yeah....awesome. "
Love his smile. So proud!
Dean you are totally awesome. :D

Dean's all giddy heading back to the car. It's cute. "I killed Hitler!"
They let Thule junior go because he'll be hunted now by the rest of the Thule for being a traitor. Dean recommends Buffalo. He takes off.

Back in the city, Sam walks Ellie back to her building. I think she's gonna be alright.
Yeah, going back to medical school should be a breeze after all this.
Sam goes back to the car and Dean's ready for some pie now.
Dean: "I killed Hitler, I think I deserve some pie. Did I mention I killed Hitler?"
Sam: "I"m never gonna hear the end of this, am I?"
Dean: "Probably not."

Heehee! :D

Thinky Thoughts

Another good one! Though there's the little things I mentioned in my notes above that are kind of bugging me. But I did totally enjoy the ep though. But why have Aaron for that one little scene? Kinda disappointed that he wasn't actually there to work with the boys again. And such a short scene! *sigh*

Ok, so Dean killed Hitler and the other Thule goons in that room were taken out, but what about the rest? The original plan was to use Ellie to take out the High Command, right? What about them? Methinks something was left out there.

I enjoyed the humor in this ep, for being such a heavy subject. That part certainly worked.
But why didn't Dean want the pie at the beginning? Since when is he so consumed (by a relatively ordinary case) that he doesn't want to eat? Not sure that actually fit, considering by episode's end he's all "I'm eating pie!". So it means he really wasn't bothered by Mary leaving anymore...so what gives? *shrugs*

Again, despite my little complaints, I did enjoy the episode. It felt more light-hearted and easy-going than most episodes, which again, is weird given the subject matter. But it worked. Then again, SPN has always been very good at mixing in humor with seriousness.

Bring on next week!


Sam: “How about some pie?"
Dean: “Maybe later, I’m kind of in the middle of something."
Sam: “Alright, dude, something’s wrong."

Sam: “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?"
Dean: “No."
Sam: “Dean, that’s called sublimation."
Dean: “Yeah, that’s kind of my thing."

Sam: Dean. Dude.
Dean: Don't say it.
Sam: Maybe-maybe, let's not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not.

Dean: Nazis. I hate these guys.

Aaron: We're half through the ledger. I nailed six and the Golem got the rest. It feels good. Finishing what the Judah Initiative started.
Sam: You're grandfather would be proud.
Aaron: Yeah, well. Dropping out of college to wipe out Nazi corpse bags wasn't exactly my mother's dream, but what are you gonna do?

Sam: Any idea what's cooking?
Aaron: Whatever it is it's big. We got out hands on some of their documents. Name of the mission is 'Das Blut' -- the blood.

Sam: “There are things out there that shouldn’t exist, bad things. We kill them. It’s kind of our job.”

Ellie: Wait. No-no, you can't just shoot him.
Dean: Sure I can. I do it all the time.

Christoph: “You don’t understand, he’ll kill me."
Dean: “What do you think this is, a tickle party?"

Dean: Alright skip the foreplay. What did your dad do to Hitler?
Christoph: He saved his life. He saved his soul, like literally. The watch, it's like a Horcrux.
Sam: “It’s a Harry Potter thing."
Dean: “Ugh, you would know that."

Sam: I know it's hard to believe this right now. But, it will get easier. Trust me, I've been there.
Ellie: Oh right. Did someone want to use you to resurrect Adolf Hitler?
Sam: No, not exactly.
Ellie: There you go.
Sam: But they did want me to bring back Lucifer, I was his vessel-
Ellie: You almost, almost had me with Hitler. But Lucifer, really? The Devil? I can't do this.

Ellie: “Being a little flighty I can handle, being related to the biggest genocidal maniac of all-time, I don’t think so.”

Dean: “There are times when you run and there are times when you stand and fight. Now is one of those times when you fight.”

Nauhaus: “You millennials are too weak to steward the future. It needs a stronger hand. The world is divided and inflamed. This falling of empires, flailing of economies, is precisely fine. There’s never been a better time for the Fuhrer’s return.”

Gottfried: What should we do with her Führer?
Hitler: Take the rest of her blood. Then give her to the dogs.
Gottfried: Führer we have no dogs.
Hitler: Then get some! I love doggies. Woof-woof-woof.

Hitler: Sam und Dean Winchester. You must be important. He feared you. Nauhaus, he's still up here. Haha.

Dean: Nice new meatsuit. It come with two testicles this time?
Hitler: One of many upgrades I am enjoying. Like this. It's like having a tiny Goebbels in my pocket. I sold ten million copies of Mein Kampf. What do you think I can do with Twitter? Where is my plane!

Dean: I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I think that entitles me to free drinks for the rest of my life. I'm gonna get t-shirts made.
Sam: You know no one's going to believe you, right?
Dean: You'll believe me. You were there.

Christoph: “Do you know what it was like to have a Nazi necromancer for a father? It sucked. Christmas was a joke, career day at school was a nightmare.”

Sam: So, how you holding up?
Ellie: Well, we just burned a pile of dead Nazi zombie bodies. One of which I killed. So, maybe like third worst day, ever. I had a rough time lately.
Sam: Yeah, and then all this happens.
Ellie: I think I'm gonna be okay though. I should probably call my Mom. I can only run for so long, you know. So, what do you think it harder? Facing the reincarnation of Hitler or going back to med school?
Sam: I think I gotta say Hitler.

Dean: You know I was thinking. Passed a bakery on the way into town, sign said 'Best Pie for a Thousand Miles.'
Sam: So, now you want pie?
Dean: I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie. Did I mention I killed Hitler.
Sam: I'm never going to hear the end of this am I?
Dean: Probably not.

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