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Video & Caps: J2 at EW PopFest - Emotional S12

I only capped the 3 (or 4 if you count the sitting-on-couch interview) videos EW uploaded to youtube since they were the best quality.

This one is only spoilery if you haven't seen episode 12x03 and it's mostly Jensen answering the question, so...lots of Jensen caps! :D

:: Cap Size: 1280 x 726 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Download all 60 Caps: SPN J2 at EW PopFest - Emotional Caps by Raloria.zip - 18 MB

View the full album of 60 caps at SlickPic: http://slickpic.us/1240581DZM,
Or select from the 22 sample caps below.

// Click on the thumbnails for the full sized caps. //

SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0001 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0003 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0007 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0010 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0013 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0015 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0017 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0021 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0025 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0028 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0031 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0033 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0035 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0038 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0040 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0041 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0044 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0047 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0049 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0052 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0055 SPNJ2PopFestEmotional_0059 

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