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Video & Caps: J2 at EW PopFest - Sentimental

Nothing spoilery for this video...just the guys reminiscing about when they felt they clicked as actors and onscreen brothers. Jensen runs away from Jared's hug attack! :)

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Download all 96 Caps: SPN J2 at EW PopFest - Sentimental Caps by Raloria.zip - 34 MB

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SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0003 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0007 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0008 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0011 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0016 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0021 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0022 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0028 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0031 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0036 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0038 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0040 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0047 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0052 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0054 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0057 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0062 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0066 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0069 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0074 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0079 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0081 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0082 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0086 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0088 SPNJ2PopFestSentimental_0096 

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