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First Impressions Review: 12x06 "Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox"

I almost didn't even watch this episode overnight...didn't feel up to it emotionally for a while. Found myself feeling really down and in a blue funk for a while, but it passed and I decided watching the episode could help.

Manitoba, 1980....was that kid trying to signal time-out? I don't think that works when a monster is chasing you through the woods. Mary!!!!! Wait...she was hunting then??? Wasn't this after marrying John? *iz confused*
So this is the Asa Fox from the title. Ah, she's retired but tying up a few loose ends. And he becomes a hunter...heh, lucky car....except, not. Ooops.

Jody!!!!! The boys just drop in all dirty from a hunt on the way home. But the girls are gone. The boys are always up for being fed though. Dean just has to point out that he killed Hitler. Hee!

LOL...Watching chick flicks! "Are you a rom-com chick?" And Sam gets to gleefully point out Dean's love of Animated Japanese erotica chicks. Then Dean's all You-shouldn't-have-told-her-that. Sam tells him to be proud of his hobbies. Hee! Loving the brotherly banter! :D

Jody's found out about Asa's passing and she's very upset. :( The boys only know of him from stories Ellen used to tell at the Roadhouse, but Jody worked with Asa a few times and it's clear they were friends. The boys decide to tag along to the wake and funeral pyre ceremony - after all, they're not used to being around other hunters much thanks to John's warning.

"Oh, Canada!" Bet they've been waiting years for one of the guys to say that onscreen. :P We've seen this location before, btw - a couple of times at least. Lots of loud music...quite the rockin' wake going on inside.

Dean drinks some "strong" home-made beer and barely bats an eye. Then he says his name and a bunch of hunters recognize him...."THE Winchester?"

Hunter: "Aren't you dead like, 4 times?"
Dean: "Yeah, it...it didn't take."

Seriously? They've turned the word Wendigo into a drinking game? lol

Meanwhile, Sam is talking to a couple of hunters raised by a witch. And Sam meets his own fan, Elvis. Sam awkwardly shakes off the whole being possessed by Lucifer thing. Poor Sam. And Dean's snooping around the place and finds a real angel blade.

Not surprising that Dean's sure they'll die bloody. "This? This only ends one way."

Oh! Turns out Jody was a bit more involved with Asa than she let on to the boys. Oh! Guy goes for another beer and gets his neck slit on the way back to the room. Uh, oh...

Mary!!!! Dean looks surprised then a little put out. Loved Jody's reaction to meeting Mary. So sweet! That hug! Heehee!
Mary visited Lawrence for a few days, then used John's journal to re-trace a few things and catch up. Oh, Dean....still so hurt. :( He's not happy with her not just asking them about things and only texting once a week.
Dean goes to get some air and Jody stops him, complaining that he talked all the way there about killing Hitler but failed to mention his mom returning from the dead. Jody says she'd give anything to have her husband and son back, but what if they changed, what if she changed. Then she offers to listen if Dean needs to talk about anything. I love Jody so much! Please don't die!!!!!

Mary meets Asa's mom....who isn't too happy about her inspiring her son to become a hunter. "Hunting was his whole life. He never married, never had a family, kids. And now....enjoy the wake." Ouch.

Sam runs into a troubled Mary and she tells him she saved Asa's life. Now she thinks everything she does now feels wrong. He explains that Dean is just scared that they're going to lose her because they're hunters. But Sam realizes that Mary didn't really quit hunting then and hasn't now either...."it's in our blood."

The two of them go to view Asa's body and...blood dripping on his face! Oh, dear.....dead body strung up above! They tell the others and it turns out a crossroads demon killed Asa, and probably Randy the hunter dude on the ceiling too. Oh....they're trapped inside, warding all around the door. And Dean's outside!!!! Billie!!!!! She mentions reaping a fresh soul inside and Dean rushes to the house. Dean can't get through the door, according to Billie they can't even hear him. Meanwhile, the hunters are talking about how JL, the crossroads demon pursued Asa and possessed the woman he was going out with at the time.....so now they suspect JL is possessing one of them in the room. Alicia wasn't in the room, then they mention Dean was out of the room, too. Yep! It was in Alicia, but then vacates her body. Ok, why? So the demon smokes out through the chimney. Jody suggests they all pair off and search the house "and if your partner gets possessed....run." Sam naturally goes with Mary.

Dean points out that Billie got inside the house so she could get him in. She says it's a one way ticket and he'd owe her a favor.....hmmmm. Hello, Dean! Love how he gets up, knife drawn. They think he's a demon. Oh, damn the demon's in Elvis!

Ooooh! Knife fight with a demon! JL mentions that Hell is a mess....no Lucifer and no Crowley. Well, damn....so much for the exorcism. He snaps Elvis's neck and smokes out again. The boys are reunited and all the hunters meet up and regroup in time for the power to go out. Dean gets to show off the demon blade...and show how smart he is about trapping demons to Mary. :)

Mary goes to grab the angel blade....how did she know it was there?
Then Jody mentions to Sam that the demon might be possessing Mary....uh, oh. I bet the demon's inside Jody! Just sayin'. Yep, Sam gets it too. Oh, no!!!!!!

Mary tries to kill her, but Sam stops her. Wow....everyone flat on the floor. That's a new trick. JL knows all about Lucifer possessing Sam and leaving him alive. Whoah....so the twins were Asa's children??? Oh....so Bucky confesses he killed Asa, not the demon. Love how the rest of them do the exorcism in pieces, but JL finally smokes out of Jody. Phew! "That....sucked." Aw, a Sam comforting Jody moment. *loves* Then all eyes turn to Bucky....

He tells the what happened....he accidentally pushed Asa and he hit his head on a rock. So he covered it up by hanging Asa and blaming it on JL . The hunters will spread the word....nobody's going to trust Bucky anymore that's for sure.

They do the funeral pyre the next day......Asa's mom apologizes to Mary then goes to meet her grandchildren. Jody gets a chance to talk to Mary, mom to mom...."They're good men. Best I've ever met." Mary says she knows and they aren't the problem. The boys go over to talk to Mary and Billie shows up....uh, oh. Billie says she knows what Mary feels like, how out of place she is here on earth and she can take it all away. Of course, she can't kill Mary because rules...so Mary says she'll just have to wait and you can see Sam visibly relax. Aw, Sam's so hopeful that Mary will come home now, but she says she just needs a little more time. Then Dean offers to at least buy her breakfast...

Mary: "Bacon?"
Dean: "All the bacon."

Hee! And they walk off together towards the Impala, smiling. :)
How often do we get a happy ending at the end of an episode??? Wow!

Thinky Thoughts:

Really enjoyed this episode. So, so happy Jody is still alive!!! And Mary! And the boys! LOL No, really.

Things seem fixed between Dean and Mary at the end, but I think he's still hurting about her leaving. And look at how eager Sam was to have her come back home! Even more than Dean, which I think says a lot about his feelings. Ah, Dean...always burying your feelings. Edit: Also note how often Dean calls out Sam's name when trying to get into the house and when he gets back inside. He never once calls out Mary or mom. Sam was his only concern. Speaks volumes methinks. :(

Just what is Mary doing away from the boys? And what does it have to do with John's journal? I wish we knew! I'm so curious!

Nice to see Billie again, even if she wanted to take Mary away. At least she helped Dean get back inside the house. But what about this favor Dean still owes her? Bet that's gonna come up down the road...Eeep.

Yeah that's really all I've got. It's super late and I'm tired. I'm sure I'll think of more things later.
A really good ep and much better than last weeks in a lot of ways. Now we'll get a week off for Thanksgiving next Thursday.


Dean: Since the last time we saw you. I killed Hitler.
Jody: ...Thank you?
Dean: You’re welcome.

Dean: “Jody, are you watching some kind of chick flick here?"
Jody: “Well, Dean, I’m a chick."
Dean: “No, you’re a bad-ass sheriff chick, you’re not a rom-com chick. Wait, are you a rom-com chick?"
Jody: “Are you?"
Sam: “He’s more of an animated Japanese erotica chick."

Jody: Yeah, yeah. He was a hunter. He rolled into town a few months back and tried to convince me he was FBI Agent Fox Mulder. He was chasing a pack of ghouls and I helped. He passed through every once and while and we'd grab coffee or... something. Oh he was a good man. The wake's tonight and they're going to salt and burn the body tomorrow. I can't believe I just said that like it was something normal.

Dean: This is a real angel blade. This guy was legit.
Sam: Did you know people tell stories about us?
Dean: Yeah. Apparently we're a little bit legendary.

Dean: I mean come on Sam, it's not like we're in the 'live till you're ninety and die in your sleep business.' This. This only ends one way.

Dean: Where you been?
Mary: All over. I went back to Lawrence for a few days, and used John's journal to retrace a few things.
Dean: You could have just asked us.

Jody: You okay?
Dean: Swell.
Jody: Is that why you spent the entire ride up here telling me in extreme excruciating detail that you killed Hitler, but, neglected to mention the fact your mom is back from the dead?

Sam: You don't have to explain anything. I get it. You need space, and so does Dean. You know? He's just... We just got you back, and he's just scared that we're going to lose you again, that because we're hunters you're gonna walk away. But I know that's not true. Even looking at these, you saved Asa in 1980. After Dean was born, after everyone thought you quit hunting. Seemed like you couldn't stop then, and I'm guessing you can't stop now either. This job. This life. It's crazy and insane, but it's in our blood.

Dean: Why don't you go to Hell.
Jael: Please. It's a trainwreck down there. No Lucifer. No Crowley. It's messy.

Jael: I have heard so many stories about you Winchesters, and I desperately want the Lucifer thing to be true. The idea that he left a meatsuit alive is just so deliciously weak. As for the rest of you, I have been inside your heads. I know all about you. For example the twins. Too frighted to tell anyone that they came to say goodbye to their daddy. Or the grieving mother who hated the fact that her son was a hunter so much, she'd hide his gear, sabotage his jeep to keep him from hunting. And this meatsuit that you all seem to care so much about, she actually fantasized about a life with Asa. Can you believe that? That worthless man-

Jody: I don't know what's going on between you and your boys. But I gotta tell you, mom to mom, they are good men. Best I've ever met.
Mary: I know. They're not the problem.

Billie: “I’m a big believer in ‘what dies stays dead.’ Laws of the universe and all that. The look in your eyes, I’ve seen it before. It’s a dead man’s look. Eyes that say no matter where you go, what you do, it feels like this world doesn’t fit anymore. Like you’re all alone.”

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