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VanCon 2016: Canon Powershot Pics - Day 3: J2 & Misha

This wraps up these Canon Powershot pics from the last VanCon.
Sadly, I only have 2 shots each of the boys...most of them were too blurry. Bleh. But I assure you there are plenty of high quality photos of the boys from my other camera. ;) We also have Misha kissing his cardboard cut-out. Hee! And I left the pic of Rob here because even though it's blurred, it also looks very angelic or other-worldly like and I thought it was cool.

These were taken with my smaller Canon camera and are not the greatest quality. My normal practice is to take a few shots with this camera at the beginning of each panel or whatever and then switch to my bigger Canon camera for the rest. And sadly, I was having a lot of trouble finding the right settings for the smaller camera this time around. I don't know if it was the lighting they were using or what. A lot of these photos have been fixed by me because they were so dark and/or had an orange color cast. The fixed ones have an "x" at the end of the filename. There's a lot of blurriness, too, but I took out the worst offenders. There's a few good gems here and there though. Hopefully, you'll still find these pics enjoyable. :)

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:: It's perfectly ok to make icons or fanart from my photos. :D
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// Click on the large thumbnails for the originals //

IMG_2714 IMG_2715 IMG_2717 IMG_2719 IMG_2720x IMG_2725x IMG_2726x IMG_2730x 

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