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Fade In, Fade Out: SPN's Beginnings & Endings - 5.05 Fallen Idols

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I'll try to post these every other week day (Mon-Wed-Fri), but I make no guarantees. Sometimes there will be more than one cap for a beginning or ending of an episode. I'm also using my capper's discretion - meaning I'm choosing the most aesthetically pleasing image that we see first or last not always literally the first or last things we see. I'll explain this as we go along.

:: Click on images for the HQ versions ::

5.05 Beginning: The episode starts in a guy's garage where he's about to show a friend that he's got the car James Dean was killed in, "Little Bastard". Pretty soon though, he winds up bloody and dead.


Our first look at the guys is while they're driving in the Impala at night, on the way to investigate the death from the teaser. It also features a couple of great quotes:
SAM: "Yeah, definitely, uh, but, uh, we got bigger problems, don't you think?"
DEAN: "I'm sure the apocalypse'll still be there when we get back."
Because, yeah the boys always have bigger issues and problems to deal with, but meanwhile there's people to save.




5.05 Ending: At the episode's end, after a tension-filled episode regarding the brothers' struggling relationship, Dean apologizes for keeping too tight a leash on Sam. And of course, nothing says Dean trusts Sam again like him handing him the keys to drive. ♥ Great low shots of the Impala driving off, the brothers relationship healed up once again.


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